St. Matthias “Friends of the Grape” and “Friends of Craft Beer” Festival 2014 in Chicago

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This is harvest season for grapes in many parts of the country. The harvesting of wine grapes is one of the most crucial steps in the process of winemaking. The time of harvest is determined primarily by the ripeness of the grape as measured by sugar, acid and tannin levels.

A green wine grape.

A green wine grape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

St. Matthias parish in Chicago celebrates every year on the first Sunday in October.

One Big Weekend—Two Loved Events!

Friends of the Grape & Friends of Craft Beer

Save the Date October 3rd & 5th, 2014

This October Friends of the Grape will celebrate its 15th year!

Last year they added a new tradition called the Friends of Craft beer tasting on Friday evening.  Stay tuned for updates on participating restaurants and breweries, information on our Live and Silent auction items, and how you can get involved!

Tickets are now available shortly in the rectory and on the website.

For more information, visit



WHERE: Saint Matthias in Lincoln Square in Chicago

Here’s a Friend of the Grape Video

Friends of the Grape 2011

Friends of the Grape 2011

The students at St. Matthias School were busy stomping grapes this week in preparation for the 13th annual Friends of the Grape Wine Festival and Auction.

Stomping grapes to crush them as part of the w...

Stomping grapes to crush them as part of the winemaking process. Photo taken at Airfield Estates in Prosser, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The winner of the Stomp was crowned the “Juice King (or Queen)”’ and received a week of grape juice.

This is one of my favorite events in the Lincoln Square area. Here’s a Lincoln Square Foodie video showing all the interesting sights.

Friends of the Grape Stomp

Friends of the Grape Stomp

Grape Stomp at St. Matthias

Saint Matthias became the 13th apostle. Judas had been one of the original Twelve apostles. When he betrayed Jesus and committed suicide he was replaced with Matthias. He proudly welcomes visitors to his is a beautiful church at Claremont and Ainslie in Chicago.

Saint Matthias

Saint Matthias

The volunteers offer plenty of  food and wine at “Friends of the Grape”.

Bring your checkbook and credit card because there will be over 150 items available at the silent auction. There will be plenty of gift baskets for you to purchase.

Friends of the Grape Silent Auction

Friends of the Grape Silent Auction

The live auction will start at 3pm. Last year, you could bid on a culinary experience for 2 at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris or a six-course dinner for 12 prepared by Chef Marin Wallner.

Live Auction at Saint Matthias Friends of the Grape 2011

Live Auction

The sponsors will be pouring over 40 different wines. There’s plenty of wine for you to purchase.

The vast array of Lincoln Square restaurants will be offering tasty appetizers and wine pairings in the beer garden with live entertainment on Sunday, October 6th between 12:30 and 6:30 at 4910 N Claremont.

This will be the best $40 that you have spent all year. Proceeds benefit the School. Father John is always ready to welcome new parishoners to St. Matthias.

For more information go to…

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2 responses to “St. Matthias “Friends of the Grape” and “Friends of Craft Beer” Festival 2014 in Chicago

  1. krs

    you know, i just heard about this wine festival and wondered if it was worth going to. the apple festival last weekend was a blast. hopfully this will be just as good.

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