Sip and Savor in Walla Walla Washington’s Downtown Tasting Rooms

The Walla Walla Valley AVA is a beautiful wine tourism destination and perfect for a Vino con Vista! The name Walla Walla means “many waters” with plenty of rivers that support the agricultural legacy of this amazing area. There are apples, strawberries,  asparagus and plenty of sweet onions. There are about 3,000 acres of prime vineyards and more than 100 wineries.

The AVA was formally established on February 2, 1984. It is the 2nd oldest AVA in the state of Washington after the Yakima Valley AVA. The newest AVA is the Ro Ocks District of Milton-Freewater AVA, established in February of 2015 and it lies within the Walla Walla Valley AVA.

There are about 120 wineries in the AVA and it has the highest concentration of wineries in Wahington State.The region produces many Bordeaux Blends. The top 5 varieties planted in the Walla Walla AVA are:

Cabernet Sauvignon 36%

Syrah 18%

Merlot 16%

Cabernet Franc 7%

Malbec 4%

The good news is that you can taste many of these amazing wines in Downtown’s 37 Tasting Rooms.

Try sipping some extraordinary wine in these downtown tasting rooms:

Armstrong Family Winery


g. Cuneo Cellars

The Kontos brothers and second generation winemakers born from six generations in Walla Walla Valley.

Kontos Cellars

Kontos Brothers

Seven Hills Winery

Lagana Cellars

Spring Valley Vineyard

Maison Bleue Winery

Mansion Creek Cellars

Otis Kenyon Wine

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