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Happy Birthday Chicago!

White City of the World's Columbian Exposition...
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Al Capone. Mugshot information from Science an...

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The University of Chicago Logo

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English: Source: http://www.chicagob2b.net/lin...

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Happy Birthday Chicago! Uncork your favorite bottle of wine or champagne and toast to Chicago’s 178th birthday was held on March 4, 2015. Crank up your iPhone as you listen to Frank Sinatra sing “My Kind of Town“; originally part of the musical score for Robin and the 7 Hoods, a 1964 musical film starring several members of the Rat Pack.

Cover of "Robin and the Seven Hoods"

Cover of Robin and the Seven Hoods

Chicago is famous for many things including gangsters like Al Capone and the city definitely has some offers that you can’t refuse:

Chicago is also famous for sports teams: Bears, Bulls, Hawks, Cubs and Sox. We have had pretty good record for start-ups: Kraft, Motorola, Baxter, Sara Lee and don’t forget Groupon just to name a few.

English: Chicago Cubs logo

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Chicago Bulls logo

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We have plenty of famous politicians including: 2 Mayor Daleys and President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama discusses the bid for C...

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Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley

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Richard J. Daley, mayor of Chicago, c. 1971

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Chicago is home to a plethora of superlatives: our higher learning institutons are world-class with some of the best business schools in the world like University of Chicago and Northwestern. The city is brimming with world-class chefs and we have some of the best restaurants in the world like Charlie Trotters and Alinea.

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods with distinctive architecture and ethnic roots.

Map of Chicago's community areas, grouped by c...

Map of Chicago’s community areas, grouped by color by “side” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But one or our most endearing and enduring blessings is our world-class architecture! Generally, to celebrate Chicago’s birthday, some of her architectural shining stars will turn blue including:

the Willis Tower, the Trump Tower, the Merchandise Mart and the Prudential Building.

Deutsch: Chicago am Ufer des Lake Michigan Eng...

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Chicago‘s Columbian Exposition in the 1890’s spawned a flourishing legacy of global architectural pre-eminence and outstanding architecture in Chicago. Daniel Burnham’s passion for Beaux Arts priniciples of design generated a flurry of world-class structures. Chicago architects and structural engineers are still staking claims to global architectural marvels.

Much of new classical research was conducted a...

Much of new classical research was conducted at the University of Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicago World's Columbian Exposition, 1893

Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893 (Photo credit: Smithsonian Institution)

Bill Baker is a structural engineer who works at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill‘s (SMO) Chicago office in the landmark, 17 story Sante Fe Building. He can be credited with more supertall buildings of over 1000 feet than any other structural engineer in the world including the Trump Tower. The “Burl Khalifa” in Dubai is world’s tallest building at 160 stories. It is almost twice as tall as the building formerly known as the Sears Tower in Chicago. Bill was instrumental in designing The Burl with architect Adrian Smith at SMO.

Two of my favorite vintage buildings include the majestic Wrigley Building and the Gothic Revival Tribune building located at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River.

The Gothic Revival Tribune Tower in Chicago

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The distinctive clock tower of the Wrigley Building reminds me of Big Ben in London. There are 250,000 glistening glazed terra cotta tiles covering the classical structure that was completed in 1924 by Graham, Anderson, Probst and White. Quite appropriate for the great “White City.” The beautiful neo-gothic Tribune Tower is across the street from the Wrigley building. The 26 foot Sculpture of Marilyn Monroe is next to the Tribune Tower.

Wrigley Building

chicago wrigley building

I love the juxtaposition of the classic architecture with the modern architecture of buildings like the sleek Trump Tower. There’s a great view of the Wrigley Clock from Trump’s 16th floor restaurant aptly named “Sixteen.” They have an outstanding Sunday Brunch so why not celebrate Chicago’s Birthday party there!

Chicago Architecture

Chicago is a mecca for world-class museums, restaurants and hotels with plenty of “Vino con Vista” opportunities. The Michelin Guide for Chicago was released in November 2011.

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides and Vino Con Vista Travel Guides can be purchased at these sites

Happy Birthday Chicago from www.vino-con-vista.com

Chicago River Walk

Chicago Restaurants

Chicago Park Hyatt

Meioi Pinot NoirChicago Water Tower

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Chicago’s Historic Reliance Building Evokes the Tale of Legendary Architects Burnham and Atwood in the White City

Upper facade

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The first modern ferris wheel, bult in Chicago...

The first modern ferris wheel, bult in Chicago in 1893 for World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 by George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The historic Reliance Building in Chicago was completed in 1895 by Charles Atwood. Charles B. Atwood (1849–1896) was a legendary architect who designed several structures and buildings for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

White City of the World's Columbian Exposition...

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Court of Honor and Grand Basin of the 1893 Wor...

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The book “Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson vividly describes Atwood and Burnham’s contributions to the Columbian Exposition. The book is set in Chicago around 1893. True stories about the legendary architects like  Daniel H. Burnham and Charles Atwood, who designed and built the structures for the Exposition, are intertwined with the tale of Dr. H.H. Holmes. He was the notorious serial killer who lured his victims to their death in Chicago during the Exposition.

The book also describes the building of the the first Ferris Wheel in 1893! The Ferris Wheel was designed and constructed by George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for the Columbian Exposition. It was originally called the “Chicago Wheel.”

Cover of "The Devil in the White City:  M...

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The first Ferris wheel from the 1893 World Col...

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Atwood also designed a number of notable buildings in the city of Chicago including the Reliance Building, and the Marshall Field and Company Building.

The construction of the Reliance Building ushered in an era of Chicago’s treasured skyscrapers! The building is located at 32 N. State Street in Chicago.

It was  designated as a Chicago Landmark on July 11, 1975 by the Landmark Commission. The citation reads:

“In recognition of the early and complete expression, through slender piers, small spandrels and the skillfully restrained use of terra cotta with large areas of glass, of the structural cage of steel that alone supports such buildings.”

English: Original hinges were found in the Rel...

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The building has an interesting history. In 1882, William Hale commissioned architects Burnham and Root to design a 16 story tower at the corner of State and Washington. It was to be called the Reliance Building. The new structure was to replace the First National Bank of Chicago Building.

English: Outside view of the Reliance building...

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Chicago River Becomes A Canal Of Venice During...

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English: View of the completed Reliance Buildi...

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