Spookiest Halloween Haunted Houses near Chicago 2013

There are plenty of opportunities to attend Haunted Houses in and around Chicago. Here’s a list of the Spookiest Halloween Haunted Houses near Chicago:


Halloween (Photo credit: gaudiramone)

Spookiest Haunted Houses near Chicago


halloween (Photo credit: BEE FREE – PGrandicelli [the social bee])

The Eleventh Hour (Magnum album)

The Eleventh Hour (Magnum album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Asylum Xperiment – Odeum, 1033 N Villa Ave, Villa Park  offers terror seekers 45,000 square-feet of Haunted Hollywood horror with 40 different rooms, many inspired by horror films. New attractions include a multi-level graveyard and a forty foot tunnel of terror. General Admission Tickets $25; VIP Tickets $40. Check out asylumxperiment.com for dates and other details.

Chicago Halloween Events: Disturbia Torment of Fears

2. Disturbia Torment of Fears – 880 West Lake Street Addison, IL

General Admission Tickets $20; VIP Tickets $30. Doors open at 7pm. Check out http://www.disturbiatof.com for dates and special events. FREE PARKING/Indoor waiting area

Chicago Halloween Events: Dream Reapers Haunted House

3. Dream Reapers Haunted House1945 Cornell, Melrose Park, IL 60160

Navigate through 22 haunted rooms filled with gory actors and over 40 animatronics guaranteed to have you shaking in your boots and begging for mercy. General Admission Tickets $20; VIP Tickets $35.

Doors open at 7pm. Visit http://www.dreamreapers.com for dates and additional information. Chicago Halloween Events Dungeon of Doom

4. Dungeon of Doom – 2701 Deborah Ave, Zion  in the turn-of-the-century Warwick building where you can get a full of hour of fright on two floors. Crawl through tunnels and getting buried! General Admission Tickets $17; Ultimate Package $25; VIP Tickets $40. Doors open at 7pm most days and 8pm on some days.

Visit http://dungeonofdoom.com for dates and more. Chicago Halloween Events: Eleventh Hour

5. Eleventh Hour – 434 E Devon Ave, Elk Grove Village

Eleventh Hour combines four spooks in one including bloody Eleventh Hour; Intensity, an underground maze with live rock band Chain Reaction; and the corn-maze Creatures of the Corn. In the daytime, the site runs a kid-friendly pumpkin patch and a lights-on haunted house matinee. General Admission Tickets $18 or $23; VIP Tickets $36. Doors open at 7pm. Head over to http://eleventhhour.info for dates and other specifics. Chicago Halloween Events: Fear City Chicago

6. Fear City Apocalypse and Hades Haunted House – 8240 N Austin Ave, Morton Grove, IL

Fear City and the Legendary Hades Haunted House have joined forces to offer visitors two all new spooktacular haunted houses in one convenient location. Individual Tickets Per House $25,Tickets For Both Houses $35. Lobby opens at 7pm. House opens at 7:30pm. Check out www.fearcitychicago.com for dates and special events. FREE PARKING/ADA Accessible/100% INDOORS

Chicago Halloween Events: The Massacre Haunted House and Fear Factory 3D

7. The Massacre Haunted House and Fear Factory 3D – 3440 Odyssey Ct, Naperville, IL

The Massacre Haunted House will have your skin crawling delivering 15,000 plus square feet of horrifying haunts. Expect eerie mazes, frightening animatronics, and creepy actors stationed throughout the house. Last year The Massacre ”Fear Factory 3-D,” A one a kind attraction that delivers 3-D effects when you wear special 3-D Glasses provided by the Haunt. General Admission Tickets $20 Massacred Only/$23 Massacre & Fear Factory 3-D; VIP Tickets $35 both haunts. Doors opens at 7pm. Check out http://www.fearthemassacre.com for dates and details.

Chicago Halloween Events: Nightmares Basement of the Dead

8. Nightmares Basement of the Dead – 42 W New York St, Aurora, IL

Nightmares Basement of the Dead is rumored to have originally opened as a Laundromat in the 1920′s and going up in flames after the boiler exploded almost 50 years ago. The building engineer and his son were said to have been severely scalded in the fire and shortly after disappeared. Many believe they live in the basement and haunt the place as revenge. Do you dare enter the basement of the dead? Do you have the guts to enter the newly added shattered where your nightmares appear in 3D? General Admission Tickets $25; VIP Tickets $35. Doors opens at 7pm. Check out http://42fear.com for dates and all the gory details.

Chicago Halloween Events: Psychosis Haunted House

9. Psychosis Haunted House 200 N. Spring St. Elgin, IL

Psychosis is a very basic low budget haunted house but what sets this one a part from the others is the “get kidnapped” option for an additional $10. For the extra cost you or a member of your party will be taken away from your group and “made part of the experience.” If you rally want to freak your friends out we highly suggest paying the extra $10 but be aware that there is an extensive waiver you have to sign to participate. General Admission Tickets $16; VIP Tickets $25. Doors opens at 7pm. Check out http://www.psychosishauntedhouse.net for dates and further information.

Chicago Halloween Events: Screams in the Park

10.Screams in the Park – River Rd between Balmoral and Bryn Mawr Aves, Rosemont, IL

Screams in the Park welcomes you to the home of infamous serial killer H.H. Holmes who presented himself as a caring doctor and loving husband. He designed his home solely for the torture and disposal of human bodies. Scares include fog-filled passageways, a toilet that sprays “urine” on you, “torture chambers” and vats of bubbling “acid.” Tickets are $15-$18 in advance and $20 at the door. Doors opens at 7pm. Navigate to http://screamsinthepark.comfor dates and other info.

Chicago Halloween Events: Six Flags Great America’s Fright Fest

11. Six Flags Great America’s Fright Fest542 N Rte 21, Gurnee, IL

Six Flags Fright Fest is one of the longest running Eerie Experiences in the Chicagoland area offering up plenty of scares including both attractions and theatrical entertainment. It’s one of the best times of year to enjoy the park and have a one-of-a-kind experience. Fearful frights include mausoleum of fear, massacre medical center, and 3 all new frights – wicked woods, manslaughter manor, and the dead line. Check http://sixflags.com/greatamerica for specifics on the attractions, a list of all the “monstertainment” and more. Park admission, $61.99, kids 48” and under $41.99; haunt wristband, $19.99; express haunt wristband, $59.99.

Chicago Halloween Events: Statesville Haunted Prison

12. Statesville Haunted Prison – 17250 S Weber Rd, Crest Hill, IL

Statesville Haunted Prison probably has one of the creepiest settings of all the haunted houses in the Chicago area being set in an actual former prison. “The Prisoners have rioted, the guards have fled, a darkness has seized control of this Maximum Security Prison and our Warden has opened the gates for visitors.“ General Admission Tickets $30; VIP Tickets $40. Doors opens at 7pm. Look at http://statesvillehauntedprison.com/tickets.php for dates and additional information.

Visit ChicagoHalloween.org for a full list of Chicago events.

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @ www.vino-con-vista.com

Chicago Halloween Events: Asylum Xperiment Haunted House

The Asylum Xperiment

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  1. Wow! I know Chi-town has some big shoulders, but this is over the top! Worth a road trip just for the scare factor….

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