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Rome’s Church of Santa Maria della Pace has Raphael’s Glorious Sibyls

Santa Maria della Pace in Rome The origins of the Church of Santa Maria della Pace ((St. Mary of Peace) can be traced to a 12th century church of St. Andrea de Acquavicariis (Saint Andrew of the Water-Vendors). It is located on Vicolo del Arco della Pace. The church is noted for Raphael’s Frescoes of the Sibyls which is above the first altar on the right near the front door.    Image via Wikipedia

Italiano: Chiesa di S. Maria della Pce a Roma,...

Italiano: Chiesa di S. Maria della Pce a Roma, nel rione Ponte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visit the Church of Santa Maria della Pace in Rome to see Raphael’s glorious fresco of the Sibyls. 

The Sibyls ( )

The Sibyls ( ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sibyls ( )

Image via Wikipedia

Bramante’s cloister is also a highlight of the Church.  The cloister is used in the summer for concerts.

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Image via Wikipedia

The church was commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV and is located directly behind Piazza Navona on Via della Pace around the corner from the Hotel Raphael.

The inscription above the six Doric columns around the portico reads: “Suscipiant Montes Pacem Populo et Colles Iustitiam. This means “The Mountains shall yield peace for the people and to the hills, justice”.

English: Raphael, The Sibyls, c. 1514 Fresco, ...

English: Raphael, The Sibyls, c. 1514 Fresco, width at base 615 cm Santa Maria della Pace, Rome 한국어: 라파엘로의 무녀, 산타마리아 델라 파체 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This beautiful old church was built in 1480 by Baccio Pontelli for Sixtus IV.  The Baroque facade was added in 1656 by Pietro da Cortona. The piazza was enlarged to accommodate the carriages of the church’s parishioners.

Four Sibyls receiving divine instructions 1514...

Four Sibyls receiving divine instructions 1514 – Rafael -Santa Maria della Pace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pope Alexander VII had the edifice restored in 1667. He was a member of the wealthy Sienese Chigi family and his coat of arms can be found in the tympanum.

Santa Maria del Popolo, cappella Chigi, in Rom...

Image via Wikipedia

Angels support the Dad Savior by Cosimo Fancelli

Carlo Maderno designed the high altar in 1614. It contains a 15th century image of Our Lady of Peace flanked by verde antico marble with Justice on the left and peace on the right. Under the cupola, the miraculous image of the Madonna of Peace, is believed to have bled when hit by a ball.

Crucifix given to the Church by Innocent VIII in 1490

The altar’s (shown in the photo) is a bronze relief “Angels Supporting the Dead Savior” by Cosimo Fancelli (1656). He also created the statue of Saint Catherine of Siena on the right of the relief in the niche. Saint Bernadine of Siena on the left of the niche was done by Ercole Ferrata.

Raphel’s Fresco of Four Sybils (left to right) Cumaean, Persian, Phrygian and Tiburtine are shown writing down the revelations given to them by the angels.

The frescoes can be found above the “Angels Support the Dead Savior” by Cosimo Fancelli.

Raphael’s Fresco with Sybils (1511-1513)

Raphael’s Sybils in Santa Maria Della Pace in Rome Italy

Raphael’s Sybil Tibertine

Between 1500 to 1504, Bramante was appointed to build the cloister and splendid courtyard for Cardinal Olivero Carafa. The monastery complex has the Bramante cloister. It was built in 1500-1504 for Cardinal Oliviero Carafa and it was the first work of Donato Bramante in the city.

The cloister has two levels: the lower level has arches with an inscription that indicates that the convent was built in honor of the Virgin of Peace. The upper level has interesting blend of alternating columns and pillars. Here are some of Bramante’s Frescoes in the courtyard:

Bramante’s Frescos in Santa Maria della Pace


Bramante’s Frescoes

The 15th century crucifix over the Renaissance altar was given to the church by Innocent VIII. The paintings on the altar’s sides are of the two Mary’s who came to the tomb to anoint the dead Savior. Mary Magdalene is on the left.

Santa Maria della Pace in Rome

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