Taste of Polonia Festival in Chicago 2018 for Labor Day Weekend

Taste of Polonia Festival with plenty of Polka and live Music all day for Labor Day Weekend 2018

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Labor Day Weekend 2018

Enjoy LIVE MUSIC on 4 stages, Cultural events, Dancing, Three Exhibits, Casino, Kid’s entertainers, Tastings, & s more.

Taste of Polonia in Chicago

The Largest Polish Fest in the USA


Taste of Polonia Festival Schedule

Proceeds benefit the non-profit work of the Copernicus Center in Jefferson Park



Taste of Polonia Festival 2014

Taste of Polonia Festival Jefferson Park

5216 W. Lawrence Ave.

Chicago, IL 60630

Taste of Polonia Festival Menu 2018

The Taste of Polonia is the annual major fundraiser for the Copernicus Center; it is sponsored by the Copernicus Foundation. It enables continued support of community and performing arts events and other non-profit causes sponsored by Copernicus on an annual basis.

In addition to Polish and non-Polish food, the festival sees over 35,000 annually. Between 30 to 40 bands and musical performances entertain all music tastes; from Rock, to Classical, Jazz or Polka.

For more information, Visit copernicuscenter.org.

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