Fiesta Del Sol Music Line Up in Chicago 2014

Make plans to attend Fiesta del Sol in Chicago this weekend.

Portland Oregon's Food Carts

Portland Oregon’s Food Carts

Street Food Artistry 2012 in Chicago

Street Food Artistry 2012 in Chicago


Thursday, July 31 – Sunday, August 3, 2014

Head over to the Pilsen neighborhood: 1000-1600 W. Cermak (between Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque New MexicoMorgan & Ashland)

Chicago, IL 60608

Thursday, July 31: 5-10 pm; Friday, Aug. 1 & Saturday, Aug. 2: 11 am-11 pm; Sunday, Aug. 3: 11 am-10 pm

Fiesta del Sol also offers live entertainment. Look below for our line up for the two stages that will be at Fiesta del Sol. You can also find Chicago’s local DJs at the House of Sol.


Main Stage (Cermak Rd. and Morgan St.)

 Jueves 31 de julio/Thursday, July31

5pm-6pm                                Radio One Chicago

6pm-7pm                                Radio One Chicago

7pm-8pm                                !Esso! (Latin Fusion)

8pm-9pm                                Dueto Hermanos Salgado

9pm-10pm                              Grupo Klonadoz

Viernes 1 de agosto/Friday,  August 1

5pm-6pm                                Los 5 de Guerrero

6pm-7pm                                Orgullo Guerrence

7pm-8pm                                Clave 5

Los Chinelos (Comparza la pura Lumbre de Morelos)

8pm-8:45pm                          Julio Cortez y su Explocion de la Cumbia

8:45pm-9pm                      Sal y Pimienta

9pm-10pm                              Andres Flores y Culebra de Agua (4th Annual Encuentro de Jaraneros of the midwest)

10pm-11pm                            Banda Potrillos

Sábado 2 de agosto/Saturday,August 2

2:45-3pm                              Sal y Pimienta

3pm-4pm                                Mater Dei

4pm-5:15pm                           Jackie Herrera Ministry

5:30pm-6pm                          Tribeza

6pm-7pm                                Los Cinco Magnificos

Julio Hernandez

Los Chinelos (Comparza la Destructora de Axochiapan Morelos)

7pm-8pm                                Nortenisimo Sierra Azul

8pm-9pm                                Making Movies (Pop Rock en Español desde Kansas City)

9pm-10pm                             Los Super Cats

DJ Lalokera

10pm-11pm                        Alexia Lopez

Domingo 3 de agosto/Sunday, August 3

1pm: People’s Mass dedicated to Immigrants and DREAMers

3pm-4pm                                Kerloy

4pm-5pm                                Los Super K

5pm-6pm                                Grupo Bien

6pm-7pm                                Grupo Cana Dorada

Los Chinelos (Comparza La Pura Lumbre de Morelos)

7pm-8pm                                Radio Free Honduras (Latin Fusion)

8pm-9pm                             Carlito Olivero (From L.A. Former Menudo Singer and X Factor Finalist)

9pm-10pm                           Reencuentro Musical



Sonidos Kano Stage (Cermak Rd and Loomis)

Jueves 31 de julio/Thursday, July31

5pm-6pm                                Temible de la Sierra

6pm-7pm                                Grupo Torres de Plata

7pm-8pm                                Grupo Ideal de Tlapehuala Guerrero

8pm-9pm                                Tamborazo Los Compas de Zacatecas

Viernes 1 de agosto/Friday,  August 1

1pm-2pm                                María Elena Rangel

2pm-3pm                                EL Fantasma de Guerrero

3pm-4pm                                Tamborazo Herencia Zacatecana

4pm-5pm                                Corazón GItano

5pm-6pm                                Grupo Orgullo Costeño

6pm-7pm                                Los 3 Sierreños

7pm-8pm                                Centenario Norte

8pm-9pm                                Grupo Orgullo Guerrerense

9pm-10pm                               Banda Estrallas de Michoacán

10pm-11pm                             La Chispa del Sabor

Sábado 2 de agosto/Saturday,August 2

11PM-12PM                            El Fantasma de Guerrero

12PM-1PM                              Sentencia de La Sierra

1PM – 2PM                              Grupo Corobel de Tierra Caliente

2PM – 3PM                             Grupo Bien

3PM – 4PM                             Las Kaponeras de Chicago

4PM – 5PM                              La Adrenalina

5PM – 6PM                             Rondalla Voces Románticas de Chicago

6PM – 7PM                             Grupo Rimel

7PM – 8PM                             La Imagen del Norte

8PM – 9PM                             Grupo Herencia Guerrerense

9PM – 10PM                           Chicos Montecarlo

10PM – 11PM                          Grupo Voltage 6

Domingo 3 de agosto/Sunday, August 3

11PM – 12PM                         Salvador López

12PM – 1PM                            La Nueva Alianza

1PM – 2PM                              Almanake de Tierra Caliente

2PM – 3PM                             Grupo Sol de La Costa

3PM – 4PM                             La Leyenda de Tierra Caliente

4PM – 5PM                              Dueto Hermanos Salgado

5PM – 6PM                              Banda Tenango

6PM – 7PM                              Erosión Norteña

7PM – 8PM                              Grupo Orgullo Guerrerense

8PM – 9PM                             Julio Cortez y La Explosión de la Cumbia

9PM – 10PM                           Escuela de Rancho

House of Sol (Cermak Rd. and Loomis St.)

See line up here!



Check out the Art Pavilion:

285583_10150245487444117_82980324116_7440733_4007278_n-150x150 284974_10150245536984117_82980324116_7441520_2313394_n-150x150 284534_10150245539034117_82980324116_7441523_6962351_a-150x150 284247_10150245539244117_82980324116_7441525_7957848_n-150x150 185317_10150242460409117_82980324116_7405929_4103406_n1-150x150 254653_10150242460864117_82980324116_7405936_6777239_n-150x150 281580_10150242464364117_82980324116_7406017_121472_n-150x150 254771_10150242461854117_82980324116_7405954_1190025_n1-150x150 183868_10150242462089117_82980324116_7405957_2679129_n-150x150

FREE Admission

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Top Ten Places to Watch Chicago’s Annual Air and Water Show 2014


chicago (Photo credit: MPBecker)

English: Vapor cone/Prandtl–Glauert singularit...

English: Vapor cone/Prandtl–Glauert singularity. Taken at the 2011 Chicago Air and Water Show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make plans to attend The Chicago Air & Water Show.

FREE Admission • North Ave. Beach

Aug. 16 & 17, 2014 • 10 am – 3 pm Both Days


Chicago Air and Water Show Performers


This year’s performers include the U.S. Navy Blue Angels (pictured), the U.S. Army Parachute Team Golden Knights and many more.

About the Show

About the Show

Find out more information about the Chicago Air & Water Show.


Media Image Gallery

Media Image Gallery

These images are available in high resolution for press purposes only.



Voice of the Show - Herb Hunter

Voice of the Show

Herb Hunter (pictured) has been the voice of the Air & Water Show for over 20 years.


Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

Make the most of your Air & Water Show visit with helpful hints, accessibility, parking and transportation information.




Sponsors of the 2014 Chicago Air & Water Show.




















There are some interesting places to watch the show at North Avenue Beach. Try the Castaways Bar and Grill or Sand Bar Beer Garden.

English: Chicago skyline at sunrise Deutsch: C...

English: Chicago skyline at sunrise Deutsch: Chicagos Skyline bei Sonnenaufgang Français : Panorama urbain de Chicago au lever du soleil. {| cellspacing=”0″ style=”min-width:40em; color:#000; background:#ddd; border:1px solid #bbb; margin:.1em;” class=”layouttemplate” | style=”width:1.2em;height:1.2em;padding:.2em” | 20px |link=|center | style=”font-size:.85em; padding:.2em; vertical-align:middle” |This image was created with hugin. |} Chicago sunrise 1.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WHEN: August  from 10:00 am – 3 pm.

Here’s the official website:

1. Go to Belmont Harbor

2. Diversey Harbor

3. Oak Street beach

4. Navy Pier

5. Get tickets for one of the

Spectacular Chicago-area Boat Tours including:
6. Watch the action from the 94th floor

of the Hancock Building at 875 N. Michigan Ave.

7. Go to the John Hancock Observatory

while enjoying a drink at the Lavazza Espression Café.

John Hancock Center Observatory

John Hancock Center Observatory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The John Hancock Observatory provides a 360° view

of the city, up to four states and over 80 miles.

English: John Hancock Tower as seen from Willi...

English: John Hancock Tower as seen from Willis Tower in Chicago, IL, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8. One of my favorite Vino con Vista Spots is on the 95th floor at the Signature Room. When the building was completed in 1968 it was the tallest building in the world outside New York City. “It is currently the fourth-tallest building in Chicago and the sixth-tallest in the United States, after the Willis Tower, the Empire State Building, the Bank of America Tower, the Trump Tower Chicago and the Aon Center.”

9. Check out the rooftop terrace at the J. Parker at Hotel Lincoln or the WET Deck at W Chicago Lakeshore Hotel.

The Lindbergh Beacon atop the Palmolive Buildi...

The Lindbergh Beacon atop the Palmolive Building can be clearly seen at night. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

10. Your best bet is to hound one of your Chicago high-rise dwelling buddies with a Lake Michigan view to invite you over. Promise to bring plenty of champagne, wine and appetizers. That always works for me.

English: Five tallest skyscrapers of Chicago -...

English: Five tallest skyscrapers of Chicago – 1.Willis Tower, 2.Trump International Hotel & Tower, 3.Aon Center, 4.John Hancock Center, 5.AT&T Corporate Center. Česky: Pět nejvyšších mrakordapů v Chicagu – 1.Willis Tower, 2.Trump International Hotel & Tower, 3.Aon Center, 4.John Hancock Center, 5.AT&T Corporate Center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicago from across Lake Michigan.

Chicago from across Lake Michigan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Chicago Air And Water Show is one of the largest free air shows in the United States.”The Chicago Air And Water Show is an annual event that began in 1959 and attracts over2 Million aviation spectators every year.The annual event takes place over Chicago’s Lake Michiganand features various aviation acts raging from military aircraft

to corporate sponsored aerobatic teams.

A North American F-100D Super Sabre from the U...

A North American F-100D Super Sabre from the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds aerobatic team at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Dayton, Ohio (USA). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ANNAPOLIS, MD - MAY 29:  U.S. Navy Blue Angels...

ANNAPOLIS, MD – MAY 29: U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly over graduation ceremonies at the U.S. Naval Academy May 29, 2012 in Annapolis, Maryland. U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta is the commencement speaker for the 1099 graduates of the class of 2012. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

There is also a water-skiing and boat-jumping element to the annual event. You don’t have to be an aviation guru to enjoy the show. The Chicago lakefront offers plenty of fun events during this annual beach-front extravaganza.


Chicago Air is a proud sponsor of the U.S. Armed Forces.
 You can watch the show from the beach or attend a Yacht Party.
English: Chicago, Ill. (Aug. 22, 2004) - The U...

English: Chicago, Ill. (Aug. 22, 2004) – The U.S. Navy flight demonstration team, the “Blue Angels,” delta formation performs the loop break crossover maneuver over Lake Michigan during the Chicago Air and Water Show. The Blue Angels fly the F/A-18A Hornet, performing approximately 30 maneuvers during the aerial demonstration lasting over an hour. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Ryan J. Courtade (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lake Michigan Boat Cruise on the Kanan Yacht

Lake Michigan Boat Cruise on the Kanan Yacht

Air Show...

Air Show… (Photo credit: naathas)

View of downtown Chicago, seen from the Sears ...

View of downtown Chicago, seen from the Sears Tower. The tall, black building in the center of the image is the John Hancock Center, and Lake Michigan is in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides and Apps @

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Different Types of Wine Chart

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Italian Wine Map

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Another Great Italian Wine Chart

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Stay and Play in Vino con Vista Santa Barbara Wine Country

I have something in common with Miles from the movie “Sideways”. I must admit, I was a Pinot Noir snob even before I saw the movie “Sideways”! I love the world-class Pinot Noir produced in the Santa Rita Hills AVA in the Santa Ynez Valley close to the Pacific Ocean. Santa Barbara Wine Country is the Perfect Vino con Vista Destination.

Have a Vino con Vista at Bridlewood Winery in Santa Barbara

Have a Vino con Vista at Bridlewood Winery in Santa Barbara

Vino con Vista Map of a section of Santa Barbara Country

Vino con Vista Map of a section of Santa Barbara Country

When you stay and play in Santa Barbara Wine Country, the “Sideways Effect” is readily apparent. In Santa Barbara County “the east-west orientation of the coastal mountains forms valleys opening directly to the Pacific Ocean. This unique topography allows the flow of fog and ocean breezes to shape distinct microclimates, perfect for the cultivation of classic grape varietals and world class wines. The 50 miles stretching from Point Conception to Rincon constitutes the longest east-west traverse of shoreline from Alaska to Cape Horn. The Santa Ynez and San Rafael Mountains form a unique coastal range – the inland ebb and flow of fog and ocean breezes make the region one of the coolest viticultural areas in California. This means that the fruit has an unusually long “hang time” on the vine, allowing it to fully develop the acids, flavors and tannins needed to produce wines of distinctive character.” Santa Barbara Vintners Website

Bridlewood WIne SBCmap


Fess Parker Hotel in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara County is a premium producer and grower of Pinot Noir! It doesn’t stop there, Santa Barbara vintners produce many styles of fantastic wine including Rhone-style blends. The various microclimates and soils, allow local to produce many grape varietals like: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc. Some of the wines include: Albarino, Tocai Friulano, Mourvedre and Grenache Blanc.

iphone pictures 2014 1657 iphone pictures 2014 1572 iphone pictures 2014 1656 iphone pictures 2014 1655 iphone pictures 2014 1578 iphone pictures 2014 1652 iphone pictures 2014 1424 iphone pictures 2014 1430 iphone pictures 2014 1538 iphone pictures 2014 1492 iphone pictures 2014 1493 iphone pictures 2014 1439 iphone pictures 2014 1556 iphone pictures 2014 1644 iphone pictures 2014 1450 iphone pictures 2014 1558 iphone pictures 2014 1573 iphone pictures 2014 1576

There are many wine tourism opportunities in Santa Barbara County’s four official appellations.  thanks to the diligent efforts of the Santa Barbara County Vintners’ Association. You can visit the wineries: tour the barrel room, the wine making facilities, or the vineyard.

Attend several world-class wine festivals in Santa Barbara.

Head to downtown Santa Barbara and trek along the Urban Wine Trail. Follow Miles and Jack‘s merry adventures in Sideways, the 2004 Oscar®-winning film shot in Santa Barbara wine country.

Visit  the Lompoc Wine Ghetto’s collection of small-production wineries.

Here’s a guide to staying and playing in Santa Barbara Wine Country:




“The region has many microclimates, with climates influenced by proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Cool and moderate temperatures toward the west changes to warm daytimes and cold nights to the east. There are five official appellations: Happy Canyon of Santa BarbaraSanta Maria ValleySanta Ynez Valley, Ballard Canyon and Sta. Rita Hills. Within the broad Santa Barbara County designation are several other micro-regions – these include the Los Alamos Valley region, the Los Olivos District and the Santa Maria Bench. Slightly less than half of the grapes grown in Santa Barbara County are used by local vintners, with the balance exported to wineries outside the area. Click here to read more about the distinct areas.” Santa Barbara Vintners Website



Click on the winery name below to see  more details.

Santa Barbara WIne Country Wine Blog 2014 and wedding 812 Wine Blog 2014 and wedding 815 Wine Blog 2014 and wedding 714 Wine Blog 2014 and wedding 765 Wine Blog 2014 and wedding 860 Wine Blog 2014 and wedding 513 Wine Blog 2014 and wedding 704 Wine Blog 2014 and wedding 650 Wine Blog 2014 and wedding 352

If you check out the viticultural map, you will find: Santa Maria Valley, Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Rita Hills, Ballard Canyon, Happy Canyon and Santa Barbara County. Take time to explore all the AVAs in this extraordinary wine region.


Click on the links below to explore the local cuisine:

More information is available at: Santa Barbara Vintners




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Riot Fest 2014 in Chicago’s Humbolt Park

The Very Best of Elvis Costello

The Very Best of Elvis Costello (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coheed and Cambria


Nederlands: Iggy & the Stooges op Lollapalooza...

Nederlands: Iggy & the Stooges op Lollapalooza (Chicago) 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicago’s tenth annual three-day Riot Fest 2014 will take place at Humboldt Park. The Festival celebrates rock, indie, punk and underground artists from every era.


WHEN:  Sept. 12-14, 2014

WHERE: Humboldt Park, Chicago ( Division to North, California to Sacramento)

The history of Riot Fest:

“In 2005, Riot Fest booked a multi-venue weekend of punk and rock in Chicago with bands such as Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, and The Bouncing Souls. In 2012, they expanded to Humboldt Park in Chicago and offered Riot Fest in other cities.

The entertainment lineup has included heavy hitters like: Rise Against, Iggy and the Stooges, The Offspring, Elvis Costello and Coheed and Cambria. They also recently added Andrew W.K., Dead Sara, Hot Water Music, Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, the Adicts, Minus the Bear, Pegboy and many more.

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @

Public Transportation Options

Bus: The #70 Division Bus, #72 North Bus and the #52 California Bus stop right outside of the grounds and you’ll be mere steps away from an entrance.

Train: If you feel like hoofing it, the Damen and Division stops on the Blue Line are about a 15-20 minute walk from the park. You can also hop on the aforementioned #70 or #72 bus from either of those stops for an extra $0.25 transfer.


Parking is available around the park grounds and streets in the surrounding neighborhoods, though it may be limited. Be careful to not park on zoned streets because the City will ticket you.



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Fashion Focus Chicago Sidewalk Sale 2014

Calling all Fashionistas! The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events presents the eighth annual Fashion Focus Chicago Sidewalk Sale. Find an “assortment of affordable apparel and accessories to choose from by Chicago designers and independent boutiques.”

WHERE: Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington St.

WHEN: The two-day shopping event on Tuesday, July 22 and Wednesday, July 23. 2014 from 9 am to 3 pm.

Chicago Art Festivals

Chicago Art Festivals


The Fashion Focus Chicago Sidewalk Sale is produced by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

BuckTown Arts Fest in Chicago

BuckTown Arts Fest in Chicago

Art at the at Public Hotel in Chicago

Art at the at Public Hotel in Chicago


The following are a list of the Chicago designers and independent boutiques (as of June 4, 2014) that will be participating. For more information on each of the participants, click on each name.

Accessory designers

Apparel designers

Jewelry designers


Fashion in Chicago

Fashion in Chicago

Tuesday, July 22 & Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @


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Movies in the Parks in Chicago 2014

Enjoy the 14th annual Movies in the Parks series  in Chicago. It kicked off on May 29, 2014 and features more than 250 outdoor screenings of current and classic movies in parks across the city.  

West Side Story

West Side Story

Bring a picnic basket, blanket, and your friends and family and enjoy a movie in the parks.  All movies begin at dusk, weather permitting.  Call (312) 742-1134 for daily listings and weather-related cancellations.

Magnificent Chicago

Magnificent Chicago

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @

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Made in Chicago: World Class Jazz 2014

On Thursdays from July 24-August 28, 2014 head over to Millennium Park for a free weekly Jazz concert.

Jay Pritzker Pavillion Concert Venue

Jay Pritzker Pavillion Concert Venue

Jazz in Chicago

Jazz in Chicago


Jay Pritzker Pavillion in Chicago

Jay Pritzker Pavillion in Chicago


“Made in Chicago: World Class Jazz celebrates its 10th year at Millennium Park with a six-concert series featuring Chicago’s leading jazz artists.  The diverse program includes concerts that explore jazz connections to Africa, the Middle East and the rhythm and roots of the South.  The 2014 series includes tribute concerts and retrospectives, along with opening night of the 36th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival. Presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in partnership with Jazz Institute of Chicago, the free weekly series begins Thursday, July 24 and closes August 28, 2014 with a short set by young, aspiring musicians from Chicago-area high schools as part of the Jazz Institute of Chicago’s Jazz Links Student Ensembles.” Jazz Website

Orbert Davis at the Chcago Jazz Festival

Orbert Davis at the Chcago Jazz Festival


July 24: The Poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar: Milton Suggs Big Band

Dunbar’s approach to poetry; the rhythm and rhyme of his words is ideal for musical pairing. Suggs, whose father played bass with Elvin Jones, is equally at home setting bebop solos to words, performing the songs of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn and slipping into the pop-soul styles of Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway. His 15-piece big band will feature Sugg’s original compositions arranged by Kris Johnson, a renowned trumpeter, composer and professor at Ohio State University. The Jazz Links Ensemble features Morgan Pirtle (vocals) and Derek Duleba (guitar).


July 31: The Hal Russell Story

A drummer, saxophonist, trumpeter and bandleader, Russell was one of the most colorful, flexible and fiery jazz musicians to ever work in Chicago. His long-running NRG Ensemble was formed in 1980 and became a major influence on the free jazz and improvised music scene led by Ken Vandermark, who often subbed in the group. The original lineup—reedist Mars Williams; bassist, guitarist, and trumpeter Brian Sandstrom; bassist Kent Kessler; and drummer Steve Hunt, along with kindred souls Vandermark and cellist/trumpeter Fred Lonberg-Holm—reunites to play the last album they made with Russell: The Hal Russell Story (ECM, 1992), an autobiographical exploration of the leader’s life in music, with Academy Award-Nominated  actor Michael Shannon narrating the story. The Jazz Links Ensemble features Jenna Przybysz (Alto Sax), Chris Shuttleworth (Trombone), Ben Karon (Vibes), Liam Coussens (Bass), Michael Hojnacki (Drums).


August 7: John Moulder’s Earthborne Tales of Soul and Spirit

Moulder powerfully summon heavenly spirits. That’s not only because he’s the best jazz guitarist who happens to be a practicing priest – “varying dimensions of one vocation,” he says – but also because his sheets of electric sound unleash such a positive force. “Earthborne Tales of Soul and Spirit” is music that engages the connection to spirit that resonates in our everyday lives. Featuring an original suite of music performed by the guitarist and a diverse set of musicians including New York saxophonist Donnie McCaslin, pianist Jim Trompeter, trumpeter Marquis Hill, bassist Eric Hochberg and drummer Xavier Breaker. The opening act features the Gallery 37 After School Matters Jazz Ensemble.


August 14: Matana Roberts: Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile

Chicago composer, alto saxophonist and sound artist Roberts plays in her hometown for the first time in years, performing the second chapter of her ambitious American-history-focused epic, Coin Coin. Roberts first made her mark in the collective trio Sticks & Stones, and has since developed an artistic practice that is both boundless and rigorous. Although Roberts played earlier versions of Mississippi Moonchile here, this will be the first performance since releasing a recording of the piece for Montreal’s Constellation Records last year. The 18-section suite draws explicitly from the composer’s deep roots in jazz. The Jazz Links Ensemble features Jacari Lobbins (piano), Dorian Martin (saxophone), Charles Sullivan (trombone), Kamil Banks (trumpet), Makhi Junes (bass), Prentiss Rogers (drums).


August 21: Fareed Haque – Chicago: Crossroads of the World

Few jazz musicians embody the polyglot nature of Chicago’s populace like guitarist Haque, himself the son of parents from Pakistan and Chile. Haque’s multifarious interests have often obscured just how deep and accomplished he is as a hard-charging jazz musician. For this multi-part concert, Haque will lead a straight-ahead combo with pianist Willerm Delisfort, bassist Alex Austin and drummer Greg Fundis. For the second set, the quartet will be joined by Hammond B3 organist Tony Monaco and some of the Indian and Arabic musicians featured on the guitarist’s recent Delmark album, Trance Hypothesis. The Jazz Links Ensemble features Ryan Pieniacha (guitar), Even Montgomery (saxophone), Joel Ross (vibes), Alexis Lombre (piano), Austen Goebel (bass), Everett Reid (drums).


August 28: Homage to Nelson Mandela: Ernest Dawkins’ Memory in the Center, an Afro Jazz Opera

The sounds and images of American jazz musicians from the U.S. were an important influence on the development of political discourse of resistance in apartheid South Africa. As American jazz continually refreshes ties to its African American roots by its ever-present spirit of the blues, so South African jazz draws strength from its roots. This project reflects the determination and spirit that energized the South African freedom movement led by Nelson Mandela by foregrounding the influential women in Mandela’s life – Winnie Mandela and Graça Machel – through the powerful voice of Dee Alexander. Bringing together musicians from Chicago, South Africa and London, the ensemble will represent their interconnected histories and mutual influences

Cloud Gate at Millennium Park in Chicago

Cloud Gate at Millennium Park in Chicago

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @

Louis Prima Jr. in Addison Illinois

Louis Prima Jr. in Addison Illinois

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