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Celebrate Veteran’s Day aboard the USS Midway in San Diego

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The USS Midway is one of America‘s longest serving aircraft carriers that could  carry up to 80 planes in her heyday. Enjoy a Vino con Vista at the “Swinging for Freedom Party” aboard the 1101 foot long, 70,000 ton ship on November 11,1010 with Big Band Music, a 1940’s themed party and “Victorious Fare” for $45.  Buy tickets for the Veteran’s Day Celebration Party at www.midway.org

The #41 USS Midway operated from 1945 until 1992 when she was decommissioned. She was named after a a decisive victory for the Allied forces that took place on Midway Island in the Pacific. She is docked in San Diego Harbor and is one of the most visited ship museums in the world. The “City at Sea” museum opened in June of 2004 and celebrates over 50 years of  Naval history with 25 restored aircraft and 60 exhibits. All USS (United States Ships) are numbered. The newest carrier is the #77, USS George H.W. Bush.

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