Genoa Italy: The Legend of Christopher Columbus and the UNESCO Connection

Christoper Columbus arrives in America

Image via Wikipedia

English: Christopher Columbus Česky: Portrét K...

English: Christopher Columbus Česky: Portrét Kryštofa Kolumba od malíře Sebastiana del Piomba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Genoa, Piazza Principe: Monument to f...

English: Genoa, Piazza Principe: Monument to famous Genovese Christopher Columbus. Italiano: Genova, Piazza Principe: Monumento al famoso genovese Cristoforo Colombo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Genoa, Italy

Genoa, Italy (Photo credit: jimbo0307)

Genoa is the capital city of Liguria. It is located in northwestern Italy, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Genoa, which forms the southern corner of the Milan-Turin-Genoa industrial triangle of north-west Italy, is one of Italy’s major economic centers.

Genoa. Monument to Christopher Columbus".

Genoa. Monument to Christopher Columbus”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a Genoa Video for all my Italian friends on Columbus Day Christopher Columbus is very popular in this part of the world.

On October 12, 1492, Columbus landed in the Bahama Islands on his first voyage. This event spawned the “Columbian Exchange” of goods from the New World” to the “Old World” and visa versa. The Columbian Exchange was the widespread exchange of animals, plants, culture, human populations (including slaves), communicable disease and ideas between the Eastern and Western hemispheres (Old World and New World). His ships were nicknamed the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

Under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. These voyages led to general European awareness of the American continents in the Western Hemisphere. The events led to the establishment of permanent settlements in the island of Hispaniola. This initiated the process of Spanish colonization which eventually led to the European colonization of the “New World“.

Columbus boats in Genoa Italy

Columbus boats in Genoa Italy

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Marvel at the 16th and 17thcentury “New Streets” of Genoa that can be found in the historic city center. There are many interesting sites in Genoa. The Cathedral of St. Lawrence (Cattedrale di San Lorenzo) is a church in the Italian city of Genoa, and is the seat of the Archbishop of Genoa.

House of Christopher Columbus in Genoa, Italy.

House of Christopher Columbus in Genoa, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visit the Aquarium in Genoa. Genoa has the largest aquarium in Europe.  Elaborate Renaissance and Baroque palaces are located on Via Balbi and Via Garibaldi.

Neptune in Genoa Italy

Neptune in Genoa Italy

Genoa Italy

Genoa ItalyThe area around the Cathedral of San Lorenzo is medieval, but the 12th century Duomo is Romanesque. Genoa is Italy’s most important commercial port. The “Lanterna” lighthouse is a vestige of Genoa’s medieval glory. Visit the open space dedicated to Columbus Voyage with the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. Genoa Italy Sites

In this childhood home of Christopher Columbus; his memory permeates the town. Genoa’s historically impressive “urban development projects represent plans by the public authority to parcel out a system of lodging based upon legislation.”( UNESCO) These palaces can be found on the Strada Nuova.

Genoa Italy: Stada Nuova Palazzo Rosso

Stada Nuova Palazzo Rosso

On Via Garibaldi, Genoa’s most beautiful street, the 16th century Palazzo Bianco houses an outstanding collection of Genoese art by Luca Cambiaso, Bernardo Strozzi and Giovanni Benedetto. At the Palazzo Rosso, Carravaggio’s “Ecce Homo” (Man of Sorrows) can be viewed; as well as frescoes by de Ferrari and Domenico Piola.

The Palazzo Ducale was the seat of Genoa’s ruling doges and also contains important masterpieces. The Palazzo Reale was used by the kings of Savoy and has an ornate 17th century interior.

Via Garibaldi in Geona Italy

Via Garibaldi in Geona Italy

The “Rolli” palaces were patrician residences built by the wealthiest and most powerful aristocratic families of the Republic of Genoa. These dwellings were built at the height of Genoa’s seafaring prowess.

Port of Genoa Italy

Port of Genoa Italy

The Palaces in Genoa are generally three to four stories high and feature spectacular staircases, courtyards and loggias overlooking gardens. The owners of these palazzi were obligated to host official visits of State as decreed by the Senate in 1576.  These formal visits contributed to the dissemination of their architectural model, which attracted famous artists like Peter Paul Rubens.

Genoa Italy

Genoa Italy

Genoa Italy

Genoa Italy

Genoa Italy Sites

Genoa Italy Sites

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides. To learn more about Italy, visit

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Chicago’s Columbus Day Parade 2014

Painting of Christopher Columbus. The painting...

Image via Wikipedia

A attend the annual Columbus Day Parade in Chicago. The parade celebrates the historic 1492 voyage of Christopher Columbus as well as Italian-American Culture. Columbus is from Genoa Italy. Here’s a Genoa Video for all my Italian friends on Columbus Day

When: October 13, 2014

Where: The parade will be on Columbus Dr. from Balbo Avenue to Monroe Street.

Photo credit: City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events



  • 12:30 p.m.
Columbus Before the Queen.

Columbus Before the Queen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There will also be a Columbus Day Reception sponsored by Casa Italia in Stone Park. Festivities begin with 9 a.m. Mass at The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii, followed by a 10 a.m. wreath laying ceremony at Arrigo Park, Chicago. The parade will run from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. on Columbus Drive between Balbo & Randolph.

Statue of "Christopher Columbus" fir...

Statue of “Christopher Columbus” first dispalyed-published 1933. Grant Park, Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A reception will be held at Casa Italia at 3:30 p.m. Bus transportation from Casa Italia to Pompeii will leave promptly at 7:30 a.m., and from Casa Italia to downtown leaving promptly at 10:30 a.m. Bus transportation and reception is $30 per adult; reception only $20 per adult; children under 12 free all day.

There will be a cash bar with beer and wine. Parade Chairman Vincent Naccarato, Grand Marshal Stella Foster, and Honorary Parade Marshals Florian Barbi and Frank Cerrone.

Call 708-450-9050 for bus and reception reservations. Click here to download a flyer. Click here to read the Fra Noi article.

Christopher Columbus ( 1451 –1506) was an explorer, colonizer  and navigator. He was born in the Republic of Genoa, in northwestern Italy.

English: The routes of the four voyages of Col...

English: The routes of the four voyages of Columbus. Español: Rutas seguidas por Colón en sus cuatro viajes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Columbus_1892_Issue-$5.jpg Christophe...

English: Columbus_1892_Issue-$5.jpg Christopher columbus” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The event is celebrated as Columbus Day in the United States. It is celebrated in many countries around the world: Día de la Raza in many countries in Latin America; Discovery Day in the Bahamas; Día de la Hispanidad and Fiesta Nacional in Spain and as Día de las Américas (Day of the Americas) in Uruguay.

Christoper Columbus arrives in America

Christoper Columbus arrives in America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @ After the Parade, the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans will hold a Columbus Day Parade Reception at Casa Italia. at 3:30 p.m.

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Chicago’s Andersonville Arts Weekend 2014

English: View of Andersonville, Chicago, near ...

English: View of Andersonville, Chicago, near Foster and Clark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plan to attend the 12th annual Andersonville Arts Weekend from Friday,  October 10th to Sunday, October 12th, 2014 in the general vicinity of Clark and Foster.


Andersonville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Andersonville Arts and Design Weekend

October 10-12, 2014

Andersonville Arts WeekendGet your creative juices flowing by celebrating Andersonville’s artistic community and fabulous array of locally-owned businesses. Features original artwork by dozens of local artists and designers showcased in businesses throughout the neighborhood, plus a variety of live shows and performances.
For the 12th year, Andersonville is thrilled to celebrate many of the artists and designers who live and work in the neighborhood with Andersonville Arts and Design Weekend. We hope you will take the time to explore the dozens of artists on display in many of your favorite Andersonville businesses. Friday night will kick off with the always popular Night of 100 pARTies!, an evening of receptions up and down Clark Street.

Visit the Andersonville Arts and Design Weekend website!

On Friday night, there will be parties throughout the neighborhood. The event will feature original artwork by many local artists.

Andersonville Arts Weekend

On Saturday and Sunday, Andersonville businesses are hosting visual and performing artists. Pick up an “Art Walk Brochure” and enjoy charming and Historic Andersonville in Chicago.

In the 1850, the area north of Foster and east of Clark Street was a large cherry orchard. After the Chicago fire of 1871, wooden houses were outlawed in the city of Chicago. The Swedish immigrants who couldn’t afford to build homes of brick or stone, began to settle in this area  outside the city’s northern boundaries. Swedish Americans are Americans of Swedish descent, especially the descendants of about 1.2 million immigrants from Sweden during 1885-1915.

Here’s an Andersonville Video showcasing the neighborhood highlights

Today, 2nd and 3rd generation Swedes live in harmony with the diverse ethnic Korean and Lebanese inhabitants. In the late 1980’s, a large creative, gay population came in and started renovating the beautiful grey stone buildings in Andersonville.

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @

For more information about Andersonville Arts Weekend visit

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Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Ressearch Foundation 2014 Fall Benefit Luncheon in Chicago

Fall Benefit Luncheon

LSCRF-Fall-Benefit-2014-STDOctober 14, 2014
Hilton Chicago
720 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

“Their largest fundraiser, the annual Fall Benefit Luncheon, includes a captivating keynote address from a famous personality affected by breast cancer and the popular Purse-sue the Cure™ silent auction which features designer and collectible high-end purses. This event attracts over 1,200 attendees. To purchase tickets or sponsor this event please call: 312.926.7133.”

Buy Tickets Sponsorship Opportunities Donate Now

To help Purse-sue the Cure™! Please consider donating a new or collectible designer purse to our 7th annual silent purse auction.

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @

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Chicago’s Andersonville Dessert Crawl 2013

English: Swedish American Museum in Chicago

English: Swedish American Museum in Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood has a rich cultural history of Swedish immigrantion. Here’s an Andersonville Video highlighting some of the neighborhood features.

Attend the 9th annual Andersonville Dessert Crawl.


WHEN: Sunday October 26, 2014 from 2-5 pm

WHERE: Clark Street in Andersonville in Chicago.

You can visit the Swedish American Museum and buy tickets for the events. There are numerous events throughout the year in chic Andersonville.

Chicago's Andersonville Neighborhood

Chicago’s Andersonville Neighborhood

Andersonville Water Tower with the Swedish Flag

Andersonville Water Tower with the Swedish Flag

Andersonville Dessert Crawl will feature two distinct sweet routes: Candy Corn and Caramel Apple.


Annual Andersonville Dessert Crawl

It’s trick-or-treating with a gourmet flair! Over twenty restaurants in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood will showcase their sweetest and most delicious wares during the eighth annual Andersonville Dessert Crawl
This year choose between two great routes. Tickets for each route are $20 in advance and $25 the day of the event.  A current listing of which restaurants are on each route (and what they are serving!) is below.
Purchase your tickets here, and then pick up your Dessert Crawl ‘passport’ at pH Productions, 1515 W Berwyn St., starting any time after 12:00 noon the day of the event.
CANDY CORN ROUTE ($20) Andies Restaurant – Pomegranate cheesecake Big Jones – Chocolate divinity Fireside Restaurant – New Orleans banana bread pudding and wild cherry mousse First Slice Pie Cafe – Apple streusel pie bites George’s Ice Cream & Sweets – Seasonal ice cream, pastries and chocolates Kopi Cafe – Mini cheesecake squares M Henry  – Lemon pie and other M Henry delights My Private Chef (at In Fine Spirits) – Pumpkin mousse with ginger cookie garnish Swedish Bakery – (at pH Comedy Theater) Swedish butter cookies Starbucks – Caramelized apple cake slices Terry’s Toffee – An assortment of toffees Urban Orchard – Éclair Bakery French pastries , Defloured gluten-free treats, and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream root beer/beer floats
CARAMEL APPLE ROUTE ($20) First Slice Pie Cafe – Apple streusel pie bites Hamburger Mary’s – Fried Twinkies and fruit cobbler Let Them Eat Chocolate – Belgian chocolate or gelato Pauline’s (At Painted Light) – Apple cranberry stuffed french bread pudding & ice cream Potbelly – Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate brownies Ranalli’s of Andersonville – Assorted cheesecakes & toppings Svea Restaurant (at Simon’s Tavern) – Swedish Rice Pudding Swedish Bakery(at pH Comedy Theater) – Swedish butter cookies Taste of Lebanon (at The Landmark of Andersonville) – Baklava Urban Orchard – Éclair Bakery French pastries , Defloured gluten-free treats, and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream root beer/beer floats Vincent – Banana pot de crème with butterscotch shortbread The Wooden Spoon – Chocolate cream-filled cupcakes

Take a picture with the Swedish Horse in Andersonville while you’re in the “hood”.

Tickets are$20 each in advance and $25 the day of the event. Some of the participating restaurants  include: Big Jones, Swedish Bakery, Ann Sather, First Slice Pie Cafe, Hamburger Mary’s and George’s Ice Cream. Buy a cool Andersonville Poster while you’re in the nighborhood. It highlights the blue water tower with the Swedish Flag.

Chicago Vintage Neighborhood Posters

Chicago Vintage Neighborhood Posters

Admire the architectural history in this charming  neighborhood that’s loaded with historic buildings and storefronts as you stroll around enjoying decadent desserts. Below you can see my favorite Andersonville Building. Do you think the architect was inspired by wine bottles? For more information visit

Architecture in Andersonville

Architecture in Andersonville

Make plans to attend the Andersonville Arts weekend. Here’s the schedule:

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @

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Hyde Park Jazz Festival 2014 in Chicago

Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, University of Chi...

Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, University of Chicago, Illinois, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Ch...

The Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2014 Hyde Park Jazz Festival

teasers this week

September 23, 2014

This week Hyde Park Jazz Fest is all over the news! Tune in at the following times to hear teasers of a few of this weekend’s performances and hear more about the Festival.

Tuesday, September 23

WGNTV, Midday News Music Lounge
Marquis Hill Blacktet performing

Wednesday, September 24

Fox News, Noon News
Geof Bradfield performing

WTTW, Chicago Tonight
Dee Alexander performing

WDCB 90.9 fm, 9:30-10:30pm
HPJF Director Kate Dumbleton speaking and playing music

Friday, September 26

WGNTV, Around Town
Tomeka Reid performing at the Smart Museum

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What you need to know to attend the Hyde Park Jazz Festival

September 20, 2014

Festival dates:
Saturday, September 27, 1pm-midnight &
Sunday, September 28, 1-8pm

The Festival is FREE!

We do encourage a $5 donation at the entrance to help keep the Festival going.

The Festival is held at 14 venues across the Hyde Park neighborhood. Click the Venues tab above to see details.

The Midway (at 60th St. between Ellis and Woodlawn) will additionally have food, drinks, many different vendors, an information booth, and the Story-Share booth.

This year’s Festival features nearly 40 performances!

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German American Pub Crawl 2014 in Lincoln Square in Chicago

Oktoberfest is a 16–18 day festival held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It’s generally held from late September to the first weekend in October. It’s one of the most famous events in Germany, with more than five million attendees.


Oktoberfest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oktoberfest is an important part of the Bavarian culture and has been held continuously  since 1810. Many cities around the world hold Oktoberfest celebrations that are modeled after the annual Munich event.


Oktoberfest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood, you can always enjoy plenty of beer, brats and live entertainment at the German American Fest.

Crawltoberfest German Pub Crawl

Date: September 27, 2014
“Don your dirndl and lace up your lederhsen & join us to celebrate Chicago’s German heritage in historic Lincoln Square by visiting some of the city’s best Grman bars! There will be games like stein hoisting and hammerslagen, and lots of fun themed gifts like liter steins and glass boots. It’s going to be a really fun event. The Chicago Brauhaus is going to do a big group chicken dance for attendees. This is a CrawlNightLong event, so of course costumes & games are part of the fun! Wear lederhosen, dirndls, or anything creative you can come up with! In honor of Munich’s famous fest, we’ll be donating half of each $10 ticket to Lincoln Square’s own DANK Haus German American Cultural Center!”

Von Steuben Parade in CHICAGO
Steuben Parade

Go to the Chicago Brauhaus for an authentic Oktoberfest. Festivities at Brauhaus Chicago will probably include Dirndl-clad waitresses serving authentic Bavarian entertainment and keg tapping ceremonies.


Oktoberfest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a Vino con Vista Video of Lincoln Square’s German Fest

You don’t have to travel to Germany to enjoy an incredible German Festival.

Lincoln Square’s German heritage is still “alive and kicking.”

The architecture, restaurants and shops convey strong German roots. The lovely Lombard Lamp in the neighborhood was a gift from the mayor of  Hamburg, Germany  in 1979.

Lombard Lamp in Lincoln Square in Chicago For 96 years, the local German-American community has celebrated their heritage in Lincoln Square at the annual Street Festival with German music, dancing and entertainment.They even have a beer-tapping ceremony and an annual Von Steuben Parade.

The German-American Von Steuben Parade is an annual parade that is held in various cities across the United States to keep the traditions Germany alive. This Chicago parade was featured in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off.

There are many former and current provinces that proudly call themselves “German” in Chicago. These proud Germans descend from Bavarians (Bayern), Swabians and Hessians (Hessen). The other German-speaking nations include the Austrians (Österreich) and groups displaced by WWII. Leopold Mozart, father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart came from Swabia. Some of the original German homelands are now located in Poland (Polen) and the former Czechoslovakia (Tschechoslowakei) and Yugoslavia ( Jugoslawien).

This venue is packed with brats, beer, German potato salad and sauerkraut. The loyal patrons don their lederhosen shorts, suspenders and German hats. They polka in their traditional German costumes to the vibrant Oomp-pah-pah of the lively lederhosen-clad musicians. They eat bratwurst, thueringer, potato salad and kraut and wash it done with a tall stein of beer.

Although German cuisine was featured in the German Festival tents, there are plenty of flagship German Restaurants in Lincoln Square where you can don your lederhosen and clink your stein. Try the Huettenbar or the Chicago Brauhaus.

There’s much more to Lincoln Square that an annual German Fest. The neighborhood hosts a variety of well-known  restaurants and specialty food shops. Don’t leave Lincoln Square without stopping at Gene’s Specialty Food Store with plenty of homemade smoked specialty meats, gourmet prepared foods and decadent pastries. They even have a roof-top beer garden!

Gene’s Deli in Lincoln Square in Chicago

While you’re in the neighborhood,  pick up a concert schedule for the Old Town School of Folk Music.

Then head over to The Julius Meinl Cafe at Montrose and Lincoln.

Vintage Julius Meinl Coffee Poster in Lincoln Square

As a matter of fact, this Lincoln Square venue is one of the few locations outside of  Vienna,  Austria where you can enjoy authentic Viennese pastries and coffee at the Julius Meinl Cafe.

Chicago is the first American outpost for the Viennese coffee purveyor and specialty coffee roaster. They also have establishments in Vincenza Italy. They serve and distribute Viennese gourmet coffees, fine teas, natural preserves, gifts and accessories for the home @ 4363 N. Lincoln Avenue

Have a latte or a cup of “Ethiopian Mocca Yirga” and then buy a packet of single-origin coffee beans to take home. Indulge in some decadent Viennese pastries. I highly recommend the Hazelnut “Esterhazy” and the Pistachio Torte. But the cupcake looked mighty yummy!
Dr. EveAnn Lovero is a Foodie who writes Travel Guides @
Mark your calendars for more Octoberfest Events:

 Berghoff Octoberfest at Adams and Dearborn

St. Aphonsis Octoberfest at Southport and Wellington

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Shaw’s Oyster Fest Block Party 2014 in Chicago

560 W Grand Ave
at the river

Friday September 26, 2014

The 26th annual Oyster Fest Block party offers attendees the chance to enjoy the freshest oysters on the half shell and boat-loads of delicious food provided by Shaw’s Crab House, ice cold beer from Goose Island, wine, and live music!

To purchase tickets click here.

General admission includes entry only. Free for kids 12 and under.

VIP ($75) gives raised stage view, cash cocktail bar and private bathrooms.

Event Schedule

  • NIGHTLY: OYSTER SLURP-OFF AT 6PM (registration starts Monday 9/8 – sign up at the restaurant)

Brett Dennen – Music Headliner

Youthful West Coast singer/songwriter Brett Dennen, with a fragile, high-pitched voice that makes him sound at times like a cross between Tracy Chapman and Neil Young, first drew attention in 2004 with the single “Desert Sunrise.” The tune, with its easy groove and soulful phrasing, garnered enough spins on KCRW to warrant the release of his self-titled debut the following year.

In 2006, Dennen signed with Dualtone and released “So Much More.” “Hope for the Hopeless” followed on the same imprint in 2008. Dennen’s fourth studio effort, “Loverboy,” which featured subtle African rhythms and more of a pop veneer, arrived in April 2011, followed in 2013 by the sparser acoustic-based “Smoke and Mirrors.”

“It was time to get back to basics,” Brett Dennen says of his fifth record, Smoke & Mirrors, released October 22, 2013. “I wanted to return to the folk and acoustic music I loved when I began writing. I decided to tap into my memories and explore new emotional territory as honestly as I could.”

To purchase tickets to Shaw’s Oyster Fest Block Party with Brett Dennen click here.


Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @

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Oktoberfest 2014 at St. Alphonsus in Chicago

Augustiner beermat: "Münchner Reinheitsge...

Augustiner beermat: “Münchner Reinheitsgebot – 500 Jahre” (Photo credit: mdid)

A German boot-shape beer-glass 中文: 德国靴形啤酒杯,当靴尖...
A German boot-shape beer-glass 中文: 德国靴形啤酒杯,当靴尖朝外喝到底部时,酒会突然喷出,用来对不清楚的朋友开玩笑。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


;de: Kronkorken mit Aufdruck

;de: Kronkorken mit Aufdruck “500 Jahre Münchner Reinheitsgebot 1487 – 1987″ einer Augustiner-Bierflasche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Date: Friday – Sunday; September 26-28
Time: Friday: 5 pm to 10 pm; Saturday: 11 am to 10 pm; Sunday: 11 am to 7 pm
Location: Southport & Lincoln Ave | Chicago
Beneficiary: St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church

St. Alphonsus Oktoberfest
Friday Sept 26, 2014 5pm – 10pm
Saturday Sept 27, 2014 11am-10pm
Sunday Sept 28,2014 11am-7pm
*All dates and times are subject to change

Location: Southport & Oakdale Ave
Beneficiary: St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church
Estimated Attendance: 20,000

The festival will also feature an eclectic mix of artisans as well as other food/beverage vendors.

If you follow my posts, you know that I can’t pass up a Chicago Festival. Fall is my favorite season in Chicago so I try to hit as many of the Fall Festivals as possible. I love Oktoberfest at St. Alphonsus in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.

Oktoberfest 2011

As a Chicago native, I know that when the fall season ends the possibilities of glorious outdoor festivals evaporate. The dreadful winter weather in Chicago isn’t conducive to outdoor festivals, unless you’re a reindeer or Santa.

Oktoberfest 2011 in Chicago
Saint Alphonsus Parish in Chicago

Attend the 11th annual festival at St. Aphonsus Church; one of the most highly regarded Oktoberfest celebrations in Chicago at 1429 W. Wellington.

English: 450 years of the “German Beer Purity ...

English: 450 years of the “German Beer Purity Law” Deutsch: 450 Jahre Deutsches Reinheitsgebot :*Graphics by Poell :*Ausgabepreis: 80 Pfennig :*First Day of Issue / Erstausgabetag: 5. Mai 1983 :*Michel-Katalog-Nr: 1179 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Map of Chicago's community areas, grouped by c...

Map of Chicago’s community areas, grouped by color by “side” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 1900, one in every five Chicago residents was German. These Deutshischers brought their beer-making practices and oom-pah-pah music with them to Chicago. Their beer-making adhered to the principles of Reinheitsgebot; German Purity law. The “German Beer Purity Law” or the “Bavarian Purity Law”  was a regulation concerning the production of beer in Germany. In the original text, the only ingredients that could be used in the production of beer were water, barley and hops. The law has since been repealed but many German and American beers, for marketing purposes, continue to claim to abide by the rule.

English: Dark Brauhaus Lemke beer in glass. Ру...

English: Dark Brauhaus Lemke beer in glass. Русский: Тёмное пиво “Brauhaus Lemke” в бокале. Latviešu: Tumšais alus “Brauhaus Lemke” glāzē. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Octoberfest in Chicago 2011

I always wonder how the out-of -state college graduates  know exactly what neighborhood to move into when they come to Chicago? Is there some Social Media fraternity/sorority news bulletin? The newly minted college graduates in Chicago love Lakeview!

St. Alphonsus in Lakeview in Chicago

Grab your lederhosen and Grampa’s beer stein and attend one of Chicago’s favorite Germanic  festivals.


There will be plenty of beer, brats, pretzels,  music and dancing. On Sunday afternoon, the “Kinderfest” celebration (11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. ) will feature games and  activities for children.

German Festival Costume

Saint Alphonsus Liguori was a doctor of the Church, known for his contribution to moral theology and his great kindness. He was born in 1696 in Naples. The original St. Alphonsus church was built at this location when the neighborhood was predominantly German. The existing church was built in 1897 and is located at 1429 W. Wellington

Octoberfest celebrations are modeled after the original Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. This 16-18 day celebration in Munich began as a wedding celebration for the royal couple. We owe it all to Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.

There will be two stages: a Main Stage and a German Stage. 

Sixteen Candles at Oktoberfest 2011

Here’s the entertainment line-up:


5:00pm – The Polkaholics
6:30pm – Hip Hugger
8:30pm – Hi Infidelity

11:00am – Die Musikmeisters German Band
1:45pm – Radio Live
3:45pm – The Bratwurst Brothers
5:30pm – He Said, She Said
8:00pm – 16 Candles

Sixteen Candles Band at Oktoberfest 2011
Sixteen Candles at Oktoberfest 2011


7:00pm – The Polkaholics
9:00pm – The Bratwurst Brothers

Dr. EveAnn Lovero writes Travel Guides @
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Savor the Central Coast of California Food and Wine Festival 2014

Photo of Hearst Castle outdoor pool

Photo of Hearst Castle outdoor pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hearst Castle

Chef Central Seminar Stage — Reserved Seating

Chef Central Seminar Stage

Winemaker Central Seminar Stage — Reserved Seating

Winemaker Central Seminar Stage
Winemaker Central Seminar Stage

Special Dinners — Reserved Seating

Adventure Tours

Join us for the special winemaker dinner on Saturday night, Sept. 29. Only 10 seats remaining.
Reserve your seat »

English: Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA. Nederl...

English: Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA. Nederlands: Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle (Photo credit: CAHairyBear)

This four-day culinary exploration will play host to a two-day Main Event held at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch.


The Main Event will highlight the talents of winemakers, celebrity chefs, brew masters, fishermen, artisanal food producers, Sunset experts, and many more artisans and producers from Ventura to Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo to Monterey to Santa Cruz.

Wander the Marketplace and taste from over 100 local wineries, sample small bites dished-up from local restaurateurs, and enjoy vendors showcasing their craft. Relax in the Estrada Garden with a beer from one of our local breweries, listen to music from the Music Stage. In-depth wine and cooking seminars are offered throughout the weekend and give attendees a deep-dive into a specific varietal or cooking technique. Cost is $25 per seminar with purchase of your main event ticket.

Kick back with a brew and bites while listening to the tunes of Central Coast musical talents. Along with great music, award-winning local chefs will serve-up some of the best local ingredients paired with local beers.


  • History of the Santa Margarita Ranch

Train at Santa Margarita Ranch

“Santa Margarita’s fertile valley and year-round flowing creeks led the Spanish padres to establish a farm with assistance from the Chumash Indian population, and in 1787 it was formally recognized as an outpost of Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. Just one day’s journey from San Luis Obispo and the San Miguel Mission, it was a convenient layover for travelers on El Camino Real. The Asistencia was built circa 1817, and is one of the first recorded uses of mortar in California. Today the 13,900acre ranch is owned by the Rossi, Filipponi, and Wittstrom families, whose management practices have been recognized with several stewardship awards. Using a rotational cattle grazing program has allowed perennial grasses to return, a lush riparian habitat to thrive, and the regeneration of many oak trees. Moreover, a 975-acre vineyard was one of the Central Coast’s first to employ resource conservation practices. The ranch has once again become the site of grand fiestas, host to many non-profit fundraisers, and tours and private events throughout the year.”

Santa Margarita Ranch ( is also the home to the Pacific Coast Railroad which loops two miles around the property capturing the beauty of the ranch.

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