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Santa Maria in Traspontina sits on the site of an Ancient Pyramid in Rome


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I love this delightful church! Santa Maria in Traspontina is located on via della Conciliazione near Saint Peter’s Basilica.

This Carmelite church sits on the site of an ancient Roman pyramid. The travertine exterior was recycled from the Colosseum. Over the entrance, there is an 18th century Madonna.

Galego: Castel Sant´Angelo - Roma (Mausoleo de...

Galego: Castel Sant´Angelo – Roma (Mausoleo de Adriano) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Map of Borgo (rione of Rome)

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Pope Alexander VI demolished an ancient Roman pyramid on the same site (the Meta Romuli). The original church was built by Hadrian.

In the Middle Ages, this site was believed to have been the Tomb of  Romulus.  This event is portrayed on the bronze entrance doors to St Peter’s Basilica and also in a Giotto triptych in the Vatican Museums.

Castel Sant' Angelo, Roma.

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Sack of Rome. May 6, 1527. after Martin van He...

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This church was built in 1566 as a replacement for an earlier church that was completely destroyed by cannon fire at Castel Sant’Angelo during the Sack of Rome (1527).  The earlier church was demolished during the pontificate of Pius IV (1559-1565) to clear the line of fire for the cannons of the Castel Sant’ Angelo.

Sack of Rome of 1527

Sack of Rome of 1527 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Bridge of Angels near Castel Sant' Angelo

English: Bridge of Angels near Castel Sant’ Angelo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the only church in Rome whose cupola is without a drum. The reason for this was to not obstruct the gunners of Castel Saint Angelo during a crisis so the artillery could exercise shooting on the Gianicolo Hill.

Castel Sant'Angelo is where Pope Alexander VI ...

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On the third chapel on the left, observe the two columns that are considered to be the columns that St. Peter and St. Paul were bound to before their their martyrdom in the circus of Nero. The third chapel has a “Flagellazion of Saints Peter and Paul”  by Ricci.

English: Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome

English: Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The main altar by Carlo Fontana, has 8 slender red marble columns and a baldachin over the venerated Carmelite image of the Virgin.

Santa Maria in Traspontina

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Santa Maria in Traspontina (or Transpontina) is a Carmelite church in Rome, Italy. The main altar (1674) was designed by Carlo Fontana. The statues around the altar are by Alessandro Rondoni, Giacomo Antonio Lavaggi, Vincenzo Felici, and Michel Maille.

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