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Hospice du Rhone: The Biggest Rhone Wine Event on Earth 2018

Français : Grenache, grape variety

Français : Grenache, grape variety (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hospice du Rhone is the biggest Rhone Wine Event on Earth. The three-day wine event at the Paso Robles Event Center is “a palate provoking weekend embracing the enchantment, history and tastes of the twenty-two Rhône varieties.”

Here’s the event schedule:


The Rhone Rangers, a group of wine producers who have a passion for Rhône grape varietals, spreads the gospel of grapes like Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Viognier, Roussanne and Marsanne.

These grapes are descendants of France’s Rhône Valley and they grow in areas like Paso Robles California.  Rhone Rangers holds regular tasting events across the country to introduce wine lovers to these incredible varietals.

For more information, click on this link

Here are some Paso Robles Rhône style wines to try:

Anglim Winery Paso Robles

Qupe Marsanne Santa Barbara

Tablas Creek Esprit de Tablas Paso Robles

J Lohr Gesture RVG Paso Robles

 At this spectacular event, you can savor exceptional cuisine at the world’s largest celebration of the international Rhône varieties. These varieties are:
Oak wine barrels stacked upon galet rocks in a...

Oak wine barrels stacked upon galet rocks in amidst a vineyard in the Southern Rhone Valley wine region of Chateauneuf-du-Pape in France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Bourboulenc: (Burr-buh-lanc) light bodied, delicate floral, citrus, peach, melon, earth
  • Camarese: (Cam-are-ess) firm, tannins, delicate aromatics, pepper, spice
  • Carignane Noir: (Care-ig-non No-our) tannic, solid acidity, good color, cherry, raspberry, pepper
  • Cinsault Noir: (Sahn-so No-our) elegant, soft & lightly aromatic, strawberry, raspberry, smoke, earth
  • Clairette Blanc: (Claret Blan) big bodied, floral, aromatic, honeysuckle, tropical flowers, tropical fruits
  • Clairette Rose: (Clare-et Rose) light aromatics, fruit notes, soft strawberry, cherry, rose petal
  • Counoise Noir: (Coon-wahz No-our) lively acidity, spice, richness, raspberry, cherry, cranberry
  • Grenache Blanc: (Gra-nash blan) big bodied, soft, delicate peach, melon, pear
  • Grenache Gris: (Gra-Nash Gree) full-bodied, light in color, delicate strawberry, cherry, rose petal
  • Grenache Noir: (Gra-Nash o-our) big bodied, supple, & rich strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, black pepper
  • Marsanne: (Mar-san) broad palate, soft & rich, peach, nectarine, stone fruits, tuberose, sweet nuts
  • Mourvèdre: (More-ved) tannic, deeply colored, aromatic, black currant, dark cherries, leather, smoke, earth
  • Muscardin: (Mus-car-dan) floral, aromatic, firmly structured, rose petal, barnyard, earth
  • Muscat a Petits Grains: (Mus-cat ah Pet-eet Grahn) aromatic, floral, musk, honey, honeysuckle, lily, stone fruit
  • Picpoul Blanc: (Peek-pool Blan) floral, soft, aromatic, pear, earth, lily, daisy, wildflowers
  • Picpoul Noir: (Peek-pool No-our) floral, elegant, aromatic, rose, violet, dark cherry
  • Roussanne: (Roo-sahn) firmly structured, powerful, very rich, apricot, honey, almond, nutmeg, honeysuckle, iris
  • Syrah/Shiraz: (C-rah)/(She-raz) highly colored, firmly structured and aromatic, plum, raspberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, violet, roasted meats, smoke, chocolate, pepper, anise
  • Terret Noir: (Tare-it No-our) delicate, perfumed, bright acidity, rose petal, lavender, dark berries, spice
  • Ugni Blanc: (Ewn-yee Blan) delicate fruit, good acidity, pear, honey-dew melon, earth
  • Vaccarese: (Vac-car-ess) aromatic, firmly tannic, floral, pepper, spice, earth, smoke
  • Viognier: (Vee-ohn-yea) big bodied, very aromatic, complex apricot, musk, peaches, grapefruit, lychee, papaya, mango, tropical flowers

The Rhône wine region in Southern France is situated in the Rhône river valley.  The region’s major appellation in production volume is Côtes du Rhône AOC.

Rhone Valley

Rhone Valley (Photo credit: Rob Alter)

Rhône varieties producers and wine enthusiasts from across the globe will gather for an incredible wine experience in Paso Robles California. The 2012 event marks the 20th celebration of Hospice du Rhône.

French wine from the Rhone valley wine region ...

French wine from the Rhone valley wine region of Cotes du Rhone Village-Valreas. The wine label also says Mis en Bouteille au clos which means that it was bottled by the recoltant (co-operative) instead of estate bottled. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WHEN: This annual Spring event in Paso Robles, California is scheduled for April

Barells of Paso Robles Wine Services

Barells of Paso Robles Wine Services (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get your  Weekend Pass or buy a ticket to the Saturday Grand Tasting. Event Passes will be available for pick-up  Paso Robles Event Center.

Yann Chave Crozes Hermitage Red Rhone Wine

Yann Chave Crozes Hermitage Red Rhone Wine (Photo credit: corak76)

Contact the Hospice du Rhône office at 805.784.9543 or email at hdrinfo@hospicedurhone.org for more information.

Further Event Information: Event Schedule and Descriptions | Seminar Descriptions | Food Fare

Some of the events are already sold out. Here’s a list of the events that I have attended in the past:

Banner of Commanderie of the Coasts of the Rho...

Banner of Commanderie of the Coasts of the Rhone Français : Bannière de la Commanderie des Côtes du Rhône (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seminar: Conversations with Châteauneuf du Pape

Dinner: Conversations with Châteauneuf du Pape

Seminar and Dinner Package for Châteauneuf du Pape Events

Weekend Packages

Qty. Name Price Total

Weekend Package

HdR à la carte Services

Qty. Name Price Total

Seminar One: Why Spain (continues to) Rock!

Seminar Two: The Return of the Bionic Frog

Rosé Lunch

BIG Rhône Rendezvous

Seminar Three: A Collective Quest

Seminar Four: Research, Revelations and the Art of Being Different

Lunch and Live  Auction

Grand Tasting

Farewell BBQ

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