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Valle d’Aosta in Italy: Dominated by the Four Queens of the Alps

Mont Blanc as seen from Aosta Valley in 2009 July.

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The beautiful landscapes and shimmering glaciers of Valle d’Aosta are surrounded by some of the highest majestic mountains in Europe including Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Cervino and Gran Paradiso. Skiers flock to downhill and cross country runs while wine lovers trek the Route des Vins with the highest vineyards in Europe.

English: Tresenta summit, Gran Paradiso Massif...

English: Tresenta summit, Gran Paradiso Massif, Graian Alps, Aosta valley, Italy Italiano: Vetta della Tresenta, Massiccio del Gran Paradiso, Alpi Graie, Valle d’Aosta, Italia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Gran Paradiso summit and Cresta Gasta...

English: Gran Paradiso summit and Cresta Gastaldi; Gran Paradiso massif; Graian Alps; Aosta Valley; Italy Italiano: La vetta del Gran Paradiso e a destra la Cresta Gastaldi; Massiccio del Gran Paradiso; Alpi Graie; Valle d’Aosta; Italia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is Italy’s smallest region and the official languages are French and Italian. It borders Switzerland to the north and France to the west. In the towns of Avise, Lillianes or Chatillon, attend the annual Chestnut Hunt the last Sunday in October.

English: Map of the regione Valle d'Aosta. Ita...

English: Map of the regione Valle d’Aosta. Italiano: Mappa della Regione Valle d’Aosta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Castello di Saint-Pierre, Valle d'Aos...

English: Castello di Saint-Pierre, Valle d’Aosta, Italy. Polski: Zamek w Saint-Pierre, Dolina Aosty, Włochy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are vestiges of Roman domination throughout the region. Archeological sites  include a forum, a Roman Theater and a Roman bridge and aqueduct. This area is  also famous for having the largest casino in Europe–the Casino de la Vallee.

Foodies will devour fontina cheese and the famous beefsteak “alla valdostana” or civet alla valdostana made from marinated chamois and hare sprinked with grappa. Try some Valle d’Aosta Pinot Nero or Torrette Superiore with these delightful meals.

The Valle d’Aosta Alpine vineyards are Italy’s window to Switzerland. The vineyards are generally terraced and are located on the sunny side of the mountains. Orchards and vineyards line the valley. Fresian cows graze in the pastures.  The highest vineyards in Europe are located in Morgex-LaSalle.  Stop in the village of Morgex and have a glass of the prestigious Blanc de Morgex. The village houses a chalet with a tasting room and a restaurant.

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