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Motorola’s Xoom is iPad’s Newest Competitor

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 The Motorola Xoom was launched yesterday. It is an eagerly awaited iPad rival. The Xoom runs Google’s Android more powerful and complicated ( Honeycomb) system which Google designed for tablets. The screen has slightly higher resolution than the iPad. The  Motorola Xoom also has a dual-core processor for better game animation.The Xoom costs a $800 but it is available for $600 if you commit to a two-year Verizon contract.

 It has two differentiating features that users have been anticipating:

1. Camera Features that include a 5-megapixel still camera that can also record high-definition video which is great for authors who write travel books that are available @ the iBookstore.

2. The ability to generate and present Power Point which is great for college professors.

Should you pull the trigger on the new Motorola Xoom? How will the new Apple  iPad’s features compare to the Xoom? I suppose you should research the business-oriented BlackBerry PlayBook  by Research in Motion’s and Hewlett-Packard’s TouchPad tablet before you make a final decision.

Competition is really heating up and a  war is brewing in the tablet segment. Don’t you love capitalism?

Dr. EveAnn Lovero is a college professor who teaches Strategic Management and writes Travel Guides for Italy @

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