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I Love the Atwood Cafe in the Chicago Loop

The Atwood Cafe at State and Washington in Chicago

English: View of the completed Reliance Buildi...

English: View of the completed Reliance Building corridor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Outside view of the Reliance building...

English: Outside view of the Reliance building, also known as the Hotel Burnham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have to admit it, one of my favorite dining rooms in Chicago is the Atwood Café at 1 W. Washington. It is located at the corner of Washington and State Street.

I just love walking into the lobby of the landmark Hotel Burnham in the historic Reliance Building. I always feel like I’m going to the Columbian Exposition in “The White City.”

Images of Atwood & Burnham’s Columbian Exposition in “The White City”

Upper facade

Image via Wikipedia

The venue is so appealing, that it’s like walking into the pages of Architectural Digest. I always admire the cozy fireplace, drapes, artwork and furniture. My favorite image is the fresco!

Hotel Burnham Lobby

Lobby of the Hotel Burnham

When I get to the restaurant, everything is always perfect. I adore the contrast of the colors in the dining room. The lavish Art Deco motif in the Dining Room is highlighted by a beautiful rasberry color on the soaring pillars of the Atwood Cafe. I wonder why I still haven’t used that gorgeous color on the walls in my house?

Atwood Cafe - Table 1

Pillars of the Atwood Cafe

Executive Chef Derek Simcik at the Atwood Cafe in Chicago

The cuisine at the Atwood Cafe owes its success to Executive Chef Derek Simcik. He is a world traveler who has lived in Tunisia, Japan and Germany. He graduated from the Art Institute of Washington and trained at Der Haussen in Vienna. He worked as a “Sous Chef and Pastry Chef at Washington DC’s noted dining hotspots Café Milano and The Grille at Morrison House.”  His innovative farm-to-table menu at the Atwood Cafe is a reflection of his worldly experiences.

Executive Chef Derek Simcik prepared an outstanding $44 three-course Dinner Menu for Chicago Restaurant Week because he basically lets you pick whatever you want from the regular menu. I love this concept. Chef Simcik is dedicated to supporting local farmers and using organic and sustainable ingredients.

I haven’t seen this “whatever you want” option at the other resturants this year (although there are over 200 participating restaurants and I haven’t seen all the menus).

Follow this link to see your Atwood Cafe Restaurant Week Menu Options: http://www.atwoodcafe.com//files/menu/menu_45.pdf

Nice job Chef!!!

Atwood Cafe - Decor

Executive Chef Derek Simcik at the Atwood Cafe

For more information visit: www.atwoodcafe.com; call (312-368-1900) for reservations.

General Manager Duncan Clements (left) welcomes guests to the Hotel Burham

White City of the World's Columbian Exposition...

Send my regards to the friendly, courteous staff at the Hotel Burnham. You will love staying at this elegant and historic Kimpton Hotel Property in the Chicago Loop!

Book your reservation at www.burhamhotel.com or www.kimptonhotels.com

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @ www.vino-con-vista.com

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