Harvest Jam 2015 at Queen of Angels Parish in Chicago

Chicago‘s Queen of Angels parish is hosting the annual 2014 event. The Harvest Jam homecoming festival is a school fund-raiser. There’s always plenty of outstanding entertainment and food at this annual two-day festival.

Queen of Angels Harvest Jam

Harvest Jam 2015

Mark your calendar to join us on
Friday, September 18 and
Saturday, September 19 for

Harvest Jam 2014

a Fall family festival celebrating
our parish and school community
in our parking lot at Western (2400 W) and Sunnyside (4500 N)

Friday, September 18 5pm-10pm
Saturday, September 19 12noon-10pm


Website: Click for more information

Event Description:

Family festival that includes great live music, delicious food, family games, attractions, and the infamous chili, BBQ and pie baking contests
Harvest Jam logoQueen of Angels Harvest Jam is their annual community fall festival.

Queen of Angels Church

Queen of Angels Church

This family oriented event features carnival games, choral performances, food, drinks and outstanding live music. The kids had a fun and peaceful “Hay Market Riot” frolicking in the bails of hay. They even auctioned off their Halloween art projects. www.harvestjam.com . I love the Chili Cook-Off!

Harvest Jam 2011
Children playing in the Hay At Harvest Jam 2100

Harvest Jam 2011
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