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I love Naha’s Restaurant in Chicago’s River North Neighborhood

In 2008, Naha’s Chef Carrie Hahabedian earned a James Beard Foundation Award: “American Express Best Chef: Great Lakes Award.” This award is like “The Oscars of Food” and “honors the finest chefs, restaurants, wine professionals, journalists, cookbook authors, restaurant designers, and other food professionals in the United States.”  Recipients receive a bronze medallion etched with the image of the late James Beard and a certificate from the Foundation. Naha also won a 2012 Michelin Guide Star for outstanding quality!

James Beard Foundation Medal

Michelin Award for Naha in Chicago

Chef Carrie Nahabedian and cousin Michael Nahabedian offer a Mediterranean-inspired menu and encourage you to become a “LOCAVORE!”

They support “purveyors and farmers across the Midwest and America in supporting the community with their dedication to a more sustainable environment”.

Naha is located at 5oo N. Clark Street in Chicago.

For more information visit

Call  312-321-6242 for reservations.

Naha’s Culinary Award Shelf

Start with a glass of Qupe Syrah while you are contemplating the Restaurant Week Menu.

Syrah at Naha

My incredible Chicago Restaurant Week dinner at Naha included:

*a Salad of Wood-Grilled Chicken with Italian Farro and Sylvetta Arugugula. It was farnished with Candied “Budda Hand” Lemon and Cracked Walnuts

Duck at Naha

*The main course was an incredible Lacquered Hudson Valley Moulard Duck Breast and Foie Gras with a “Tarte Tatin” of Bartlett Pear and Fennel, Licorice and Port

*I loved the “Croustade” of Bananas, Cashews and Caramel that I had for dessert.

Dessert at Naha in Chicaog

Malbec at NahaWe enjoyed a bottle of Durigutti Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina  with dinner. Naha has an extensive wine list with over 30 wines by the glass. For Chicago Restuarant Week they were serving an intersting “Naha Punch” in a martini glass. It was so appealing that I had to give it a try. It was excellent!Naha “Restaurant Week Punch”

Naha Restaurant Week Punch

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