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Viva la Vida Masquerade Party: Every Penny & Every Dollar Benefits Education in Chicago

WHAT: Viva La Vida Masquerade Party

WHEN Wednesday, December 14, 2011 @ 6P.M. @ the W City Center Hotel located at 172 W. Adams Street in Chicago @ 6 p.m. 

 The event will introduce Hasana, Inc’s collection of clothes and accessories. This event is a commerce driven initiative to raise funds for the Aparecio Foundation’s scholarship program. This foundation has envisioned a large-scale mentoring program for underserved public high school women.  100% of profits after cost directly benefit the organization.

RSVP by contacting Jessica George at: jessica@apareciofoundation.org.

This event is dedicated to fashionistas!!  The event will be co-hosted by two Chicago celebs: Eric Himel of Windy City Live and Candace Jordan of Candid Candace. Msical entertainment will be provided by DJ Incrediboi (New York), DJ Sadie Woods (Chicago) and DJ Megan Taylor (Chicago).

RSVP  by contacting Jessica George at: jessica@apareciofoundation.org.

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @ www.vino-con-vista.com

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