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Chicago’s Columbus Day Parade 2015

Painting of Christopher Columbus. The painting...

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Attend the annual Columbus Day Parade in Chicago. The parade celebrates the historic 1492 voyage of Christopher Columbus as well as Italian-American Culture. Columbus is from Genoa Italy. Here’s a Genoa Video for all my Italian friends on Columbus Day http://youtu.be/wujacerrsp8

The annual Columbus Day Parade celebrates Christopher Columbus’ historic voyage to America and Italian-American culture. The parade will be on State Street from Wacker to Van Buren.


When: October 15, 2015 at 12:30 p.m.


Columbus Before the Queen.

Columbus Before the Queen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Statue of "Christopher Columbus" fir...

Statue of “Christopher Columbus” first dispalyed-published 1933. Grant Park, Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Christopher Columbus ( 1451 –1506) was an explorer, colonizer  and navigator. He was born in the Republic of Genoa, in northwestern Italy.

English: The routes of the four voyages of Col...

English: The routes of the four voyages of Columbus. Español: Rutas seguidas por Colón en sus cuatro viajes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Columbus_1892_Issue-$5.jpg Christophe...

English: Columbus_1892_Issue-$5.jpg Christopher columbus” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The event is celebrated as Columbus Day in the United States. It is celebrated in many countries around the world: Día de la Raza in many countries in Latin America; Discovery Day in the Bahamas; Día de la Hispanidad and Fiesta Nacional in Spain and as Día de las Américas (Day of the Americas) in Uruguay.

Christoper Columbus arrives in America

Christoper Columbus arrives in America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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