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Drool over Bernini’s Amazing Angels in Sant’Andrea delle Fratte in Rome

Facade of Sant'Andrea delle Fratte.

Facade of Sant’Andrea delle Fratte. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sant'Andrea delle Fratte, Cappella della Madon...

Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, Cappella della Madonna del Miracolo (Roma) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sant’Andrea delle Fratte is located on via Sant’Andrea delle Fratte.

This church is dedicated to St. Andrew. The name St. Andrew of the Thickets is derived from the fact that this church was built in the northernmost part of Rome in the 12th century in an area of wild “thickets” or countryside.

S andrea delle fratte 3 - dal chiostro

S andrea delle fratte 3 – dal chiostro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was originally the national church of the Scottish people in Rome. In 1585, Pope Sixtus V donated it to the Friars Minor of Saint Francis of Paola. I love the Chapel of the Madonna.

Sant'Andrea delle Fratte, Angelo del Bernini (...

Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, Angelo del Bernini (Roma) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boromini partially rebuilt the church in the 17th century.   Francesco Borromini is responsible for the apse, the tambour of the cupola and the square campanile with four orders. After his death, the project was completed by Mattia De Rossi.

Italiano: Roma - Campanile della Chiesa di S. ...

Italiano: Roma – Campanile della Chiesa di S. Andrea delle Fratte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boromini’s bell-tower is beautiful. The dome has his characteristic style with an intricate pattern of convex and concave surfaces.

When you enter the church, admire the Chapel of the Miraculous Madonna.  Then you can drool over the Bernini Angels. These angels were originally carved for the Ponte Sant’Angelo but were “declared too breathtaking to be left outside.” My favorite is the “Angel with the Crown of Thorns.”


BerniniAngel01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angel of Bernini

Angel of Bernini (Photo credit: kudumomo)

Angel - Bernini - Sant'Andrea delle Fratte

Angel – Bernini – Sant’Andrea delle Fratte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The angels were moved to the church in 1729.  There are angel caryatids (supporting columns) in the bell-tower. They have with flaming torches that resemble ice cream cones.

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