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Google Map of World Heritage Sites in Italy that I have Visited

Vino con Vista in Florence Italy

Italy Unesco sites - interactive map

I have been to all of these World Heritage Sites in Italy. I have strategically planned all of my visits around this bucket list. To learn more about these spectacular Vino con Vista Bucket List Destinations, read my books about my adventures as a Globe-trotting Wino. I’ll describe the UNESCO site, the local attractions including museums and specific works of art. I’ll tell you about the architecture and famous people that resided in the town. I’ll also tell you about my favorite hotels and restaurants. I explain the fabulous places where I enjoyed local wine while indulging in a spectacular view of the local hot spots.

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Vino Con Vista Northern Italy

The Colosseum in Rome Italy

Inside the Colosseum in Rome Italy


I love Viareggio Italy and the seaside restaurants


Panorama of Rome

Panorama of Rome


Facade of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

Map of the Art in Santa Maria Sopra Minerva


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