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The Incredible Pablo Picasso Exhibition in Amsterdam and Barcelona

Pablo Picasso.

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Pablo Picasso‘s “Blue Period” and “Rose Period” produced some of his most treasured works of art. Visit his “Picasso in Paris 1900-1907″ Exhibition in Amsterdam at the Van Gogh Museum to see two of my favorite Picasso paintings: “Waiting (Margot)” from 1901 and “The Embrace” from 1900. “The Embrace” reminds me of another one of my favorite paintings by Hayez “Il Bacio” (The Kiss) in Milan.

 The seminal works in this Exhibition will travel to Barcelona this summer. Six of the eight most expensive Picasso paintings sold were painted during this period of his life prior to the cubist period. One of my favorites from his Cubist period is “Guernica” (1937) in Madrid at the Reina Sofia Modern Art Museum http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ_uGbQanNw&feature=related.

The unknown 19 year old artist from Barcelona traveled to Paris in 1900 with his Catalan friend Carlos Casagemas and moved to Montmartre. Pablo was the son of a professor at the School of Fine Arts in Spain. He attended the prestigious Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid where he frequented the Prado Museum. He was inspired by the work of El Greco. He became a favorite of American art collectors Leo and Gertrude Stein who became the young artist’s principal patrons.

Picasso’s artistic mind generated radical new works of art that inspired his followers. He was the co-founder of Cubism with George Braque. This methodology reduced and fractured items into geometric forms and ultimately inspired surrealists like Salvidor Dali. Dr. Eveann Lovero writes Travel Guides to Italy and Vino Con Vista Travel Guides can be purchased at these sites

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