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The Incredible Vino con Vista Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres Spain

Salvador Dali with ocelot and cane.

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English: Theater-Musuem Salvador Dali , Figuer...

English: Theater-Musuem Salvador Dali , Figueres, Catalonia, Spain. Français : Théâtre-Musée Salvador Dalí, à Figuères, en Catalogne, en Espagne. Català: Teatre-Museu Salvador Dalí, Figueras. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Museum entrance

Museum entrance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Salvador Dalí Crypt in Dalí Theatre and Museum...

Salvador Dalí Crypt in Dalí Theatre and Museum, Figueres, Spain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Salvador Dali was born in the Catalan town of Figueres, north of Barcelona Spain. He was the greatest artist of the surrealist art movement. In 1970, he dedicated his energy into transforming the Municipal Theater of Figures Spain into a museum and art gallery. It officially opened in 1974.Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali MuseumSalvador Dali Museum

He was born in Figueres and received his first art lesson when he was ten years old. One of his instructors was Ramon Pichot, a well-known impressionist artist and art professor at the Municipal Drawing School in Spain. Dali studied at the Royal Adademy of Art in Madrid. In 1928, he went to Paris where he met Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro.

Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dali Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dali’s Surrealist art was based on the theory of Dr. Sigmund Freud and his craftsmanship is characterized by melting watches in his famous work “The Persistence of Memory” (shown below on the right). Loaves of bread also permeate much of his work. He was a great admirer of the Italian Renaissance painter Raphael.

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali

Dali met his beloved Gala, a Russian immigrant who was ten years older than him when she was married to his friend Paul Eluard. They married in 1934 and he spent much of his career painting Gala. He was inspired by classical artists like Velasquez and Michelangelo.

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dali

The bust of Velasquez displays different characters on the face including a nun kneeling in prayer on the nose and the image of Las Meninas on the forehead.

Dali 1974

Step back after you admire the nude painting of Gala in the center of the museum looking at the sea. The same painting appears as President Lincoln at 18 meters away. I found this feature to be amazing!

Salvador DaliSalvator Dali

I love the central courtyard with mannequins in the windows, the Dali Cadillac under Gala’s boat in the center and a carved figure that looks like Bacchus.

Salvador Dali Salvador DaliSalvador Dali MuseumSalvador Dali

One of my favorite exhibits is the Mae West Room. Happy Travels from your friends @ www.vino-con-vista.com.

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Salvador DaliSalvador Dali

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