Top Vino con Vista UNESCO Attractions in Turin Italy

Venaria Reale, Torino. Piazza dell'Annunziata

Venaria Reale, Torino. Piazza dell’Annunziata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Torino, Mole Antonelliana, (Italy).

Torino, Mole Antonelliana, (Italy). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Coat of arms of Turin Italiano: Stemm...

English: Coat of arms of Turin Italiano: Stemma di Torino che si trova presso Palazzo Carignano, lato piazza Carlo Alberto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Palazzo Carignano, Turin: back from P...

English: Palazzo Carignano, Turin: back from Piazza Carignano. Italiano: Palazzo Carignano a Torino: retro da Piazza Carignano. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: turin italy piazza castello

English: turin italy piazza castello (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Italiano: Collage di varie foto di Torino

Italiano: Collage di varie foto di Torino (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Venaria Reale (Torino) - Reggia sabauda

Venaria Reale (Torino) – Reggia sabauda (Photo credit: giovanni_novara)

Turin was the center of the Kingdom of Savoy and Italy’s Unification. The main attractions include important Baroque palaces and churches as well as, world-class museums.

Piazza Castello is the hub and nerve center of the city. The palazzi that surround the Piazza include: Palazzo RealePalazzo Carignano and Palazzo Madama.  To understand the Savoy dynasty, visit the corona di delizie (crown of delights). There is a circuit of hunting lodges and summer residences that surround the city center. I loved my day trip to Reggia di Venaria Reale, the Royal Palace of Venaria.

Visit the Biblioteca Reale, (Royal Library) with a Leonardo da Vinci self-portrait. Check out the  Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, the largest collection outside the National Museum of Egypt in Cairo for ancient Egyptian artifacts. The Egyptian Museum is located on Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6, 011 561 7776.

Founded in 1824 by King Carlo Felice after acquiring archeologist Drovetti’s collection, the museum contains 30,000 exhibits. It documents “the history and civilization of Egypt from the paleolithic to the Coptic era through unique exhibits and collections of objects d’art, articles of daily use and funeral furnishings (including the Altar of Isis, the canvas painted by Gebelein, the intact tombs of Kha and Merit, and the exceptional cliff temple to Ellesjia).” The museum is open every day except Mondays and Christmas (December 25th). Ticket are € 7,5.

Turin is the European capital of Baroque including: Palazzo Carignano, Piazza San Carlo – the city’s meeting point and the San Lorenzo and San Filippo churches. Baroque also characterizes the Royal Residences, the Reggia di Venaria, the Castello di Rivoli.

The city also has elements of Art Nouveau style that embellishes the city’s elegant architectural districts. Turin was the capital of Italy and has plenty of contemporary art and design. Turin’s Armeria Reale (Royal Armoury), Piazza Castello, Turin, Italy, 011543889 contains one of the Europes best arms exhibits, dating back to the 16th century. The collection was put together in 1833 by Sardinian King Charles Albert.

There are 15 Savoy Residences that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Fronte di Palazzo Carignano di Torino al tramo...

Fronte di Palazzo Carignano di Torino al tramonto. Leggero retouch per esaltare un croma e bordi da stampa anastatica. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They represent an important cultural route for travelers. Five of the sites are in the city: Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama, Palazzo Carignano, Castello del Valentino and Villa della Regina. The others are outside the city boundaries: the Stupinigi Hunting Lodge, the castles of Rivoli – hosting the important Museum of Contemporary Art, Moncalieri, Aglià and the Reggia di Venaria. The residences were completed around the middle 18th Century and are also known as the “delightful crown” because they surround Turin like a ring.

  • Palazzo Madama in Piazza Castello was recently re-opened after a long refurbishment. It was home of the Queen, and is a mix of medieval and baroque rooms. There’s plenty of art religious art and scenes of life in Torino.
  • Tickets € 7,5
  • Palazzo Carignano, Via Accademia delle Scienze 5 (close to Piazza Castello).
  • Castello di Rivoli is located in the small town of Rivoli, east of Turin. It houses one of Europe’s most important Contemporary Art Museums. The Castle of Rivoli is a unfinished XVIII castle that stands on top of Rivoli hills. Corso Francia (France Road) is one of the world’s longest streets and was built because of the desire of the House of Savoy to connect Royal Palace in the center of Turin with Rivoli Castle. You can reach it by bus or taxi.
  • La Venaria Reale outside the town of Venaria, 10 kilometres north east of Turin. Restored to the baroque magnificence that inspired it when it was built in the mid 17th century for duke Carlo Emanuele II di Savoia, the Reggia of Venaria Reale was inaugurated in October 2007, after two centuries of abandon and decay, and eight years of intense restoration. In the first year since it opened to the public, Venaria Reale has welcomed approximately 1.000.000 visitors becoming one of the most popular spot in Italy. The enormous palace, which has a surface area of over 80,000 square metres, contains some of the most outstanding examples of European baroque architecture: the enchanting Salone di Diana, designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte, the solemnity of the Galleria Grande and the chapel of Sant’Uberto, and the immense complex of the Scuderie, designed by the 17th century genius, Filippo Juvarra. The Gardens now represent a close combination of ancient and modern. Venaria Reale, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is at the centre of the circuit of Royal Residences in Piedmont. To get there: Venaria Express” shuttle bus operated by GTT (freephone number: 800 019152 Bus: routes 72, 11 (phone number: 800 019152 – Train: Turin-Ceres line (free phone number: 800 019152 – Car: Torino Nord orbital road, Venaria or Savonera/Venaria exit. GTT bus ticket with return € 5.Entrance to the Venaria 15 €.
Front of palace Carignano, Turin (Italy) Franç...

Front of palace Carignano, Turin (Italy) Français : Façade de palais Carignano, Turin (Italie) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Torino, Italia

Torino, Italia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you follow my posts, you know that I love to visit churches. In Turin, I went to the Basilica di Superga, the Gran Madre (Holy Mother Church). Cathedral of Superga is on top of the hill near Turin. This cathedral was built to celebrate a victorious battle against French.  Take a trip to Superga by train from Sassi to see the magnificent Vino con Vista panoramic view of Turin. The Cathedral houses the tombs of the House of Savoy. In 1949, a plane carrying the entire Turin FC team crashed near the cathedral, killing one of the greatest football teams ever. At the crash site a plate memorializes the dead. The top of the hill offers the best view of Turin, with the magnificent Alps in the background. You can reach the top by car but also by a little chain-train.  Ask for the Trenino per Superga3.

Visit the Duomo, the Church of the Consolata. Inside the Duomo, the Holy Shroud (also known as the Shroud of Turin) is conserved, underneath Guarini’s dome. The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Duomo di San Giovanni.  The Cathedral’s Chapel of the Shroud houses the controversial Shroud of Turin, in a vault below the Duomo.

The Museo Nazionale del Cinema is a vertical structure located on 5 floors in in the magical  Mole Antonelliana building. In 1914,  Giovanni Pastrone’s Cabiria  silent film, with subtitles by Gabriele D’Annunzio debuted in Turin. Today Turin hosts the highest number of movie theaters per capita.

 The Mole Antonelliana was completed in 1888 as a synagogue.  The 167.5-meter tower is the highest work of masonry in Europe and it now contains one of the finest cinema museum of Europe. An elevator to the top is available with a ticket.

  • The National Cinema Museum opened in July 2000.  The 5-story exhibition includes themes: Archaeology of Cinema, the Video Camera, a collection of cinema posters, video installations (including a number of small rooms screening clips on themes such as Turin in the movies, love stories and experimental film) and The Great Temple (where you recline in comfortable red chairs and watch classic Italian films projected on giant screens overhead).
  • There is a collection from the Maria Adrianna Prolo Foundation including magic lanterns, optical illusions, photographs, drawings, models and other curious items. You can see the original cape worn by Christopher Reeve in Superman.


Di ritorno dalla Galleria Sabauda

Di ritorno dalla Galleria Sabauda (Photo credit: kiki follettosa)

The Museo dell’Automobile  at Corso Unità d’Italia 40, has a collection of over 170 vehicles, from 18th-century carriages to Formula 1 cars.

Some of the other interesting attractions include:

  • Quadrilatero Romano, filled with restaurants in the old Roman town, northwest of Piazza Castello.
  • Via Garibaldi, a pedestrian shopping zone between Piazza Castello and Piazza Statuto.
  • Galleria Subalpina, a pedestrian passage from Piazza Castello and Piazza Carlo Alberto. It is one of the most elegant places in the city.
  • Valentino Park, the biggest park in Turin central area. This park is located along the Po river where you can find the Valentino Castle and the Medieval Village (Borgo Medievale).

I loved the Porta Palazzo market, 5 minutes from Piazza Castello. It is one of the biggest and most diverse markets in Europe. The markets are open every weekday morning and all day Saturday. On Sunday Porta Palazzo houses a smaller flea market.

Travel to Piedmont´s picturesque Langhe region, the home of Barolo, Barbera and Barbaresco. Visit the Slow Food town of Bra, Alba (home of the white truffle festival). Barolo is a delightful wine hamlet, crowned with a castle.  Grinzane Cavour is another village with a stunning castle where the annual truffle auction takes place. .In Turin look for a tour of wine estates in Langhe. Head south to the vineyards of the Langhe. Visiting wine estates and the castle of Grinzane Cavour, which also houses a wine museum and regional wine shop with many top Barolos, Barbarescos and Grappas.

Piazza dell'Annunziata and the parish church, ...
Piazza dell’Annunziata and the parish church, Venaria Reale, Turin, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


      Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Italy Travel Guides @

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Logan Square Arts Festival 2015 in Chicago

Logan Square

Logan Square (Photo credit: elPadawan)

Head to Logan Square for the Logan Square Arts Festival! There will be visual art, performance art and food from local restaurants like Longman & Eagle and Lula Café.

Revamped Logan Square arts festival gets underway this weekend



Marilyn Monroe at the Art Institute

Marilyn Monroe at the Art Institute

WHEN: June 26, 27, 28 2015

The Logan Square Arts Festival will take place June 26–28 near the Illinois Centennial Monument on Logan Square. Open Friday 5pm–11pm, Saturday & Sunday 12pm–11pm. $5 suggested gate donation.


FRIDAY, JUNE 26 (5pm–10pm)

MAIN STAGE (Programmed by The Whistler)
7:30pm Oshwa
6pm Taught Abroad

COMMUNITY STAGE(Programmed by Elastic Arts)
8:15pm Natural Information Society
6:45pm Katherine Young/Tim Daisy

SATURDAY, JUNE 27 (12pm–10pm)

MAINSTAGE (Programmed by The Whistler)
9pm ON AN ON
7:30pm “SPECIAL GUEST” ????
6pm Sam Prekop
4:30pm Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta
3pm Charlie Coffeen & Friends play “Pet Sounds”
1:30pm Today’s Hits
12pm The Intonation All-Stars
COMMUNITY STAGE (Programmed by Elastic Arts)
8:15pm Bomba con Buya
6:45pm Rich Jones
5:15pm Moon Bros.
3:45pm Soft Speaker
2:15pm Meridian Trio
12:45pm Zaramela

SUNDAY, JUNE 28 (12pm–10pm)

(Programmed by The Whistler) 9pm Helado Negro
7:30pm Chicago Afrobeat Project 6pm serengeti
4:30pm KSRA
3pm Santah
1:30pm Strawberry Jacuzzi
12pm Angela James

COMMUNITY STAGE(Programmed by Elastic Arts)
8:15pm James Sanders & Conjúnto
6:45pm DJ John Simmons
5:15pm Fletcher
3:45pm Rob Jacobs
2:15pm Dave Herrero/Anne Harris
12:45pm Perfect Villain


The Art Walk will feature a thoughtfully curated mix of established and emerging local artists paired with neighborhood galleries and installations in businesses throughout Logan Square. Ranging from collections of photography and paintings to mixed media and live street art, the work of 50 talented area artists will be on display throughout the weekend of June 26–28.

Geographically, the Art Walk’s boundaries will be between Kimball and California to the east and west and Diversey and Fullerton to the north and south, though there are some important exceptions. For a full list of artists and participating galleries and business, see the map, attached.

Maps will be provided at the festival gates and docents will be on hand to assist festival patrons with directions and questions. There is a $5 suggested donation to gain admittance to the festival, a portion of which goes to the restoration of the Illinois Centennial Monument on Logan Square.


Goose Island Beer
Craft Cocktails from the Whistler
Sangria from Lula Café
Coffee creations from Dark Matter Coffee Food from neighborhood restaurants


A special family area, featuring games and activities geared toward children, will run from 12pm–6pm on Saturday and Sunday right near the Centennial Monument on the square.


Goose Island Beer Co., Dark Matter Coffee, Lula Café, the Harding Tavern, the Whistler, the Logan Theatre, the Owl, Wintrust Logan Square, Comcast, Perrier, WBEZ91.5, Vocalo 91.1, the Chicago Reader, Parson’s Chicken & Fish, D’Noche, McDonald’s, the Rocking Horse, Paula Interiors

Participating Organizations

I AM LOGAN SQUARE, Logan Square Preservation, The Comfort Station, Elastic Arts, and Beauty & Brawn, Logan Squarist, CHIRP RADIO,

Vino con VIsta in Florence  Italy

Vino con Vista in Florence Italy

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @

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Chicago Festivals 2015

Chicago Gourmet 2012 Dine Around Receipt Holder

Chicago Gourmet 2012 Dine Around Receipt Holder

MAY 2015


Chicago Dance Month
Through May 1

Chicago Kids and Kites Festival
May 2

James Beard Foundation Awards *new event*
May 4

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Spring Festival
May 7 – 23

Chicago Zine Fest
May 8 – 9

Chicago Craft Beer Week
May 14 – 24

May 15 – 17

Frank Lloyd Wright Trust presents Wright Plus Housewalk
May 16

Chicago Memorial Day Parade
May 23

Navy Pier Summer Fireworks
May 23 – September 5: Wednesdays & Saturdays

Randolph Street Market Festival
May 23 – 24

Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival
May 23 – 24

Bike the Drive
May 24

May 28 – 31

Millennium Art Festival
May 29 – 31

Chicago Gospel Music Festival *30th annual*
May 29 – 31

Pivot Arts Festival
May 28 – June 7

Do Division
May 29 – 31

Lincoln Park Wine Festival
May 30 – 31


Art in Chicago

Art in Chicago



JUNE 2015


Pivot Arts Festival
Through June 7

Navy Pier Summer Fireworks
Through September 5: Wednesdays & Saturdays

Millennium Park Music Series
June 1 – August 27

Taste of Little Village: Flavors of Mexico
June 5 – 7

57th Street Art Fair
June 6 – 7

Pilsen Food Truck Social

June 6 – 7

Remix Chicago: Chicago’s Recycled Art Fair 
June 6 – 7

Andersonville Midsommarfest
June 12 – 14

Ribfest Chicago
June 12 – 14

Chicago Blues Festival
June 12 – 14

Spring Awakening Music Festival
June 12 – 14

Grant Park Music Festival
June 17 – August 22

Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival
June 17 – 21

Fiestas Puertorriqueñas & Puerto Rican People’s Parade
June 18 – 21

Taste of Randolph
June 19 – 21

Windy City Lake Shake
June 19 – 21

Six Corners BBQ Fest
June 20 – 21

Chicago Pride Fest

June 20 – 21

Gold Coast Art Fair
June 20 – 21

Green Music Fest
June 20 – 21

Dew Tour at Grant Park Skate Park
June 20-21

Millennium Park Summer Film Series
June 23 – August 25: Tuesdays

Chicago SummerDance
June 26 – September 13

Chinatown Dragon Boat Race
June 27

Old St. Pat’s World’s Largest Block Party
June 27

Randolph Street Market Festival
June 27 – 28

June 27 – 28

Elston Avenue Sausage & Music Fest
June 27 – 28

The Dog Dayz of Summer
June 27-28

Chicago Pride Parade
June 28

Street Food in Chicago



JULY 2015

Chicago Pizza Fest 2012

Chicago Pizza Fest 2012

4th of July at the Wrigley Building in Magnificent Chicago

4th of July at the Wrigley Building in Magnificent Chicago

Patriotic Wrigley Building in Chicago

Patriotic Wrigley Building in Chicago

Millennium Park Music Series
Through August 27

Grant Park Music Festival
Through August 22

Millennium Park Summer Film Series
Through August 25: Tuesdays

Navy Pier Summer Fireworks
Through September 5: Wednesdays & Saturdays

Chicago SummerDance
Through September 13

African/Caribbean International Festival of Life
July 3 – 5

Windy City RibFest in Uptown
July 3 – 5

Fourth of July Fireworks at Navy Pier
July 4

Chosen Few Picnic: House Music Festival *25th annual*
July 4

Taste of Chicago *35th annual*
July 8 – 12

Windy City Smokeout
July 10 – 12

Square Roots Festival
July 10 – 12

Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac
July 11

Roscoe Village Burger Fest
July 11 – 12

West Fest
July 11 – 12

Pitchfork Music Festival
July 17 – 19

Summer on Southport
July 18 – 19

Sheffield Music Festival & Garden Walk
July 18 – 19

Chicago Craft Beer Festival
July 18 – 19

Celebrate Clark Street World Music Festival
July 18 – 19

Chinatown Summer Fair
July 19

Taste of Lincoln Avenue
July 25 – 26

Randolph Street Market Festival
July 25 – 26

Wicker Park Fest
July 25 – 26

Fiesta del Sol
July 30 – August 2

July 31 – August 2

16 Candles Band at Edge Fest 2012 in Chicago

16 Candles Band at Edge Fest in Chicago




Through August 2

Fiesta del Sol
Through August 2

Grant Park Music Festival
Through August 22

Millennium Park Summer Film Series
Through August 25: Tuesdays

Millennium Park Music Series
Through August 27

Navy Pier Summer Fireworks
Through September 5: Wednesdays & Saturdays

Chicago SummerDance
Through September 13

Taste of Latin America
August 1 – 2

Edge Fest
August 1 – 2

Chicago Hot Dog Fest
August 7 – 9

Ginza Festival Chicago
August 7 – 9

Retro on Roscoe
August 7 – 9

Bud Billiken Parade & Picnic
August 8

Wrigleyville SummerFest
August 8 – 9

Northalsted Market Days
August 8 – 9

Festa Italiana
August 13 – 16

Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest
August 14 – 16

Chicago Air & Water Show
August 15 – 16

Great American Lobster Fest
August 15 – 16

Reggae Fest Chicago
August 15 – 16

Albany Park World Fest
August 22 – 23

Chicago Food Social
August 22 – 23

Taste of Greektown
August 22 – 23

Chicago Dancing Festival
August 25 – 29

Chicago Food + Wine Festival
August 28 – 30

SausageFest Chicago
August 28 – 30

Bucktown Arts Festival *30th annual*
August 29 – 30

Chicago Fashion Fest
August 29 – 30

Randolph Street Market Festival
August 29 – 30

Transamerica Chicago Triathlon
August 30




Navy Pier Summer Fireworks
Through September 5: Wednesdays & Saturdays

Chicago SummerDance
Through September 13

Chicago Jazz Festival
September 3 – 6

The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival
September 3 – 7

Chicago Fringe Festival
September 3 – 13

Shock Top Oyster Fest
September 11 – 12

Riot Fest & Carnival
September 11 – 13

German Day Festival & Von Steuben Parade
September 11 – 13

World Music Festival Chicago
September 11 – 22

Venetian Night at Navy Pier
September 12

Lakeview East Festival of the Arts
September 12 – 13

ITU World Triathlon Grand Final *new event*
September 15 – 20

Fifth Star Awards
September 16

EXPO Chicago
September 17 – 20

Renegade Craft Fair
September 19 – 20

Sam Adams’ Lakeview Taco Fest
September 19 – 20

Chicago Gourmet
September 25 – 27

Oktoberfest Chicago
September 25 – 27

Design Harvest
September 26 – 27

Randolph Street Market Festival
September 26 – 27




Chicago Artists Month *20th annual*
October 1 – 31

Chicago Architecture Biennial *new event*
October 1 – January 3, 2016

West Town Art Walk
October 2 – 3

Chicago Marathon
October 11

Columbus Day Parade
October 12

Chicago International Film Festival
October 15 – 29

Randolph Street Market Festival
October 17 – 19

Open House Chicago presented by Chicago Architecture Foundation
October 17 – 18




Chicago Architecture Biennial
Through January 3, 2016

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Chicago’s Gold Coast Art Fair 2015 at Butler Field in Grant Park

Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, Illinois.

Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gold Coast Art Fair

Gold Coast Art Fair

Gold Coast Art Fair

Gold Coast Art Fair

Attend the Gold Coast Art Fair; one of the top 20 festivals in the nation. This is one of the most well attended art festivals in Chicago. “It showcases the work of more than 350 juried artists from around the world with prices ranging $25 to $25,000.”

Gold Coast Art Festival Downtown Chicago June 20 & 21 Granddaddy Of All Fairs!

Gold Coast Art Fair

Gold Coast Art Fair

The Gold Coast Art Fair is heralded as the “Granddaddy of American Art Festivals” and is rated as one of the top 30 shows in the nation by Sunshine Artist magazine. Now celebrating its 58th year, the Gold Coast Art Fair is the third oldest and by far one of the most well attended art festivals in Chicago. The festival proudly returns to Grant Park, Chicago’s premier festival destination! Located within walking distance of the Art Institute of Chicago and Buckingham Fountain, the art festival draws hundreds of thousands art enthusiasts annually! An improved layout makes the festival even more enjoyable for the artists and the loyal art lovers that shop the show year after year.

Approximately 350 of the finest artist from coast to coast and around the world will show, sell and demonstrate their art. Children’s and family activities, live music and food will add to the event. The event will be handicap accessible. The event will be supported by a strong multi-layered marketing program and produced by Amdur Productions, with 30 years of festival production experience

In addition to the juried artists exhibiting, the Gold Coast Art Fair at Grant Park will proudly host 20 emerging artists from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Nearby attractions including Millennium Park and the Art Institute add to the perfect expedition exploring Chicago and the Gold Coast Art Fair at Grant Park.


WHEN: June 20 & 21, 2014 in Grant Park from 10-6 daily.

WHERE: Grant Park’s Butler Field, at the corner of Monroe and Lake Shore Drive.


Gold Coast Art Fair

Gold Coast Art Fair

There will be live music.

Festival Food from last year included:

Completely Nuts Hey Brothers Ice Cream Maui Wowi
Family Affair Home Run Inn Pizza A Taste of Chicago Prime
Freshly Squeezed Jose’s Mexicorn
Gelato Italiano Mediterranean Cuisine
Buckingham Fountain at night. Kelvin Kay, user...

Buckingham Fountain at night. Kelvin Kay, user:kkmd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Taste of Randolph Street 2015 in Chicago

English: Randolph Street Market, west of Despl...

English: Randolph Street Market, west of Desplaines Street on the Near West Side of . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Attend the 19th annual Taste of Randolph Street in Chicago for Father’s Day Weekend. It’s bigger and better than ever!! There’s plenty of food, beer and live music along six blocks of Randolph Street, from Peoria Street to Racine Avenue.

Taste of Randolph Home imsge

The summer’s #1 street festival is returning to Chicago’s West Loop for its 19th year. As the city’s leading annual celebrations, this three-day cross-cultural celebration will mix extraordinary food, brilliant artisans and diverse musical offerings. Top restaurants will bring their bold cuisines from near and far. Don’t be surprised to see food and drink options from all your favorites… belly-Q, Publican Quality Meats, De Cero and Vivo.

Taste of Randolph will bring three eclectic stages featuring unbelievable talent including Chicago’s brightest young musical acts extending from indie rock to dance music. To boost the festivities up a notch, The Mid, a venue highlighting some of the nation’s top DJ’s, will host a stage. Get ready to get down and take the party post-festival, to one of the many Official After Parties at nearby venues.



June 19-21, 2015

Taste of Randolph proudly announces the 2015 Food Lineup. See below for a list of restaurants and visit the Food page for more details on each restaurant.

  • Alhambra Palace
  • bellyQ
  • City Winery
  • Cone Chicago
  • De Cero
  • Grange Hall Burger
  • La Lucé
  • La Sardine
  • Pork Chop
  • Publican Quality Meats
  • Vicenzo’s
  • Vivo
  • Wishbone

Taste of Randolph is located in the Randolph Street Corridor and converges some of the Windy City’s Best in Food, Music and Fun for One Rockin’ Weekend.


Join 59 Taste of Randolph fans and create your custom …


About. Taste of Randolph converges some of the Windy …


See who’s playing Taste of Randolph 2014, which of your …


Please read about the Taste of Randolph 2014 Food Lineup …
Taste of Randolf Street 2012 in Chicago

Taste of Randolf Street 2012 in Chicago

WHEN: June 19-21, 2015:

WHERE: Randolph and Peoria Streets – 900 W. Randolph St.

Taste of Randolf Street 2012 in Chicago

Taste of Randolf Street 2012 in Chicago

There will be plenty of live music, food and arts and crafts from local artisans.

Here’s a link with details of the festival:

Art at Taste of Randolf Street

Art at Taste of Randolf Street

Taste of Randolf Street 2012 in Chicago

Taste of Randolf Street 2012 in Chicago

    $10 suggested donation
          Stop by the

City Winery

                and pick up a copy of their entertainment schedule or sign up for their newsletter.
                This exciting new Chicago Venue is located at 1200 W. Randolf.  You can now make your own wine in Chicago! and bottling.
              This is an off-shoot of

Michael Dorf‘s New York-based wine, food and music venue. He also developed the Knitting Factory.

stage of the Knitting Factory (New York)

stage of the Knitting Factory (New York) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also suggest that you try a pulled pork slider from Porkchop. It was incredible! If you bring a lawnchair and find a place to park it, it’s better than going to Ravinia.

Taste of Randolf Street in Chicago

Taste of Randolf Street in Chicago

      Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @

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Italian Festa Pasta Vino 2015 For Father’s Day in Little Tuscany in Chicago

Bronx Wanderers in Addison Illinois

Bronx Wanderers in Addison Illinois

Bronx Wanderers Band

Bronx Wanderers Band

Plan to attend Chicago’s Festa Pasta Vino Italian Food and Wine Festival on Father’s Day Weekend. Taste the flavors of some of Chicago’s most authentic Italian restaurants:  La Fontanella, Bacchanalia, Ignotz’s, Il Vicinato and Miceli’s Deli. They will be offering tasting portions of their Italian cuisine from their street booths.

Yummy cannoli

Yummy cannoli

5:30-7:30 Project 2…Broadway Live!
8:00-9:30 The Tony Ocean Show
9:45-10:45 Four C Notes Starring Former Jersey Boy Cast Member John Michael CoppolaLARRY MAGGIO / ALBERT ONESTI STAGE
5:00-7:00 Johnny Maggio
8:30-9:30 Johnny Maggio
10:00-11:00 Johnny Maggio
7:30-9:30 Joe DeLuca Accordionist ExtraordinaireSATURDAYARCADA THEATRE MAIN STAGE
2:00-4:00 Jack Miuccio
4:30-6:30 Full Circle Blues…Neighborhood Rockers!
6:45-7:30 The “Old Neighborhood” Comedy of Pat Capuzzi
7:45-8:15 Ron Onesti Pays Tribute to Jerry Vale with Johnny Maggio & Jack Miuccio
8:30-9:30, 9:45-10:45 Bronx Wanderers from NYCLARRY MAGGIO / ALBERT ONESTI STAGE
2:00-4:00 Johnny Maggio
4:00-5:30 Mike Valentine’s LEgends
5:30 -6:30 Johnny Maggio
7:00-8:30 Jack D-Amico Trio…Tribute to Tony Bennett
9:00-11:00 Johnny Maggio
BandNoon Father’s Day Mass…Remembering DadRESTAURANT ROW
4:30-6:30 Joe DeLuca Accordionist Extraordinaire
7:00-10:00 Rockford’s Vince Chiarelli…Songs my grandfather taught me


Noon Father’s Day Mass…Remembering Dad
1:00-2:30 Joe Martino and the Volare Dancers
3:00-4:15 Nick Pontarelli Swingin’Band
4:30-5:45 Father’s Day Tribute to Frank, Dean & Sammy with the Chicago Rat Pack
6:00-6:55 Diva Montell & Jeorge Holmes
7:15-8:00, 8:15-9:00 Bronx Wanderers from NYC


Noon-3:00 Johnny Maggio
4:30-6:00 Gigolo Johnny’s Lounge
7:30-9:00 Johnny Maggio

3:00-5:00 Joe DeLuca Accordionist Extraordinaire
5:30-8:30 Rockford’s Vince Chiarelli…Songs my grandfather taught me

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WHEN:  Father’s Day Weekend, June 19-21st 2015

Fri. 5:00 pm -11:00 pm; Sat. 12:00 pm -11:00 pm;  Sun. 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

WHERE: Oakley Avenue and 24th Place just south of Cermak in Chicago, Illinois

Here’s a link to the entertainment schedule!festivals/c6c5

Onesti Festa Pasta Vino Chicago

Onesti Festa Pasta Vino Chicago

France Summer 2014 4915 France Summer 2014 4916

The Bronx Wanderers will be performing!!! Don’t miss their show!

Saturday at 8:30 pm

Sunday at 7:45

Giuseppe Garibaldi - Portrait of an Italian Pa...

Giuseppe Garibaldi – Portrait of an Italian Patriot with Red Wine & Cabbage (Photo credit: Nino.Modugno)

The Heart of this Italian neighborhood was settled around 1900 by the northern Italians from regions of Tuscany and Piedmont; the southern Italians settled primarily in the Taylor Street area.

A 5x5 segment panorama taken by myself with a ...

A 5×5 segment panorama taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. Stitched with rectilinear projection to keep lines straight. This view is about 100 degrees horizontally, close to the upper practical limit of rectilinear projection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This annual festival transforms this Italian neighborhood into the streets of Italy with columns, fountains and statues. There will be a working scale replica of the Fountain of Trevi.

Taylor Street Italian Festival 2012

Trevi Fountain

Giuseppe Garibaldi as a symbol of Risorgimento

Giuseppe Garibaldi as a symbol of Risorgimento (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @

Spaghetti all' arrabbiata

Spaghetti all’ arrabbiata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Annual Old Town Art Fair 2015 in Chicago

Old Town Triangle District

Old Town Triangle District (Photo credit: swanksalot)

Mixed Media

Mixed Media (Photo credit: Msartist Theresa Huse)

Plan to attend the 66th Annual OLD TOWN ART FAIR in Chicago. This is one of the oldest juried art fairs in the country!

There will be 250 nationally acclaimed artists! There will also be a Garden Walk.

Old Town Art Fair Weekend


June 13, 2015 through June 14, 2015

WHERE: The main gate of the Old Town Art Fair is located at Lincoln Avenue & Wisconsin Street. Other gates: Lincoln Park West & Wisconsin; Sedgwick & Menomonee: Sedgwick & Wisconsin; Menomonee & Wells; and North Park & Willow.

“The 250 artists featured in the 2014 Old Town Art Fair will be selected by an independent jury of professional artists, gallery owners and museum curators. 40% of the artists are new this year.  As with every year, the Old Town Art Fair will feature a wide range of art mediums, including 2D- and 3D- mixed media, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, fiber, glass, jewelry, and works in metal, stone, and wood.”

Other anticipated highlights of the Old Town Art Fair will include a Garden Walk through more than 60 urban home gardens, a music stage featuring local talent, a children’s corner offering arts and crafts activities, and a food court populated by local eateries. Souvenir stores throughout the fair offer posters, t-shirts and other Old Town Art Fair collectibles.


With your support, we are able to continue in the spirit of the “Old Town Holiday,” a popular event started in 1949 by the Old Town Triangle Association that invited artistic residents to display their work and collected 25-cent donations to raise money for improved living, working and recreational conditions in the area. Today’s Old Town Art Fair is a great leap from neighbors hanging art on fences, but we’re proud that the original intent and commitment are the same: children and community.


Almost 300 nationally and locally recognized artists will showcase their wide range of art mediums including: “2D- and 3D-mixed media, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, fiber, glass, jewelry and works in metal, stone and woodwork.”

Old Town, Chicago

Old Town, Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WHEN: June Town Triangle District with an entrance at Wisconsin and Lincoln

Wells St Art Fair 02

Wells St Art Fair 02 (Photo credit: discosour)

There will be:

A Garden Walk with self-guided tours

Map of Chicago's community areas, grouped by c...

Map of Chicago’s community areas, grouped by color by “side” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Children’s Corner, where families can create their own works of art

Complimentary historic tours, led by the historic Old Town Triangle docents

The proceeds from the event will benefit a host of local youth groups, schools and neighborhood non-profits.

Wells St Art Fair 01

Wells St Art Fair 01 (Photo credit: discosour)

A marker

A marker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can also attend the Wells Street Fair between North and Division on the same weekend.

Dr. EveAnn Lovero lived in Old Town and writes Travel Guides @

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Maifest Chicago in Lincoln Square 2015

Mayfest schedule

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May 26, 2015 · 12:57 pm

Let’s Create a Vino Con Vista Piano for the Party

I found this on Pinterest. This is my next project!!


Custom Made Piano/Bar Cabinet

Custom Made Walnut Wine Rack

Then we probably need a matching wine rack.


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Remington’s Restaurant Opening in Chicago on Michigan Avenue

Press Release

4 Star Restaurant Group & Executive Chef Todd Stein set to Serve Downtown! 

 Chicago, IL (April 27, 2015) – “4 Star Restaurant Group has confirmed their new concept, Remington’s, will open to the public on Monday, May 11th for lunch and dinner service.  Located in the historic 20 N. Michigan Avenue building, Remington’s ( is positioned directly across the street from the world famous Cloud Gate,
giving it the best sightlines in town for one of America’s most iconic works of urban art.
Executive Chef Todd Stein (of Iron Chef America fame) has put the finishing touches on the menu, which features classic
cocktails and American cuisine, from crab cakes to prime steaks.  This marks the first entry into the downtown market for
4 Star Restaurant Group, owners and operators of a venerable portfolio of Chicago neighborhood restaurants, including:
Crosby’s Kitchen, The Smoke Daddy, Dunlay’s, Frasca Pizzeria & Wine Bar, and D.O.C. Wine Bar.

“We’re excited to introduce our neighborhood-centric restaurant model to the fast-paced downtown landscape,”

said 4 Star partner Josh Rutherford.  “Remington’s brings the upscale-casual feel of a classic American grill mixed with the

genuine hospitality of a 4 Star

restaurant to the heart of contemporary Chicago.”

About the Design & Atmosphere:
Mark Knauer, a leading visionary in the hospitality design business, has completely reimagined all 6,200 square-feet of the

20 N. Michigan Avenue space.  Remington’s exudes an “urban stately” aura, while maintaining an air of warmth and ease.
With a total seating capacity of 250, Remington’s multi-faceted design beckons to those who are taking a shopping break,
getting off work, or meeting business associates.  The entire store front features retractable floor to ceiling windows that open
completely to the sidewalk, so that

everyone in the bar area up front feels like they’re sitting on Michigan Avenue, staring right at the “Bean.”  For those who

actually want to dine alfresco, there’s a flower-laden sidewalk patio on Michigan Avenue with additional seating for up to 40

people (weather permitting).

The interior design includes wood paneled walls and rich mahoganies, black leather booths, butcher block tables, and an

open air kitchen.   The space is accented with a double sided fireplace, a rustic stone wall, and original paintings of Chicago

scenes by artist John Bukaty.  Remington’s also offers several options for private dining or parties.  The private event room

will be available for parties or meetings up to 50 people and will be completely secluded, with two smart TVs for video

presentations and multiple meeting or dining layout options.

The separate lounge area in the front of the restaurant will be available for social cocktail parties up to 30 people.

Lastly, a central wine room will yield to intimate dinners for up to 12 people.

One common theme with all 4 Star restaurants is that they are located in neighborhoods.

“We fully understand the responsibility and privilege that comes with operating a business in a tight community,”

said 4 Star partner Doug Dunlay.  “We excel at this type of relationship by embracing and partnering with neighborhood schools, groups, chambers and non-profits, as well as offering high quality

food and service at reasonable prices.  4 Star has an obligation to give back to its neighborhoods, and we look
forward to instilling that same philosophy with our new downtown location.”

About the Food & Drink:
Remington’s serves lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday, as well as an upscale weekend brunch.  Chef Todd is

spearheading the scratch kitchen, sourcing mostly from local farms and purveyors.  Small plates and American-focused

power fare will change seasonally, with simple, high quality ingredients always taking center stage.  Highlights of the opening

lunch and dinner menus include: a raw bar with oysters from both coasts and Kansai style pressed sushi, 4 Star’s original

Wrightwood and kale salads, and prime rib, filet, and chicken off a wood-fired oven rotisserie.  Other signature menu items

include: lobster deviled eggs, grilled artichokes, an herb crusted

double cut pork chop, a chicken dip sandwich, and the Remington – 18 ounces of dry aged prime bone in strip.

Remington’s wine list features over 20 interesting yet approachable wines by the glass, and another 80-plus options by

the bottle.  The well-crafted list and educated staff makes the selection of wine easy and non-threatening, so that every

palate can savor the perfect pairing.  For beer lovers, Remington’s features a curated list of local craft breweries on draft,

along with a large selection of imported and domestic choices by the bottle.  A streamlined, craft cocktail list will be classic in

nature, yet innovative and ever-evolving.

About Chef Todd Stein
Chef Stein has helmed several top kitchens across the country. Before signing on in early 2013 as Executive Chef at TWO

Urban Licks in Atlanta, he staged under Chef Eric Ripert at New York’s Le Bernadin, and led the charge at David Burke in

Las Vegas and BANK in Minneapolis.  In Chicago, Chef Stein’s resume includes head positions at MK, Cibo Matto,

The Florentine and Piccolo Sogno Due.

In 2011, he competed on Food Network’s Iron Chef America, narrowly losing to Bobby Flay.

About Remington’s
20 N. Michigan Avenue
Reservations available via phone and Open Table

Hours of Operation:
Breakfast: Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am – 3:00pm
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Lunch: Monday – Friday: 11:00am – 3:00p, Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am – 3:00pm
Dinner: Daily: 3:00pm – Close

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