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Picture yourself in Florence Italy: Ammanati’s Fountain of Neptune

Fountain of Neptune at mid-day.

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Bartolomeo Ammanati’s Fountain of Neptune (1575) is located in the Piazza della Signoria.

Image result for piazza della signoria florenceIt is my favorite fountain in Florence and it depicts the Roman god of the sea surrounded by water nymphs and was built to commemorate Tuscan naval victories.  The face of the large figure of Neptune bears a resemblance to Cosimo I. Ammanati worked for Duke Cosimo I and served as an architect on the Pitti Palace.

Ammanati's Neptune in Florence


Neptune in Florence

Beneath the statue there is a coach drawn by seahorses.

Ammanati's Neptune in Florence 

The edge of the fountain is surrounded by bronze figures of Naiads, Tritons and Satyrs.

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Ammanati's Fountain in Florence 

The lion at the base of the statue represents the Florentine Republic.

Piazza della Signoria Fountain in Florence Italy

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