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Loire Valley Wine Tasting in Chicago at the W Hotel on Lake Shore Drive

French red wine from the Loire Valley region o...

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What a great day for the Loire Valley French Wine Tasting on the 33rd floor of W Hotel on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. It was definitely a Vino con Vista opportunity with plenty of French wine and wine-makers. The central part of the  Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes-sur-Loire in France was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List  in  2000.


The Loire is the longest river in France and it is characterized by elegant historic chateaux and 300 miles of distinctive terroir that supports numerous vineyards along the river banks. This region is the leading producer of white French wines. The region is cloaked  with lovely vineyards and microclimates that produce distinctive varietals and wine styles. It is one of the most diverse wine regions in France with 69 appelations that include red, white, elegant sparkling wines and refreshing rose wines. There are distinct climates and a variety of soil types that divide the Loire Valley into 5 distinct regions.

The first vines were probably planted during Roman occupation 2000 years ago. Afterwards, the Augustinian and Benedictine Brothers enhanced the wine-making practices in this region.

I tasted some interesting Rose wines and plenty of earthy 100% Cabernet Franc. Cabernet Franc is one of the world’s major red grape varieties and was introduced to the region in the 11th century. It  is frequently blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to produce a Bordeaux style wine. In the Loire region, it is  not blended with other grapes so it is lighter in color than Bordeaux blends. It is used in the development of Chinon and certain roses in the Touraine appelation.

Today I spoke to Philippe Porche, a charming wine-maker from the Saumur-Champigny region in Parnay located on the south bank of the Loire River decreed an AOC in 1957.  Cabernet Franc is the predominant grape in the area.  He and his viticulturist wife founded the estate in 2005 and produce some interesting Cabernet Franc wines. I favored the garnet-colored full-bodied and velvety  “Le Fou du Roi” that was aged in oak.  This lovely couple is looking for an importer @ www.domainederocheville.fr. Feel free to contact them if you are interested in importing  luscious wines from this region. Tell them that Vino con Vista sent you.

There is a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan, Navy Pier and Chicago’s Landmark high rises from the former “Pinnacle Room” of the hotel where I spent my Senior Prom.Chicago Illinois It’s always exciting to re-live your youth.

Chicago Architecture

Domaine de Roche Ville Winery

Lake Michigan

It was such a beautiful spring day that I decided to stroll down Ontario Street heading westbound after the wine-tasting. I longingly gazed at the wide array of restaurants on Ontario Street that I patronize. They run the gamut from divine to sublime. Here’s a sampling of my “Chicago Foodie Nation” favorites:

Les Nomades is an outstanding French Restaurant that offers a Prix Fixe menu of four courses for $115 in a swanky turn-of-the-century brownstones mansion on Ontario Street. It is the perfect place to enjoy French cuisine after a Loire Valley wine-tasting event at the W Hotel down the street.

Chicago Restaurants

Chicago French Restaurants

Another one of my favorites is the Capital Grille Steakhouse where I can’t stop eating the crunchy potato chips at the bar. I love the grilled salmon served over a bed of  veggies with a side of creamed spinach. They have an extensive wine list and have won numerous awards for their outstanding burgers!

Chicago RestaurantsOntario and St. Clair in Chicago

Capital Grille ChicagoChicago Restaurants


Italian Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago Italian Restaurants

Across the street from the Capital Grille, I enjoy dining on the outdoor patio of the Coco Pazzo Cafe when the weather is nice. They have an outstanding lunch menu and recently won an award from the Italian government for their “Authentic” Italian cuisine. Quartino was another “Authentic” Italian-award winning restaurant. I took cooking lessons with the chef and he taught me to add some water from the pasta to my sauce–what a novel idea!! The Red Head Piano Bar is another one of my favorites night spots. They have great wine-tasintg events.

Authentic Italian Restaurants in ChicagoRestaurants in Chicago

There are plenty of famous classic Chicago  “Steak-Houses” on Ontario. Lawry’s serves an incredible Prime Rib and I love the “Aged Filet Mignon” and mushrooms at David Burke’s Primehouse in the James Hotel. The Chicago Chop House has a wide array of delicious “sizzlin steaks.”

You will never be hungry or thirsty on Ontairo Street in Chicago. This city is a haven for Foodies!

Chicago is a Haven for Foodies

Chicago Steak HouseDavid Burke's Primehouse

Stop in at the the Hard Rock Cafe if you’re up for some live music. There are also some landmark fast food joints on Ontario including “Rock and Roll” McDonalds with a Rock and Roll Museum filled with memorabilia that my guitar-playing son adores.

Portillo’s has a great Italian Beef sandwich and classic Chicago hot dog and the drive-thru is always packed. Make sure you try the decadent chocolate cake . Chicago DestinationsM Burger is another fast food option that people are raving about.

Chicago Hot Dogs and Beef Sandwiches

Burgers in Chicago

Plan a trip to the Loire Valley and explore some of the majestic castles with spectacular medieval architecture: Chambord, Cheverny, Villandry and Chenonceau.


1. Villandry was built by the same man that designed much of Chambord (François I Finance Minister Jean Le Breton). Villandry is actually most renowned for what is outside of the castle. However, while Chambord remains Le Breton’s main achievement in construction, it is Villandry where he used all of the Renaissance gardening tricks he had picked up while working as an ambassador in Italy. The castle remained in the Le Breton family until the early 20th century, when it was purchased by Joachim Carvallo, who spent a whole of time, money and devotion to rebuilding, expanding and repairing the beautiful gardens. Today the gardens at Villandry are considered one of the best examples of Renaissance style gardens in the world and boasts a water garden, flower gardens and vegetable gardens laid out in formal patterns created with low box hedges—making it a must-see on any castle tour of the Loire.

2. Chambord is one of France’s most recognizable castles known for its distinct French Renaissance architecture, which blends late French Gothic and newer Italian Renaissance motifs. Chambord is also the largest castle in the Loire. Chambord was first built by King Francois I as a hunting lodge (I know you picture a hunting lodge as being more of a log cabin than a magnificent model of French Renaissance architecture, but it was a KING’S hunting lodge, after all).  Chambord has 440 rooms, 365 fireplaces and 84 staircases. It is most known for its façade, which through more than 800 sculpted columns was designed to look like the skyline of Constantinople, with 11 kinds of different towers and different types of chimneys. Chambord also has a double-helix staircase that serves as the centerpiece to the castle and was rumored to have been designed (or inspired) by Leonardo da Vinci during his time at nearby Clos de Luce.

4. Chenonceau is one of my favorite castles in the Loire Valley. Chennonceau was built in 1513 by Catherine Briçonnet and later embellished by Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de’ Medici, the Chateau de Chenonceau contains exquisite interiors and has idyllic gardens that look over River Cher.

Originally a small castle along the banks of the River Cher, the castle got its current design in the 16th century when it was seized by the crown for unpaid debts. In 1547, King Henri II offered the castle to his mistress, Diane de Poitiers. and she had Chenonceau’s  arched bridge built. It spans the river. She is also responsible for the gorgeous flower and vegetable gardens set in buttressed stone terraces.

Upon King Henri II’s death in 1559, his clearly bitter widow and regent Catherine de Medici had Poitiers expelled from the castle and she moved into the scenic spot herself, adding even more extensive gardens. Since then the castle was privately owned for years and even used as a make-shift hospital for soldiers during WWII; its gallery bridge’s southern door provided access to the unoccupied Free Zone while the castle’s main entrance was in the Nazi occupied zone. Chenonceau today is one of the most visited and popular of the Loire castles and its Renaissance architecture and well-lit gallery and beautiful gardens.

5. Amboise is perched up on a strategic point along the Loire River and was originally built as a fort. In 1434, the castle was seized by King Charles VII after its owner (from which the castle got its name), Louis Amboise, was convicted and killed for supposedly plotting against the King. In the 15th century that the castle was lavishly rebuilt and added onto, starting with its late French Gothic architecture, until Italian builders were brought in and the castle’s style changed to Renaissance.While the castle became a favorite retreat for many French Kings (King François I was raised primarily at the castle), Amboise’s most famous guest was Leonardo da Vinci, who came to the castle in 1515 as a guest of the King and stayed in nearby Clos de Luce. What is most notable about Amboise, however, is known for its unique blend of Gothic and Renaissance architecture and large formal garden.

6. Blois was always a favorite getaway town for French kings; the castle in this quaint little Loire town is best known as the birthplace of King Louis XII as well as the primary residence for Henri IV’s exiled wife Marie de Medici, and later for the Duke of Orléans (brother of Louis XIII and uncle of Louis XIV). However, the castle has a long and prominent history and its Renaissance architecture and picturesque spot along the banks of the Loire make it a definite worthwhile stop on your Loire castle tour. In fact, the castle was the main resort for the French court during the 16th century and was also the location for the famed States General meetings held by Henri III in 1576 and 1588, where several prominent nobles were sentenced to death. The castle also plays a role in the famous Three Musketeers series by Alexandre Dumas as an important retreat for some of France’s most famous and powerful kings.

7. Cheverny was also given to Diane de Poitiers by her lover, King Henri II. Chenonceau was her favorite and primary residence. Poitiers sold Château de Cheverny to the former owner’s son who had originally built the castle between 1624 and 1630. The castle passed between owners until 1914, when the owner made it the first castle to be opened to the public; the family still owns and operates the castle to this day. The castle is renowned for its beautiful interiors and collection of furniture, tapestries and rare objects d’art. There is also a pack of about 70 dogs that are kept on the grounds and taken out for hunts twice weekly.


8. Clos Lucé is not really a  “Château de la Loire”; it is a large mansion located just 500 meters from  the Château d’Amboise by way of an underground passageway and is notable mostly for its most famous resident, Leonardo da Vinci. In 1515, King François I invited the Italian painter and inventor to Amboise and offered him the manor to use as a home and studio. When Da Vinci arrived in 1516 he came with three paintings, including the famed Mona Lisa, and lived in the mansion for the last three years of his life. Visitors to Amboise should not hesitate to hop on over to Clos Lucé, where you can peruse a museum that includes forty models of various machines designed by Leonardo.

9. Langeais is a perfect example of Medieval French architecture. It is located near the Brittany frontier and had a significant role in the battle between the French and English. The structure dates back to the 10th century and was built on a cliff which offered a strategic location overlooking the Loire River. The castle was actually fortified and expanded under the rule of Richard I of England (when English kings ruled this region of France) until King Philippe II of France recaptured the castle in 1206. The castle was also where Anne of Brittany and King Charles VIII wed, thus uniting France and Brittany. Today, the dark and ominous looking castle is replete with a great collection of Medieval tapestries.

Château de Langeais



Destinations in Chicago

@ www.vino-con-vista.com.

Vino Con Vista Travel Guides can be purchased at these sites

Happy Spring!!

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Foodies Can Enjoy the “Localicious” Good Food Festival in Chicago 2014

UIC Forum

UIC Forum (Photo credit: opacity)

English: White House chefs, directed by Execut...

English: White House chefs, directed by Executive Chef Henry Haller, prepare for a state dinner honoring Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. The chefs are working in the White House kitchen; the dinner occured in 1981, during the administration of Ronald Reagan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Come and mingle with other local food enthusiasts at Localicious! The party pairs family farmers with chef-driven restaurants for a sampling of homegrown cuisine and local libations to wash it all down. Celebrate the farmers who grow our food and the chefs who transform it!

March 16-18, 2017 to learn, network, eat, shop and expand Good Food!



Localicious logo
Where: The Good Food Festvial & Conference, UIC Forum, 725 W. Roosevelt
When: Friday, March 16-18,2017

Celebrate Good Food with us at the Good Food Festival – Saturday General Admission is FREE with registration!Once again, on Saturday we will throw open the doors of the UIC Forum and welcome the general public to our Good Food Festival — our big, family-friendly celebration of the fast-growing Good Food movement.


Here are just some of the best reasons to attend the Festival, which runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Free Admission: Let’s start with the breaking news… for the first time, admission to the Good Food Festival is free! All you have to do is register on the Ticket page on this website. Donations will be welcome, of course, but in keeping with our motto of Good Food on Every Table, we want to make sure everyone with an interest in better eating can attend.
  • Good Food Chef of the Year: FamilyFarmed will present its 2017 Good Food Chef of the Year award to Christine Cikowski and Josh Kulp of Chicago’s Honey Butter Fried Chicken, whose delicious food — much of it locally and sustainably sourced — comes with a large side of social conscience. Christine and Josh will conduct a chef demo on our Chefs at Play stage after a brief awards ceremony.
  • And More Great Chef Demos: As always, our Chefs at Play stage will feature some of Chicago’s biggest culinary stars. Along with the Honey Butter Fried Chicken chefs, the lineup includes Rick Bayless of the Frontera restaurant group, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year; Rob Levitt, the award-winning head butcher at The Butcher & Larder at Local FoodsPaula Haney of Hoosier Mama Pie Company; and Aaron Lirette of Green River. And there will be an amazing demo by the Artisan Grain Collaborative on growing and milling artisan grain — and then baking the flour into delicious, locally sourced sourdough bread.
  • Food and Health: With the medical community taking bigger steps to integrate food and nutrition into their thinking on health care, we will present great panel on Good Food is Good Medicine and Mood and Food.
  • Family-Friendly Fun: We always encourage parents to bring their children, and accommodate them with kid-friendly programming. Purple Asparagus will do a presentation on the Chefs at Play stage, with Chef Tom Van Lente, on its efforts to bring fun food programs to classrooms, followed by a panel on Good Food Programs in Schools.
  • Urban Farm Bus Tour: For a ticket charge, you can go offsite and visit three new cutting-edge urban farms. This year’s tour will be led by Breanne Heath, certified organic farm owner, certified horticulturist, Edible Garden educator and garden manager.
  • The Organic Valley Good Food CommonsCultivate your curiosity and learn new skills at informal, 20-minute micro-workshops.
  • The Exhibit Hall! And spend some leisurely time with the dozens of vendors, many of whom will be sampling their delicious foods — and will


Click here to download the full three-day schedule.

Learn the techniques of garden design and implementation using nature’s design, presented by respected permaculture instructor, Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture. Includes access to all Saturday events.


Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @ www.vino-con-vista.com

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I Love the Oenology Wine Room in the Intercontinental Hotel in Chicago

From the California wine producer in the Centr...

From the California wine producer in the Central Coast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Display your wine on a Barrel if you can find one

Display your wine on a Barrel if you can find one

Flavor Napa Valley Winemaker Dinner

Flavor Napa Valley Winemaker Dinner

Cathedral Ridge Winery

Cathedral Ridge Winery

If you feel like a wine-tasting event but you can’t find one, here’s a solution. I suggest that you check out the Oenology Wine Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. This incredible Hotel was the former home of the Medinah Athletic Club in Chicago. Like the Medinah Temple in Chicago, it was commissioned by the Shrine Organization. The building was designed by the architect Walter W. Ahlschlager. The cornerstone of the Medinah Athletic Club was laid on November 5, 1928. After your wine flight, take a tour of this gorgeous building.

Eno Wine Room in Chicago

One of the professionally-trained sommeliers at the Wine Spectator, award-winning Eno Wine Room at 505 N. Michigan Avenue will pamper you. They will offer a wine flight paired with the appropriate cheese and chocolate combination.

Eno Wine Room in Chicago

Since I like Pinot Noir, I opted for the “Pinot Envy” flight with a nice Oregon Pinot Noir. My flight included a 2008 Brandborg Bench Lands Pinot Noir from the Umpqua Valley in Oregon. I also had an opportunity to taste the 2009 Yamhill Valley Vineyard Pinot Blanc from Oregon and the 2008 Kenneth Volk Pinot St. George from the Calleri Vineyard in San Benito California.

Eno Wine Room in Chicago Wine Flight

Once you have selected a wine flight, you can select your cheese selection to accompany your wine. My sommelier suggested the Challerhocker from Switzerland with an edible rind, a dense Ocooch Mountain sheep cheese from Wisconsin and the Barely Buzzed Cheddar from Utah rubbed with coffee grounds and lavender.

Eno Wine Room in Chicago Cheese Flight

Now, it’s time to select your decadent chocolate desserts. Once again, just go with the recommendation of your professionally trained server and you won’t be disappointed. Have a Black Truffle Sea Salt, Macadamia Praline and Salted Chocolate Caramel. Now this is living!

Eno Wine Room in Chicago Chocolates

Of course, you can just select wine or cheese from the menu without opting for a personal “Pinot Envy” tasting party. Have a selection of cheese for $12 or just order a glass of wine.

Try a glass of red Amarone or Barbera D’Alba  from Italy. Those are 2 of my personal favorites from Italy.

If you want to learn more about wine pairing, here’s an informative video: http://www.restonsunocosubway.com/Reston-Sunoco-Wine-and-Beer-cellar.htm.

Wine tasting and wine pairing are interesting topics. Some of my favorite events in Chicago are wine dinners held at my favorite restaurants. I loved the Gibson’s on Rush Street Duckhorn Vineyards Wine Dinner!

Gibson’s on Rush Street Duckhorn Wine Dinner

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @ www.vino-con-vista.com

Eno Wine Room

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Harvest Jam 2015 at Queen of Angels Parish in Chicago

Chicago‘s Queen of Angels parish is hosting the annual 2014 event. The Harvest Jam homecoming festival is a school fund-raiser. There’s always plenty of outstanding entertainment and food at this annual two-day festival.

Queen of Angels Harvest Jam

Harvest Jam 2015

Mark your calendar to join us on
Friday, September 18 and
Saturday, September 19 for

Harvest Jam 2014

a Fall family festival celebrating
our parish and school community
in our parking lot at Western (2400 W) and Sunnyside (4500 N)

Friday, September 18 5pm-10pm
Saturday, September 19 12noon-10pm


Website: Click for more information

Event Description:

Family festival that includes great live music, delicious food, family games, attractions, and the infamous chili, BBQ and pie baking contests
Harvest Jam logoQueen of Angels Harvest Jam is their annual community fall festival.

Queen of Angels Church

Queen of Angels Church

This family oriented event features carnival games, choral performances, food, drinks and outstanding live music. The kids had a fun and peaceful “Hay Market Riot” frolicking in the bails of hay. They even auctioned off their Halloween art projects. www.harvestjam.com . I love the Chili Cook-Off!

Harvest Jam 2011
Children playing in the Hay At Harvest Jam 2100

Harvest Jam 2011
Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @ www.vino-con-vista.com
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Chicago’s Guinness Oyster Festival 2014 in Roscoe Village

It’s time for the annual Guinness Oyster Festival in Roscoe Village at Damen and Roscoe in Chicago.

WHERE: Roscoe Village Pub, Roscoe Village Friday September 11 2015 – Saturday September 12 2015

Guinness Oyster Fest

They’ll be serving plenty of oysters served many ways including Oysters Rockefeller.

Oysters Rockefeller as served at Galatoires of...

Oysters Rockefeller as served at Galatoires of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Date: September 11 & 12, 2015
Time: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Location: Roscoe Village (Damen & Roscoe) | Chicago
View Map
Beneficiary: Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce – Suggested Entrance Donation $7.00

Fresh oysters help kick off the unofficial start of autumn at this acclaimed festival in Chicago’s red hot Roscoe Village neighborhood.

Chicago Oyster Fest in Roscoe Village

Chicago Oyster Fest in Roscoe Village

Oyster Fest in Roscoe Village

Oyster Fest in Roscoe Village

Tents housing fresh seafood as well as other culinary delights from local restaurants are but one highlight of what has grown over the years to become a truly unique post-Labor Day happening. There are also arts & craft booths.

 Oyster Bar

Oyster Bar


Oyster Fest in Roscoe Village

Oyster Fest in Roscoe Village

Another major draw? An eclectic music lineup which this year includes Irish faves The Tossers, alt-rockers Rusted Root and many more!


Oyster Fest in Roscoe Village

Oyster Fest in Roscoe Village

East Coast Delaware Blue Bay Points
Harvested from the waters of the Delaware bay, these slightly salty oysters have a mild sweet flavor in a nicely rounded shell.West Coast British Columbia Oysters

English: Oysters Rockefeller

English: Oysters Rockefeller (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s live music, plenty of oysters and other food options.

Oyster Fest in Roscoe Village 2011

Get ready to drink plenty of Guinness Beer.

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @ www.vino-con-vista.com


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Get Tickets for Chicago Gourmet in Millennium Park 2015 before they Sell Out

Map of Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Map of Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Millennium Park is a public park located in the Loop community area of Chicago in Illinois, US, and originally intended to celebrate the second millennium. It is a prominent civic center near the city’s Lake Michigan shoreline that covers a 24.5-acre (99,000 m2) section of northwestern Grant Park. The area was previously occupied by parkland, Illinois Central rail yards, and parking lots.[1] The park, which is bounded by Michigan Avenue, Randolph Street, Columbus Drive and East Monroe Drive, features a variety of public art. As of 2009, Millennium Park trailed only Navy Pier as a Chicago tourist attraction.[2] In 2015, the park became the location of the city’s annual Christmas tree lighting.

Planning of the park began in October 1997. Construction began in October 1998, and Millennium Park was opened in a ceremony on July 16, 2004, four years behind schedule. The three-day opening celebrations were attended by some 300,000 people and included an inaugural concert by the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus. The park has received awards for its accessibility and green design.[3] Millennium Park has free admission,[4] and features the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate, the Crown Fountain, the Lurie Garden, and various other attractions. The park is connected by the BP Pedestrian Bridge and the Nichols Bridgeway to other parts of Grant Park. Because the park sits atop a parking garage and the commuter rail Millennium Station, it is considered the world’s largest rooftop garden.

Some observers consider Millennium Park to be the city’s most important project since the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893.[4][5] It far exceeded its originally proposed budget of $150 million. The final cost of $475 million was borne by Chicago taxpayers and private donors. The city paid $270 million; private donors paid the rest,[6] and assumed roughly half of the financial responsibility for the cost overruns.[7] The construction delays and cost overruns were attributed to poor planning, many design changes, and cronyism. Many critics have praised the completed park.


Pritzker Pavilion and BP Bridge in Millennium Park, with Daley Bicentennial Plaza behind, seen from Willis Tower in 2007

Millennium Park is a portion of the 319-acre (1.3 km2) Grant Park, known as the “front lawn” of downtown Chicago,[9] and has four major artistic highlights: the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate, the Crown Fountain, and the Lurie Garden.[38] Millennium Park is successful as a public art venue in part due to the grand scale of each piece and the open spaces for display.[39] A showcase for postmodern architecture, it also features the McCormick Tribune Ice Skating Rink, the BP Pedestrian Bridge, the Joan W. and Irving B. Harris Theater for Music and Dance, Wrigley Square, the McDonald’s Cycle Center, the Exelon Pavilions, the AT&T Plaza, the Boeing Galleries, the Chase Promenade, and the Nichols Bridgeway.[40]

Millennium Park is considered one of the largest green roofs in the world, having been constructed on top of a railroad yard and large parking garages.[41] The park, which is known for being user friendly, has a very rigorous cleaning schedule with many areas being swept, wiped down or cleaned multiple times a day.[42][43] Although the park was unveiled in July 2004, some features opened earlier, and upgrades continued for some time afterwards.[44] Along with the cultural features above ground (described below) the park has its own 2218-space parking garage.[7]

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

English: Millennium Park location in Chicago Loop

English: Millennium Park location in Chicago Loop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


chicago (Photo credit: MPBecker)

Pelago Ristorante in Chicago

Pelago chef

English: Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium P...

English: Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Band shell in Millennium Park by Fran...

English: Band shell in Millennium Park by Frank Gehry – Pritzker, from across Michigan Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Composite image of four views of Jay Pritzker ...

Composite image of four views of Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Millennium Park, Chicago, IL, USA from Aon Cen...

Millennium Park, Chicago, IL, USA from Aon Center (Chicago) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Millenium Park...

English: Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Millenium Park, Chicago(Illinois), USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Millennium Monument in Wrigley Square in M...

The Millennium Monument in Wrigley Square in Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get tickets for Chicago’s Premier culinary event!


This weekend epicurean affair showcases more than 100 of Chicago’s finest restaurants and chefs,  renowned wineries, spirit makers and premium breweries. It also features dozens of live cooking demonstrations, gourmet tastings, wine seminars and book signings by internationally renowned chefs, master sommeliers and winemakers.

Chicago Gourmet

September 25 – 27, 2015

Chicago Gourmet is a premium food and wine event with 100 chefs, cooking demonstrations, beer and food pavilions, and wine tastings in Millennium Park.

Specific questions regarding ticket sales may be directed to info@chicagogourmet.org.

Chicago Gourmet
September 25-27, 2015


Rodelio Aglibot, Yum Cha Dim Sum Parlor
Louie Alexakis, Avli Estiatorio
Jimmy Bannos, Heaven On Seven/The Purple Pig
Jimmy Bannos Jr., The Purple Pig
Rick Bayless, Frontera Grill/Topolobampo/XOCO
Duncan Biddulph, Kinmont
Greg Biggers, Café des Architectes at Sofitel Chicago Water Tower
Robert Blanchard, Norman’s Bistro
Mark Brand, 720 Bar & Grill
Jeni Britton Bauer, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
Aaron Browning, Tavernita
Karyn Calabrese, Karyn’s Fresh Corner/ Karyn’s Cooked/ Karyn’s on Green
Niall Campbell, Firefly Grill
Homaro Cantu, Moto/iNG Restaurant
Billy Caruso, III Forks
Arturo Carvallo, Hash House a Go Go
Edgar Castaneda, Taco Joint Urban Taqueria & Cantina
Tony Castillo, Longitud 315
Kostas Chaidaropoulos, Stetsons Modern Steak + Sushi
Sandy Chen, Koi Fine Asian Cuisine & Lounge
John Chiakulas, Beatrix
Steve Chiappetti, J. Rocco Italian Table and Bar
Christine Cikowski, Sunday Dinner Club/Honey Butter Fried Chicken
Peter Coenen, The Gage
John Coletta, Quartino
Abraham Conlon, Fat Rice
Shaun Connelly, LUXBAR
Judy Contino, Bittersweet Pastry Shop & Cafe
Fernando Coppola, IPO
Luca Corazzina, 312 Chicago
Abel Cortes, e.leaven Food Company
Timothy Cottini, FORK
Chris Cubberely, Cité
Thai Dang, Embeya
Jess DeGuzman, Sunda New Asian
Peter DeRuvo, Francesca’s Restaurant
Frederick Despres, Arami
Rohini Dey, Vermilion
Adam Dittmer, Bistro Campagne
Lamont Donley, Uncommon Ground on Clark
Joseph Doppes, Bistro Margot
Puje Dorlig, Jellyfish
Amanda Downing, Rockit Bar & Grill/Rockit Burger Bar
Stephen Dunne, Paramount Room
David Dworshak, Takito Kitchen
Mitch Einhorn, Twisted Spoke/Lush Wine & Spirits
Graham Elliot, graham elliot/g.e.b.
Gregory Ellis, 2 Sparrows
Nelson Erazo, Adamus
Jaysen Euler, Davanti Enoteca
Sophie Evanoff, Vanille Patisserie
Joe Farina, Rosebud Restaurants/Rosebud Steakhouse/Joe Fish
Paul Fehribach, Big Jones
Dirk Flanigan, Il Coniglio
Jonathan Fox, Firecakes
Jo-Marie Frigo, Nonna Santi’s Biscotti
Dirk and Terry Fucik, Dirk’s Fish and Gourmet Shop
John Gatsos, Tavern on Rush
Chris Gawronski, Henri
Carlos Gaytan, Mexique
Tim Graham, Travelle
Mark Grosz, Oceanique
Mike Hernandez, ZED451
Sandra Holl, Floriole Cafe & Bakery
Tony Hu, Lao Sze Chuan
Riley Huddleston, I|O Urban Roofscape at the Godfrey Hotel Chicago
Stephanie Izard, Girl & The Goat/Little Goat
Eric Jorgensen, Little Market Brasserie
Paul Katz, Old Town Pour House
Tom Kenny, Mike Ditka’s Chicago
Brian Key, Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House Chicago
Jeremy Kiens, Nana
Ryan Kikkert, Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap
Shigeru Kitano, SUSHISAMBA rio
Michael Kornick, MK The Restaurant/Ada Street/DMK Burger Bar/Fish Bar
Josh Kulp, Sunday Dinner Club/Honey Butter Fried Chicken
Thomas Lents, Sixteen
Chris Macchia, The Florentine
Eric Mansavage, Farmhouse Craft Tavern
Tony Mantuano, Spiaggia/Terzo Piano/Bar Toma/River Roast
Joshua Marrelli, The CHOP SHOP
Jeff Mauro, Sandwich King
Shawn McClain, Green Zebra/ Sage Restaurant
Steve McDonagh, Spritz Burger
Michael McDonald, Mercadito Hospitality/Tavernita
Terese McDonald, Candyality
Charlie McKenna, Lillie’s Q
Kevin McMullen, Brixton
Gray McNally, The Tortoise Club
Masaharu Morimoto, Japonais by Morimoto
Cory Morris, Mercat a la planxa
Sam Netter, Real Urban Barbecue
Megan Neubeck, Terzo Piano at the Art Institute of Chicago
Victor Newgren, SideDoor
Martial Noguier, Bistronomic/Troquet River North/Brasserie by LM
Mitsu Nozaki, Henri/ The Gage
Leigh Omilinsky, Café des Architectes at Sofitel Chicago Water Tower
Terry Opalek and Michael Frontier, Terry’s Toffee
Oscar Ornelas, Cité
Dan Pancake, Autre Monde Café & Spirits
Beth Partridge, Autre Monde Café & Spirits
Ryan Pitts, RL Restaurant
Tony Priolo, Piccolo Sogno/Piccolo Sogno Due
Doug Psaltis, Bub City/Three Dots and a Dash
Adam Puskorius, Eddie V’s
Devon Quinn, Paramount Events Chicago
Jose Ramirez, Kinzie Chophouse
Tigist Reda, Demera Ethiopian Restaurant
Kennon Reed, Cantina Laredo
Cardel Reid, The Signature Room at the 95th
Michael Dean Reynolds, Bread & Wine
Mark Rimkus, Flo & Santos
Matt Riordan, Saigon Sisters
Evan Rondeau, Uncommon Ground on Devon
Joseph Rose, Lockwood Restaurant & Bar
Patrick Russ, The Dawson
Arun Sampanthavivat, Arun’s Thai Restaurant
Patricio Sandoval, Mercadito/Mercadito Counter
Jonathon Sawyer, Trentina
Zoë Schor, Ada Street
Tony Scruggs, Old Crow Smokehouse
Nathan Sears, The Radler
Mindy Segal, HotChocolate
Tommy Sheean, The Drawing Room
Michael Sheerin, CICCHETTI
Patrick Sheerin, Trenchermen
Bruce Sherman, North Pond
Dan Smith, Spritz Burger
Joaquin Soler, Smalls. Smoke Shack & More
Jose Sosa, Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House Naperville
Travis Strickland, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse
Kristine Subido, Pecking Order
Michael Tsonton, MH Fish House
Jared Van Camp, Nellcôte/Old Town Social/Leghorn
Tom Van Lente, TWO Restaurant & Bar
Chico Vilchez, Nacional 27
Paul Virant, Perennial Virant/Vie
Randy Waidner, Gibsons Restaurant Group
Scott Walton, Howells & Hood
John Wayne Formica, E + O Food and Drink
Roger Waysok, South Water Kitchen
Christine Welch, The Coffeecake Connection Co.
Jared Wentworth, Longman & Eagle/Dusek’s Board & Beer/Punch House
Justin White, SmallBar Division
Erick Williams, MK The Restaurant/DMK Burger Bar/Fish Bar
Marc Wuenschel, Hutch
Alvaro Zamudio, Kinzie Chophouse
Jose Zetina, Pazzo’s Cucina Italiana
Andrew Zimmerman, Sepia
Bob Zrenner, Hubbard Inn


English: From top left: Downtown Chicago, the ...

English: From top left: Downtown Chicago, the Willis Tower, the Chicago Theater, the Chicago “L”, Navy Pier, the Field Museum, and Millenium Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Chicago Gourmet 2012 Dine Around Receipt Holder

WHEN: Chicago Gourmet 2014 will be hosted in Millennium Park, Sept 26-28, 2014

For more information visit:


English: Harris Theater (left) and The Heritag...

English: Harris Theater (left) and The Heritage at Millennium Park (right) from Randolph Street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nomi chef

312 Chicago's Chef Luca Corazzina

312 Chicago’s Chef Luca Corazzina

Quartino Restaurant in Chicago

Quartino Restaurant’s Chef in Chicago

Chicago is an international culinary mecca for foodies. There are many rising stars like Jimmy Bannos Jr. , a third generation Chicago restaurant owner and Chef. Here’s a video of the 2011 Chicago Gourmet Festival http://youtu.be/LiB0O2Y_A_g

Chef Jimmy Bannos Jr. of The Purple Pig in Chicago

I love the Millennium Park venue that was dedicated by Mayor Richard Daley in July of 2004 as a gift to the people of Chicago. We take every opportunity to use this incredible open-air facility!

Chicago Gourmet 2011

Chicago Gourmet 2011

The extraordinary event promotes Chicago’s impressive world-class food and wine community. Last year there was a Grand Cru Wine event at the Harris Theater Rooftop.

Chicago Gourmet 2011 Grand Cru Event

Chicago Gourmet 2011

Forget about dieting during the weekend event or between August 20th until the event begins. There will be 140 chefs participating in the three-day event with plenty of wine-tasting opportunities; as well as a “Dine Around” promotion. Some of the restaurants in my “Rush Street” video  participate in “Chicago Gourmet“.

Here’s a short Video of some of my favorite restaurants on Rush Street


Some of the participating movers and shakers include Chicago’s culinary gurus, Chicago chefs, master sommeliers and extraordinary wine makers.

Chicago Gourmet 2011

The Chicago Gourmet Event “aims to highlight the city as an international culinary destination via its unparalleled epicurean talent”.

Chicago Gourmet 2011

Chicago’s Michelin Chefs

Chicago Gourmet 2011

I LOVE Dine around!!

Bon Appétit and Chicago Gourmet Dine Around

The Bon Appétit and Chicago Gourmet Dine Around extends the event beyond Millennium Park into some of the city’s best restaurants. From Tuesday, August 20, 2013 through Friday, September 20, 2013, special prix-fixe menus will be available at participating Dine Around restaurants, offering guests a unique dining experience as well as a chance to earn a free ticket to the event.
Please check back for more information about 2013 redemption instructions.

Earn a free ticket to Chicago Gourmet

From August 20th through September 20th, dine in five participating restaurants, save your receipts, and redeem them for a complimentary one-day Chicago Gourmet ticket at registration. Enjoy the special prix-fixe meal, or dine from the regular menu; either receipt is valid toward the free ticket if the meal total is a minimum of $35.
Rules and detailed redemption information are coming soon. This offer is NOT applicable to the Hamburger Hop.

2013 participating Dine Around restaurants:

2 Sparrows Restaurant

312 Chicago Allium at The Four Seasons

Argent Restaurant

Autre Monde Cafe

Avli Estiatorio


Big Jones


Bittersweet Pastry Shop


Bull & Bear

Café des Architects at Sofitel Chicago Water Tower

Courtright’s Restaurant

Davanti Enoteca

Deca Restaurant & Bar at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago

E+O Food and Drink

Embeya Epic


Firefly Grill

Francesca’s Restaurant

Frontier Green Zebra

Harry Caray’s Restaurant Hearty


Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House Chicago

Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House Naperville

Ill Forks

Keefer’s Restaurant

Kinzie Chophouse

Lao Sze Chuan

Le Colonial

Level 2 Restaurant at the Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile

Little Market Brasserie LM Restaurant Group

Lockwood Restaurant & Bar

Markethouse Restaurant & Bar
May St. Cafe
Mercat a la Planxa
Nacional 27
NoMI Kitchen
Oceanique Restaurant
Old Town Social
Pazzo’s Cucina Italiana
Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush
Piccolo Sogno
Piccolo Sogno Due

Prasino – Wicker Park
Public House
Quay Restaurant & Bar
Real Urban Barbecue
Rickshaw Republic
RL Restaurant
Rushing Waters Fisheries & Trout House
Saigon Sisters
Siena Tavern
South Water Kitchen
Tavern on Rush
The Berghoff
The Bristol
The Florentine
The Gage
The Grill on the Alley
The Metropolitan Club
Uncommon Ground on Clark
Uncommon Ground on Devon

The Bon Appétitand Chicago Gourmet Dine Around extends the event beyond Millennium Park into some of the city’s best restaurants. From August 20th to September 20th, 2013, special prix-fixe menus will be available at participating Dine Around restaurants, offering guests a unique dining experience as well as a chance to earn a free ticket to the event.

Dine Around Receipt Holder for Chicago Gourmet 2012

Dine Around Receipt Holder for Chicago Gourmet 2012

Go get your special receipt folder and and start “Dining Around” today. Dine in 5 participating restaurants from the list and save your receipts in your special folder. The folder has a list of all participating restaurants. Then redeem them for a complimentary one-day Chicago Gourmet Ticket at the “Dine Around Redemption” Registration Booth on the day of the event.

This offer is not applicable to the Hamburger Hop. Last year, we started our Dine Around Journey at Gibson’s on Rush and ordered the Salmon and Filet. We love dining outside at this popular Rush Street Restaurant.

Filet with Bernaise Sauce at Gibson's on Rush in Chicago

Filet with Bernaise Sauce at Gibson’s on Rush in Chicago

Salmon with mash potatoes and broccoli at Gibson's on Rush Street

Salmon with mash potatoes and broccoli at Gibson’s on Rush Street

We also went to Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush and ordered the incredible antipasto platter with some linguini with clam and an order of ravioli with pesto sauce. I had a margarita that was out of this world. Then we had a bottle of Frog’s Leap wine. I am never disappointed at this restaurant!

Linguini at Phil Stefani's 437 Rush

Antipasto at Phil Stefani's 437 Rush

Ravioli at Phil Stefani's 437 Rush

Ravioli at Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush

Fabulous Margarita at Phil Stefani's 437 Rush

Frog's Leap Cab at Phil Stefani's 437 Rush

Frog’s Leap Cab at Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush

Excellent WIne List at Phil Stefani's 437 Rush

Chicago Gourmet Map 2011

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @ www.vino-con-vista.com. Buon Appetito!

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Valentine’s Day Restaurants that I Love in Chicago

Chocolate Bar at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago

Image by benchilada via Flickr

Oysters and Oatmeal dish from Schwa in Chicago

Oysters and Oatmeal dish from Schwa in Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Chicago River is the south border of ...

English: Chicago River is the south border of the Near North Side and Streeterville and the north border of Chicago Loop, Lakeshore East and Illinois Center (viewed from Lake Shore Drive with Trump International Hotel and Tower at jog in the river in the center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joe's Stone Crab

Joe’s Stone Crab (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Location of Schwa (restaurant) in Chi...

English: Location of Schwa (restaurant) in Chicago in detail south of North Avenue (Chicago), north of Division Street (Chicago), east of Milwaukee Avenue (Chicago) and west of Chicago River and Kennedy Expressway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline (Photo credit: Frank Kehren)

Here’s are some of the restaurants that I love!

1. The impressive Lobby Restaurant of the Peninsula Hotel offered a starter buffet of roasted vegetables, crabmeat ceviche over a medley of fresh fruit and an assortment of cheeses and charcuterie options. I usually order  the salmon.

2.  Sepia is a delightful restaurant in Chicago. The dining room is located in a former 1890’s print studio and it is filled with photography memorabilia. Executive chef Andrew Zimmerman graduated first in his class at the prestigious French Culinary Institute and it is reflected in his Meditterranean influenced cuisine. The urban eatery has exposed brick walls and is located at 123 N. Jefferson Street in Chicago just east of the Kennedy Expressway between Washington and Randolf. I love the porchetta.

Restaurant Week Chicagao 2011

Sepia Restaurant in Chicago

3. NAHA is located at 500 N. Clark St. where executive chef Carrie Nahabedian merges her Armenian roots with Mediterranean influenced flavors that earned her a Michelin star. She was the former executive chef at the Four Seasons Properties in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. I love the  braised Mishima Ranch “Kobe” Wagyu Beef Brisket with Beluga lentils, bacon roasted parsnips and carrots. For dessert order bananas with vanilla mousseline and salted caramel.

Restaurant Week Chicago 2011

4. David Burke”s Primehouse is located in the James Hotel at 616 N. Rush. I love the Surf and Turf Dumplings filled with lobster mousse or braised short-ribs. Have a dry-aged classic fillet served with a side of mushrooms and mashed potatoes. For dessert, I enjoy the pinapple upside down cake with rum caramel and sour cherry sorbet.

5. Le Colonial has one of my favorite French-Vietnamese inspired menus. It is located Rush Street and is housed in a two-story vintage townhouse  decorated in the millieu of 1920’s Siagon. I indulge in the Cha Gio for starters; these fried spring rolls are outstanding! Follow up with the “Bun Thit Nuong”;  BBQ pork served over angel-hair noodles. For dessert try, the crispy banana wonton.

Restaurant Week in Chicago

6. Schwa’s Chef Michael Carlson worked under Spiaggia’s chef Paul Bartolotta. He turned down the position of sous-chef at Alinea. Since then he has earned a string of prestigious press:  he graced the cover of Food & Wine magazine as one of the Best New Chefs, won the Jean Banchet Award for rising chef of the year, GQ magazine did a nine-page feature on Schwa and Chef Carlson saying that Schwa was “The Most Revolutionary Restaurant In America” and in 2010 he got a “Best Chef” nomination from the esteemed James Beard Foundation. Schwa is at 1466 N. Ashland in Wicker Park seats 26 people; good luck getting in. There is no liquor license or wine list. Just amazing food! Call 773-252-1466 for reservations.

Famed Quail Egg Ravioli from Schwa in Chicago

Famed Quail Egg Ravioli from Schwa in Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Our Philosophy – A restaurant that is part of a new movement; a community of chefs who work collaboratively and share openly. A house with no front or back; a house where chefs are servers, and serving is about creating dialogue. A menu that moves with the seasons; a menu designed to illustrate the diversity of a dish and highlight how one ingredient can be presented in a variety of ways. Taking the unusual and making it enjoyable. Taking the rustic and making it unforgettable.” http://www.schwa.com

Schwa (restaurant)

Schwa (restaurant) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7. The Atwood Cafe in the loop on State Street is one of my favorite dining rooms and is located in the elegantly-renovated Hotel  Burnham across from Macy’s on Washington. I love the Ahi Tuna appetizer. They serve one of the best pork chops in town. The chocolate dessert is always decadent.

Upper facade

Upper facade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8. Blackbird’s award-winning restaurant at 619 W. Randolph has fabulous seared scallops for a starter with a roasted chicken entree and a choclate ganache dessert.

9. Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab at 60 E. Grand is the Chicago outpost of Miami’s legendary Joe’s Stone Crab. For dinner have a cup of chowder of bisque with crab claws, king crab legs or steak and don’t leave without indulging in the famous key lime pie for dessert.

10. I also love Terzo Piano at the Art Institute and Aria on Chicago’s east side at the Fairmont Hotel  http://www.ariachicago.com.

11. You can never go wrong at Piccolo Sogno, one of my all time favorites Italian restaurants in Chicago!

For French Food head over to Les Nomades in a lavish Streeterville townhouse. You will never be disappointed!

.Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @ www.vino-con-vista.com

Salute and Buon Appetito 

English: Executive Chef and Owner of the Stant...

Image via Wikipedia

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St. Matthias “Friends of the Grape” and “Friends of Craft Beer” Festival 2014 in Chicago

Fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins, potas...

Image via Wikipedia

This is harvest season for grapes in many parts of the country. The harvesting of wine grapes is one of the most crucial steps in the process of winemaking. The time of harvest is determined primarily by the ripeness of the grape as measured by sugar, acid and tannin levels.

A green wine grape.

A green wine grape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

St. Matthias parish in Chicago celebrates every year on the first Sunday in October.

One Big Weekend—Two Loved Events!

Friends of the Grape & Friends of Craft Beer

Save the Date October 3rd & 5th, 2014

This October Friends of the Grape will celebrate its 15th year!

Last year they added a new tradition called the Friends of Craft beer tasting on Friday evening.  Stay tuned for updates on participating restaurants and breweries, information on our Live and Silent auction items, and how you can get involved!

Tickets are now available shortly in the rectory and on the website.

For more information, visit friendsofthegrape.org



WHERE: Saint Matthias in Lincoln Square in Chicago

Here’s a Friend of the Grape Video http://youtu.be/kmkLpj7eJCk

Friends of the Grape 2011

Friends of the Grape 2011

The students at St. Matthias School were busy stomping grapes this week in preparation for the 13th annual Friends of the Grape Wine Festival and Auction.

Stomping grapes to crush them as part of the w...

Stomping grapes to crush them as part of the winemaking process. Photo taken at Airfield Estates in Prosser, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The winner of the Stomp was crowned the “Juice King (or Queen)”’ and received a week of grape juice.

This is one of my favorite events in the Lincoln Square area. Here’s a Lincoln Square Foodie video http://youtu.be/E4h6X-BHrLM showing all the interesting sights.

Friends of the Grape Stomp

Friends of the Grape Stomp

Grape Stomp at St. Matthias

Saint Matthias became the 13th apostle. Judas had been one of the original Twelve apostles. When he betrayed Jesus and committed suicide he was replaced with Matthias. He proudly welcomes visitors to his is a beautiful church at Claremont and Ainslie in Chicago.

Saint Matthias

Saint Matthias

The volunteers offer plenty of  food and wine at “Friends of the Grape”.

Bring your checkbook and credit card because there will be over 150 items available at the silent auction. There will be plenty of gift baskets for you to purchase.

Friends of the Grape Silent Auction

Friends of the Grape Silent Auction

The live auction will start at 3pm. Last year, you could bid on a culinary experience for 2 at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris or a six-course dinner for 12 prepared by Chef Marin Wallner.

Live Auction at Saint Matthias Friends of the Grape 2011

Live Auction

The sponsors will be pouring over 40 different wines. There’s plenty of wine for you to purchase.

The vast array of Lincoln Square restaurants will be offering tasty appetizers and wine pairings in the beer garden with live entertainment on Sunday, October 6th between 12:30 and 6:30 at 4910 N Claremont.

This will be the best $40 that you have spent all year. Proceeds benefit the School. Father John is always ready to welcome new parishoners to St. Matthias.

For more information go to www.stmatthiaschicago.org/…

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @ www.vino-con-vista.com

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The Naperville Wine Festival 2014

From the Esterlina Tasting Room in Mendocino C...

Image via Wikipedia

Plan to attend the Naperville Wine Festival 2014. Wine festivals offer outstanding and affordable Vino con Vista opportunities. Wine connoisseurs can discover new wines, attend wine seminars and meet wine-makers in an outdoor festival setting.

Here’s a short video with some of my favorite Vino con Vista Buddies that I met at the Naperville Wine Festival in 2011:


For the full schedule visit:


The Naperville Wine Festival will return for the 12th Consecutive Year August 22-23, 2014.

The Event will take Place at CityGate Centre, The Home of Calamos Investments, and will Showcase More than 300 Wines From Around The World.

 A Portion of the Proceeds From The Event will Help Support the Naperville Area Humane Society.


Naperville Wine Festival hours are Friday from 4 to 10PM and Saturday from 2 to 8PM Friday Night Ticket Sales End at 8:30 p.m. and Alcohol Sampling and Sales End at 9:30 p.m. Saturday Ticket Sales End at 6:30PM and Alcohol Sampling and Sales End at 7:30PM

  • Adult Wine Tasting Tickets are $28 in Advance and $35 at the Door. This Ticket Price Includes a Souvenir Wine Glass, Ten Tastings, a Festival Program, Access to Food and Wine Demonstrations and Musical Entertainment. Additional Tasting Coupons May be Purchased at the Festival. Designated Driver Tickets are $10 in Advance or at the Door. Tickets can be Purchased Online at www.napervillewinefestival.com or by phone at 877-772-5425 as well as at all Peterson Wine Cellars locations.
  • CityGate Centre is a True mixed-use development that encompasses 31 acres in the quickly growing East-West Corridor submarket of Chicago. In addition to Calamos Investments and Continental Audi of Naperville, the Naperville Wine Festival is sponsored by: Wells Fargo Advisors; Whole Foods; Petersons Wine & Spirits; BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois; Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Leffe; Hotel Arista; Pepsi and Aquafina.

    Naperville Wine Festival Map

    Naperville Wine Festival Map

    Naperville Wine Festival Map


Location: Calamos Investments, Naperville, IL 60563
Start Date/Time: August 23, 2013 – 4 pm
End Date/Time: August 24, 2013 – 11 pm

A celebration of wine, food, music and friends with a wide array of wines to choose from and food from some of Naperville’s most popular restaurants.  Friday 4 pm – 10 pm, and Saturday 3 pm  – 9 pm.



Hess Winery

Hook and Ladder Winery

From author: "From left to right: Iron Ho...

From author: “From left to right: Iron Horse 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon Testarossa 2006 Garys’ Vineyard Syrah Calera 2006 Ryan Pinot Noir Chateau Montelena 2007 Chardonnay Ridge 2007 Zinfandel” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tickets: Adult Wine Tasting Ticket – One day admission
$28 in advance or $35 at the door.
Admission ticket good for either day. This ticket includes a souvenir wine glass, ten tastings, Festival Program, Food & Wine seminars, cooking demonstrations, musical entertainment, and the opportunity to purchase wine at a discount.Designated Driver Ticket – One day admission
$10 in advance or at the door.
Admission ticket good for either day. This ticket includes two non-alcoholic drinks, Festival Program, Food & Wine seminars, cooking demonstrations, musical entertainment, souvenir wine glass upon departure. Under 21 admitted free when accompanied by paid adult.

Assortment of wine from Domaine Chandon in Yar...

Assortment of wine from Domaine Chandon in Yarra Australia showing their sparkling Chardonnay and Pinot noir wine as well as a still pinot noir. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Local chefs will offer foodies an opportunity to taste some of their cuisine. Here’s a list of the restaurants that will be serving food at the 2012 event:

Caoba Mexican Grill and Bar 1619 N. Damen Avenue Chicago, IL 60647 773-342-2622 www.caobachicago.comCityGate Grille 2020 Calamos Court Naperville, IL 60563 630-718-1010 www.citygategrille.com
Heaven on Seven 224 S. Main Street Naperville, IL 60540 630-717-0777 www.heavenonseven.com/napervilleLe Chocolat Bouchard 129 S. Washington   Street Naperville, IL 60540 630-355-5720 www.lechocolatbar.com
SugarToad Restaurant2139 Citygate Lane Naperville, IL 60563630-778-8623 www.sugartoad.comSullivan’s Steakhouse 244 S. Main Street Naperville, IL 60540 630-305-0230 www.sullivansteakhouse.com

The outdoor festival will feature more than 200 wines from around the country and the world with wine seminars and cooking demonstrations. For a nominal charge you can sample pinot Noirs, Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlots and chardonnay wine from various regions.

Here’s a complete list of the wineries and distributors that will be attending the 2012 event:

Peterson    Spirits and Fine Wines
Valley of the Moon Pinot Blanc
Lake Sonoma Chardonnay
Kenwood Table Red
Peterson Zero Manipulation
Peterson Dry Creek Zinfandel
Cantina Aurora Dolce Stilnovo

Peterson    Spirits and Fine Wines
Villa Puccini Pinot Grigio
Villa Puccini Tuscan Red
Entwine Pinot Grigio
Entwine Chardonnay
Entwine Merlot
Entwine Cabernet Sauvingon
Haus    Wines
Schug Sauvignon Blanc
Cline Albarino
Cline Field Blend
Scott Harvey Red Label Barbera
Scott Harvey Red Label Zinfandel
Schug Pinot Noir

Coloma Chardonnay
Lady Slipper Pinot Noir
Nomad Red Blend
Tomei Barbera
Jarvis Tomei Syrah
Lonati Moscato d’Asti
Essential    Wines
Arabella Chenin Blanc
Enon Chardonnay
Arabella Viognier
Arabella Merlot
Arabella Cabernet Sauvignon
Grinder Pinotage

Laird    and Company
Moletto Prosecco
Stival Pinot Grigio
Lunae Vermentino
La Pisara Primativo
Pietrafitta Chianti
Moletto Refosco

Wine    Cru
Secret Coast Sauvignon Blanc
Bennett Lane Maximus White
Prezzolini Chianti
Zolo Malbec
Zolo Cabernet Sauvignon
Bennett Lane Maximus Red
Eola    Hills
Eola Hills Pinot Gris
Eola Hills Chardonnay
Eola Hills “La Ceole” Reserve    Chardonnay
Eola Hills Pinot Noir
Eola Hills “La Creole” Reserve Pinot Noir
Eola Hills Vin d’Or LH Sauvignon Blanc
Martin    Ray Winery
Angeline Sauvignon Blanc
Martin Ray Chardonnay
Angeline California Pinot Noir
Martin Ray Pinot Noir
Angeline Cabernet Sauvignon
Martin Ray Merlot

Cabernet    Corp
La Playa Sauvignon Blanc
Don Rodolfo Torrentes
La Playa Cabernet Rose
La Playa Cabernet Sauvignon
La Playa Block Selection Carmenere
Don Rodolfo Malbec
Ventana    Winery
Ventana Riesling
Ventana Sauvignon Blanc
Ventana Gewurztraminer
Ventana Pinot Noir
Ventana Rubystone Syrah/Grenache
Ventana Syrah

Broadbent    Selections
Broadbent Vino Verde
Broadbent Gruner Veltliner
Dr. Hermann H Riesling
Chateau Musar Rouge
Quintas do Crasto Flor
Warwick Three Cape Ladies
Small    Vineyards
Trevisiol Extra Dry Prosecco
Tre Donne La Perlina Moscato d’Asti
Giocato Pinot Grigio
Perazzeta Sangiovese
Palama Negroamaro
Antonio Sanguineti Nessun Dorma Red

Fess    Parker Family of Wines
Fess Parker SBC Riesling
Fess Parker SBC Chardonnay
Parker Station Pinot Noir
Fess Parker SBC Pinot Noir
Hodge du Podge Red
Big Easy Syrah
Good Pinot Grigio
Belpoggio Verdicchio DOC
Nicolis Valpolicella Classico
Poggio Amorelli Chianti Classico
Villa Donna Moscato d’Asti
Scagliola Petali Di Rose Brachetto
Hahn/Other    Guys
Huntington Sauvignon Blanc
Cycles Gladiator Pinot Grigio
White Knight Viognier
Cycles Gladiator Syrah
Leese Fitch Pinot Noir
Plungerhead Lodi Zinfandel
Duck Pond Winery
Duck Pond Pinot Gris
Duck Pond White Blend
Duck Pond Pinot Noir
Duck Pond Red Blend
Desert Wind Ruah
Desert Wind Barbera
Hook and    Ladder Winery
Hook and Ladder Chardonnay
Hook and Ladder Pinot Noir
Station Ten Zinfandel Blend
Hook and Ladder Zinfandel
The Tillerman Cab Blend
Hook and Ladder Cabernet Sauvignon

E&J    Gallo
La Marca Prosecco
Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc
Martin Codax Albarino
Las Rocas Garnacha
Bridlewood Cabernet Sauvignon
Louis Martini  Cabernet Sauvignon
E&J    Gallo
Laguna Chardonnay
William Hill Chardonnay
Bridlewood Blend 175
MacMurray Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
William Hill Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
Gascon Reserve Malbec

Domaine Carneros Sparkling Brut
Craggy Range Sauvignon Blanc
Benziger Sangicamo Chardonnay
Domaine Carneros Pinot Noir
Benziger Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon
Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinnacle    Fine Wines
Long Boat Sauvignon Blanc
La Crema Monterey Chardonnay
Gaga Rose
Gaga Rouge
Calina Carmenere
Arrowood Cabernet Sauvignon
Bronco    Wine
Silver Ridge Sauvingon Blanc
Silver Ridge Chardonnay
Silver Ridge Pinot Noir
Hacienda Riesling
Hacienda Merlot
Hacienda Cabernet Sauvignon

Graham Beck Brut Sparkling
Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc
Skyleaf Riesling
Graham Beck Game Res. Chenin Blanc
Jules Taylor Pinot Noir
Graham Beck Game Res. Cabernet

Hayes Chardonnay
Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay
2009 Tamas Double Decker Red
Wente Reliz Creek Pinot Noir
Spur Meritage
Wente Charles Wetmore Cabernet
Quintesential    Wines
New Age Rose
New AgeWhite
Elsa Bianchi Torrentes
Simonsig Chenin Blanc
Grand Rojo Garnacha
Morse Code Shiraz

Prestige    Wine Group
Starling Castle Riesling
Michel Picard Vouvray
Michel Picard Bourgogne Pinot Noir
Broke Ass Red
Le Grand Noir GSM
Luccio Moscato d’Asti
Jomad    Imports
San Hubberto Torrentes
San Hubberto Reserve Chardonnay
San Huberto Bonarda
San Huberto Malbec
San Huberto Reserve Syrah
San Huberto Cabernet Sauvignon

Cartlidge    and Browne Winery
Cartlidge and Browne Sauvignon Blanc
Cartlidge and Browne Chardonnay
Cartlidge and Browne Pinot Noir
Cartlidge and Browne Zinfandel
Cartlidge and Browne Cabernet
C&B Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Vibrant    Rioja
Cortijo White
Cortijo Rose
Ramon Bilboa
Ramon Bilboa Limited Edition
Gloriso Reserva
Campo Viejo Gran Reserva

Vina Arnaiz Roble Tinto
Salneval Albarino
Antano Virura
Conde de Valdemar Reserve
Opera Prima Moscato
Don Simon Sangria
V2 Wine    Group
Toad Hollow Risque Sparkling
Dry Creek Chenin Blanc
Dry Creek Sauvignon Blanc
Steel Head Chardonnay
Steel Head Pinot Noir
Dry Creek Meritage

Indigo    Wine Group
Bon Cap The Ruins Organic Sparkling
Bon Cap The Ruins Organic Sauvignon Blanc
Bon Cap The Ruins Organic Syrah/Cab
Robertson Shiraz/Mouvedre/Viognier
Casa de Campo Moscato
Robertson Sweet Red
Classical Wines
Mont Marcal Cava Rosada Brut
Legado del Conde Morgadio Albarino
Bodegas Garci Grande Verdejo
Guelbenzu Red
Lorinon Crianza
Carchelo “C”

Lagnaippe    Beverage
Boomtown Pinot Gris
Schild Estate Chardonnay
Schild Estate GMS
Dexter Lake Red
Boomtown Syrah
Revah Pomegranite
Alias Chardonnay
Cannonball Chardonnay
Alias Merlot
Cannonball Merlot
Alias Cabernet Sauvignon
Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon

Cape    Classics
Buitenverwachting Beyond Sauv Blanc
Indaba Chardonnay
Mulderbosch Rose
Buitenverwachting Beyond Cabernet
Mulderbosch Faithful Hound Red
Jam Jar Shiraz
Robert    Kacher/Winebow
Tariquet Classique
Tariquet Rose de Pressee
Clean Slate Riesling
Gournier Grenache Noir
Cazes le Canon du Marechal Rouge
Root 1 Carmenere

Kris Pinot Grigio
Argiolas Costamolino
Catena Chardonnay
Valle Reale Vigne Nuove    Montepulciano
Allegrini Palacco Della Torre
Catena Malbec
Palm Bay
Twin Vines Vinho Verde
Arrogant Frog White
Arrogant Frog Pinot Noir
Arrogant Frog Lily Pad Red
Periquita Duoro Red
Santa Rita Reserve Malbec

Peter Lehmen Layers White
Glen Carlou Chardonnay
Peter Lehmen Layers Red
Sequana “Sarmento” Pinot Noir
Artezin Zinfandel
Amalaya Malbec Blend

Sequana Pinot Noir

Sequana Pinot Noir

L. Buillot Rose
DeLoach Heritage Chardonnay
Lyeth ‘Fleur de Lyeth’ Red Blend
Raymond ‘R’ Merlot
Raymond ‘R’ Field Blend
Batoisiolo Moscato d’Asti

Francois Lurton Blanco
Tortoise Creek Pinot Noir
Santa Julia Reserva Cabernet
Tortoise Creek Zinfandel
Araucano Carmenere
Familia Zuccardi  Q Malbec
Hirschbach & Sohne Liebfraumilch
Lucky Star Pinot Noir
Milbrandt Traditions Merlot
Oxford Landing GSM
Oxford Landing Shiraz
Bricco Riella Moscato d’Asti

Diamond    Imports
Domaine Sigalas Athiri/Assyrtiko Blend
Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko
Domaine Skouras White
Domaine Skouras Moscofilero
Domaine Skouras St. George
Alpha Estate Xinomavro Hedgehog Vnyd
Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc
Deviation Road Chardonnay
The Garden Path Shiraz/Cab
Smidge Houdini Shiraz/Zin
Deaf Galah Red
Alliance Shiraz

Opolo    Winery
Opolo Chardonnay
Opolo Viognier
Opolo Sangiovese
Opolo Maestro
Opolo Summit Creek Zinfandel
Opolo Serenade Cab/Malbec
Underdog    Wine Merchants
A Mano Pinot Grigio
Concannon Conservancy Chardonnay
Concannon Conservancy Crimson &    Clover
Cupcake Red Velvet
Flip Flop Moscato
Helfrich Gewurztraminer

Barefoot    Wine and Bubbly
Barefoot Pinot Grigio
Barefoot Bubbly Brut
Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato
Barefoot Bubbly Moscato Spumante
Barefoot Moscato
Barefoot Sweet Red
Easley    Winery
Reggae White
Reggae Rose
Reggae Red

Evaton, Inc
Anakena Sauvignon Blanc
Gazela Vino Verde
Gazela Rose
Finca Flichman Cabernet Sauvignon
Finca Flichman Reserve Malbec
Finca Flichman Tupungato
Lynfred    Winery
Vin de City White
Vin de City Red
Illinois Seyval Blanc
Oktoberfest Wine
Plum Wine

St.    James Winery
Velvet White
Velvet Red
Cooper’s Hawk    Restaurant & Winery
Almond Sparkling
Semi-Dry Riesling
Cooper’s Hawk White
Rhubarb Fruit Wine
Cass Winery

Cass Winery

Cass Winery

2010 Oasis Rose
2010 Roussanne
2009 Grenache
2009 Mourvedre
2008 Syrah
2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
2008 Cass Reserve

Constellation Wines
Blufield Riesling
Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc
Estancia Pinot Grigio
Toasted Head Untamed White
Diseno Malbec
Primal Roots Red Blend

Wine Festival

The ticket includes a souvenir wine glass, ten tastings, Festival Program, Food & Wine seminars, cooking demonstrations, musical entertainment and the opportunity to purchase wine at a discount.

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides and Apps @ www.vino-con-vista.com and attend many food and wine events.

Last year, I fell in love with Cass Winery’s Reserve and had a case shipped to my home from the winery. Try the Cooper’s Hawk Barbera; it’s from a local winery near Naperville.

Naperville Wine Festival

Naperville Wine Festival

For more information visit http://www.napervillewinefestival.com

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Enjoy a Vino con Vista in New Mexico Wine Country near Albuquerque

Rio Grande Botanical Garden, Albuquerque, New ...

Rio Grande Botanical Garden, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Mexico wine

Image via Wikipedia

In 1598,  Don Juan de Onate led a band of Spanish colonists from New Spain (Mexico) northward to settle the fertile valleys of the upper Rio Grande. The Franciscan monks accompanied the colonists to spread Christianity to the Native Americans.

New Mexico

In 1598, wine was introduced to New Mexico by the Spaniards. The monks needed wine for their daily masses and for about 30 years they imported the wine from the Old World because a SPanish law enacted in 1595 did not allow the production of wine in the New World. The wine was transported from Spain in stoneware jugs and sealed with a cork plug.

English: All Images used are from Wikipedia Co...

English: All Images used are from Wikipedia Commons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eventually, the Franciscan monks decided to plant grapevines in New Mexico for sacramental wine. The first vines were planted in 1629 at the Piro pueblo just south of Socorro; New Mexico has the oldest grapevies in the country. The cuttings brought by the missionaries were Vitis vinifera, the “mission Grape” and the variety is still grown in New Mexico today.

The Spanish colonists led by conquistadores also established the vineyards along the Rio Grande  and wine production began in 1633. By 1800, wine became one of the three top exports from New Mexico. By 1884, New Mexico was the fifth leading wine producer in the U.S.

Today there are about 43 wineries and tasting rooms in New Mexico with over 900 acres of vineyards. The high desert elevation, rich soils, sunny days and cool evenings coupled with  controlled irrigation produce a wide variety of interesting wines.

Albuquerque has more than 300 years of history and culture  and has been inhabited by American Indians for hundreds of years.

Albuquerque New Mexico

Founder of Albuquerque

Francisco Cuervo y Valdes

Old Town Albuquerque

Albuquerque New Mexico

The present day city was founded in 1706 when Governor Francisco Cuervo y Valdez penned a letter to the Duke of Albuquerque reporting that he had founded a villa along the banks of the Rio Grande. Since then, the city that was originally named after the Duke has grown from a tiny settlement to a rich, multi-cultural metropolis of more thatn 753,000 people.

There are many wineries between Albuquerque and Santa Fe that offer amazing vino con vistas with opportunities to taste New Mexico Wine.

New Mexico WIne Labels

The wineries closest to Albuquerque are between Corrales and Bernalillo. Here’s a list of some Vino con Vista opportunities near Albuquerque New Mexico:

1. Anasazi Fields Winery www.anasazifieldswinery.com

The winery sits on the Western edge of the old village of Placitas, New Mexico between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  The vineyards are surrounded by orchards watered by a spring-fed irrigation system that dates back over 1000 years to a time when the Anasazi People farmed the Placitas Valley. These wines are crafted by fruits and berries other than grapes and include plum wine, apricot wine peach wine and blackberry wine. We also make a slightly off-dry Cranberry wine and three grape-based wines enhanced by one of our old fruit wines.   All of our wines are aged on oak for one to four years. with an annual Placitas Studio Tour for mother’s day weekend

Wine grapes grown in New Mexico.

Wine grapes grown in New Mexico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Casa Rondena Winery was established in 1995. It is located in the North Valley of Albuquerque in historic Los Ranchos de Albuquerque www.casarondena.com. You can sample the entire portfolio of hand-crafted wines made on the premises at and Tasting Room including:

Viognier – A dry white wine with bright melon flavors and lingering Apricot on the finish.  Viognier is the perfect expression of the Southwestern high desert growing region showing its rich mouth-feel and crispy acidity.

Meritage – This classic Bordeaux-style table wine is a blend of 50% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.  A bit complex with a lingering finish, our Meritage shows flavors of vanilla and currant.

Sangiovese – A silky, medium-bodied Chianti-style wine, our New Mexico Sangiovese is aged for 12 months in American oak.  The perfect table wine with pasta.

Clarion – A delectable Spanish-style blend of 70% Syrah, 28% Tempranillo, and 2% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Franc – The original red wine of the Loire Valley in central France, Cabernet Franc grows well here in New Mexico.  It exhibits fruit-forward flavors of blackberries, dark cherry and chocolate while being medium-bodied and soft on the finish.

La Sobrina’s Table – An approachable and comfortable blend of 50% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.  A great everyday wine for everyone.  Aged in oak 3 months and stainless steel for 9 months.

Founder’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – This is the winemaker’s reserve selection of our best Cabernet Sauvignon, aged 2 years in French Oak barrels.  This wine exhibits earthiness and hints of some black cherry, briarwood and peppers.

Rosé – A luscious off-dry Merlot-based wine with crisp hints of strawberry and plum.

Serenade – With its floral bouquet and lively fruitiness, the blend of 87% Riesling and 13% Gewurztraminer give a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

Animante (Port) – A deep ruby red port-style dessert wine made from New Mexico Cabernet Sauvignon aged in French and American oak for two years.

3. Corrales Winery is one of New Mexico’s newest wineries, founded in 2000 www.corraleswinery.com and produces award winning Muscat Canelli dessert  wine, Riesling  and Cabernet Sauvignon. The winery incorporates an Indian Pueblo and overlooks the scenic Sandia Mountains.

Gold Medal – 2002 New Mexico State Fair – 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon

Gold Medal – 2002 New Mexico State Fair – Francs

Silver Medal – 2002 New Mexico State Fair – 2000 Riesling

Silver Medal – 2002 New Mexico State Fair – 2000 Muscat Canelli

Bronze Medal – 2001 Connoisseur Classic, SW Wine Competition – 1999 Muscat Canelli

Gold Medal – 2000 New Mexico State Fair – 1999 Muscat Canelli

Peoples’ Choice Award – 2000 Bernalillo Wine Festival – 1999 Muscat Canelli

4. Gruet Winery  www.gruetwinery.com was awarded the very prestigious title of the United States Wine Producer of the Year!  The International Wine and Spirits Competition promotes the quality and excellence of the world’s best wines, spirits and liqueurs. The IWSC was founded in 1969 and is the premier competition of its kind in the world. This honor was accepted by Sofian Himeur of Gruet Winery at the Guildhall, City of London IWSC Awards Presentation and Banquet, on Wednesday 17th November 2010.

5. The St. Clair Winery and Bistro opened in the summer of 2005 near the heart of “Historic Old Town” in Albuquerque on Rio Grande. It is the perfect location to enjoy lunch, dinner and  a wine flight that will allow you to compare and contrast wines while sitting on the patio and listening to live music on Friday or Saturday night www.stclairvineyards.com

New Mexico Wine

Their “Signature Flight” consists of six, one ounce tastes of your choice from the flight list. They have over 20 wines to choose from including:

St. Clair Malvasia Bianca – Honey & tropical flavors with unforgettable floral aromas

Blue Teal Muscat Canelli – Luscious & rich with tastes of raisins, pears and a spicy finish

St. Clair Riesling – Tropical fruit complimented by a pleasant, crisp acid, semi sweet

Blue Teal Riesling – Pineapple, honey & pear flavors with lively acidity..

St. Clair Gewürztraminer – Ripe apricot, spice and hints of green apple

St. Clair Chardonnay – Nose of oak, citrus and a fruity vanilla finish

Red Wines

St. Clair Mimbres Red-A delightful sweet red with lush lingering berry flavors

St. Clair Nebbiolo – An intense red, nice fruity aromas and a tannic finish

St. Clair Cab-Zin – Lightly oaked Cab blended with a young well-mannered Zinfandel

Blue Teal Rio Rojo – Fruity, with lots of luscious berry flavors, low tannins and nice acid

Blue Teal Pinot Noir – A medium body with hints of cherry, pepper & earth

Blue Teal Shiraz – A full-bodied red with juicy berry notes and subtle oak undertones

My absolute favorite was the St. Clair Reserve Zinfandel – Robust red with ripe berry finish with an opulent texture

St. CLair Winery

DH Lescombes Syrah – Nose of pepper, cassis & cherry, with herb & toasted oak finish

Blue Teal Merlot – Nicely rounded with flavors of smooth berries and light oak

St. Clair Reserve Merlot – Pleasant tannins with raspberry and black currant notes

De La Cruz Malbec – Velvety smooth with deep plum, raisin and a hint of oaky vanilla

St. Clair Meritage – Subtle red cherry and dark berry aromas lead to medium body

Blue Teal Cabernet Sauvignon – Lightly oaked character, ripe berry flavors mild tannins

DH Lescombes Cabernet Sauvignon – Notes of black currant, chocolate, herbs accents

Try the refreshing Champagne Style St. Clair Mimosa, a delightful combination of fresh orange juice & dry champagne or order a slushy Wine a Rita at the bar.

New Mexico WIne

New Mexico Wine

The Vineyard express offers delightfully  tasty all inclusive day tours to the wineries and micro breweries of New Mexico on Saturdays April through October www.thevineexpress.com or call the Vineyard Express Tours at 505-292-3657.

Plan to attend the Southern New Mexico Wine Festival over Memorial Day Weekend located 5 miles west of Las Cruces of the I-10 or the New Mexico Wine Festival at Bernalillo over Labor Day Weekend.

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides and they may be purchased at www.vino-con-vista.com

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