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Erupting Volcano in Stromboli Italy

Eruption of Stromboli (Isole Eolie/Italia), ca...

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Stromboli is called the light house of the Mediterranean because it has one of Italy’s most active volcanoes. This volcano is located on an island in the Aeolian archipelago of the Tyrrhenian Sea off the northeastern coast of Sicily.

Tourists love to climb to the summit of the volcano with a registered tour guide to see the gorgeous Vino con Vista views of the islands of Lipari and Panarea.

Here’s a video of a normal Stromboli eruption

The Civil Protection Department in Italy warned tour guides to suspend all tourist activity to the summit of the volcano today after a string of dangererous eruptions. The volcano has been spewing dangerous levels of lava and  rock particles from the mouth of the volcano over the past 24 hours. Stromboli’s last major eruption was on April 13th, 2009.

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