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Bernini’s Favorite Church was Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale in Rome

Chiesa di Sant Andrea al Quirinale.Visit the Church of Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale  in Rome. It it a short distance from Borromini’s Church of San Carlo.  Sant’Andrea al Quirinale (Photo credit: glamismac)




Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Self-Portrait

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Français : Eglise de Saint André "al Quir...

Français : Eglise de Saint André “al Quirinale”, dans le quartier Monti, à Rome. Italiano: Chiesa di Sant’Andrea al Quirinale, à Roma, nel rione Monti. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

High altar, Sant'Andrea al Quirinale, Roma

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was recommended by Pope Alexander VII to design this church for the Jesuits. The church opened on November 13, 1670. Bernini is said to have favored this church to all his other creations.

Ten semi-circular steps lead to the entrance of the church. Above the entrance door, observe the coat of arms, the inscription says: “Prince Camillo Pamphili, son of Innocent X‘s brother, built this church to St. Andrew the Apostle.”English: Cardinal Giovanni Battista Pamphili, ...

Prince Camillo Pamphili was instrumental in the construction financing.The main altar was designed by Bernini. The painting over the altar is the “Martyrdom of St. Andrew (1669) by Guillaume Courtois. Above the painting, three angels float and nine putti floy upwards.Above the altar, St. Andrew is being taken into heaven. The sculpture was done by Antonio Raggi. The dome (1662-1665) has gilded hexagonal coffers with eight windows in the drum. Bernini placed putti with garlands and palm branches over the four smaller windows. The larger windows have figures of fishermen whose nets drape over the window frames because Saint Andrew was a fishermen. Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Italy Travel Guides @ www.vino-con-vista.comEnglish: Cupola of the church Sant'Andrea al Q...

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